How much does giving birth hurt. HONESTLY?

How much does giving birth hurt. HONESTLY? Topic: How much does giving birth hurt. HONESTLY?
October 15, 2019 / By Ackley
Question: I am 6 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I am really worried about the time it takes to be dilated enough for an epidural. honestly how bad was the pain? how many cm where you dilated where you when they let you have an epidural? I have a really low pain threshhold and am really worried almost to the point where I am considering an elective c-section
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Stacia Stacia | 3 days ago
A c-section hurts worse than birth. The only difference is the pain is when you're recovering, not while you're giving birth. It's major abdominal surgery and on top of that, you have a baby to take care of during recovery -- it's not just convalescence. A c-section is not the easy way out by any means. Active labour is intensely, incredibly painful. Think the worst period cramps you've ever had, and multiply them to the point where you can't stand, breathe (why do you think the shows are always telling women to "BREATHE!" through contractions?) or think straight. The contractions come regularly, with increasing strength, for hours, coupled with increasing pressure on your bowels as the baby descends -- think the worst cast of constipation you've ever had. If you are having an epidural, the timing will depend on your doctor.
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Stacia Originally Answered: does birth hurt?
Everyone's reaction to pain is different. I have had 4 natural births, each is different. It definitely isn't the best feeling in the world, but it's a feeling easily forgotten the first time you hold your baby in your arms. I guess it can be compared to severe constipation cramps.. In my opinion a toothache is much worse than labor, but I have a high tolerance for pain. For some people the contractions are the worst, others the pushing part is, for me the push was the relief. Just to be on the safe side, go ahead and reserve your pain management program such as an epidural just in case you feel the need.. The other thing is during your contractions, totally relax, try to zone out to a happy place, the more you tense up the worse your pain will be. Remember during your contractions they will reach a peak where they won't be any worse and they only last just close to a minute, trust me it will seem like a lifetime, but just think of the old saying.. "No pain, No Gain" and look at what you'll be gaining after it's all over with!! Good luck and I hope you have a speedy delivery!! P.S. There is no better feeling than seeing your newborn for the first time, it's the most special time of all.

Prissy Prissy
It depends on you, your situation, your babies situation, and how well your Braxton hicks prepare you, personally, I didn't have 1 Braxton until the night my water broke and those contractions were only brought on by meds, so It was like running a marathon with no warm ups or training, others complain for most of their pregnancy about braxtons, Pain can also have something to do with size of the baby and size of you! I was normal size everything down there, my son turned out to be quite painful probably mostly to his inch larger than normal head and... Whether or not you tear, about 70% of women tear to some degree during the final moments of labor And if you DEMAND you can get, they will hold you off with another drug first injected into an IV until your ready for an epidural (mine was spinal tap) DON'T DO a c-section! They are for worst case senarios! That will prevent you and your baby from a healthy start, your body will not know it is done being pregnant, your breastmilk will take longer coming in, you'll get an ugly scar on your belly, most states only allow 3 c-sections per woman(weakens the uterus to a point it's unsafe to carry another baby) and natural birth after c-section ie difficult if at all possible, your baby will need all life outside the womb jump started(clearing out the amniotic fluid from nasal passages, first poop, ect)
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Maybelle Maybelle
It is the most painful thing I have ever done in my life. And it is completely doable. That's not me pretending to be a hero, that's just the way it is. While it is very painful, it's not like the sudden and pointless pain of breaking a limb or walking into a wall. There is a build-up, which allows you some time to start coping, and it's not continuous, which allows you to recuperate. And it is a pain that has a goal, actually having the baby. You'd be surprised at how much difference that makes. A C-section causes a lot MORE pain. I was home and able to fully take care of my baby within a few hours after having him. Sure there was still some pain, but not at all comparable to the pain of recovering from major abdominal surgery.
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Lauren Lauren
I'm 37 weeks pregnant with unexpected twins. I was absolutely terrified of labor since forever. I am definitely having an epidural but honestly once you get so close to giving birth you are so ready and excited for it to start that it doesn't phase you. Pregnancy becomes so uncomfortable that you're looking forward to labor!!!
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Jillie Jillie
Ive never been pregnant either but my mom said that with my older brother it was horrid (she didnt have an epidural either though) with me she said it wasnt as bad and with my youngest sister ( c-section) it seemed harder on her to have a c-section. When my aunt had her baby naturally they had her pretty drugged with the epidural and i dont think she said it wasnt all bad. Of course they were so tired afterwards but when giving birth to another human who wouldnt be?
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Jillie Originally Answered: if you could describe it, what does giving birth feel like?
Well the birth is painful. Most of the pain comes from your area down there once the baby is coming out. You feel like you have to push but you don't want to because the more you push the more pressure and pain you feel. It's like if you where going number 2 but really constipated. Then they tell you stop pushing and your like I can't because you feel a relief kinda from pushing once the head is out . You do feel the baby coming out like a huge thing is being removed from your body like a big big clot ,after the baby is out you have cramps and then you deliver the placenta which feels like your period,kind gross. But you won't even pay attention to the last contractions because all you see is your baby. that's what it's like for me... Hope it helps. Good Luck!!!

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