Honey good or bad?

Honey good or bad? Topic: Honey good or bad?
October 20, 2019 / By Acie
Question: honey is good for dog or not....my dog has food allergy so honey can caused any allergy i am giving organic honey so any idea ????
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Sparrow Sparrow | 7 days ago
Alleviation of Allergies Raw honey that comes from a local hive will still have trace amounts of pollen in it. If your dog has allergies to the pollen, the pollen in local honey will acclimatize your dog to the pollen in the air without triggering your dog's allergies. This can be especially helpful for breeds that have respiratory issues and that are hit especially hard by airborne irritants. Increased Energy Giving your dog a spoonful of honey is a good way to give it a natural burst of energy. Unlike processed sugar, honey will provide your dog with sugars that its body can break down gradually. This can be a natural, healthy way to increase your dog's activity level. Better Digestion Raw honey has been pre-digested by bees and as such, contains live enzymes. These live enzymes will help the dog digest its food. Processing the honey will kill off these enzymes, and destroy the health benefits for the dog. Antibacterial Properties The live enzymes in raw honey kill off harmful microbes and bacteria. Raw honey can be used topically to care for a wound or it can be ingested to help curb an infection. Feeding raw honey to dogs keeps them healthier and more capable of fighting off illnes
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Sparrow Originally Answered: can I use a sugar bowl as a honey pot and how do I store the honey?
You should have gone to "WINNIE THE POOH Answers." All of yahoo will fail in getting you as quality an answer as Winnie The Pooh could provide. That dude KNOWS storing honey.

Praise Praise
Honey is truly an amazing substance with numerous benefits not only to humans but also to human’s best friends. Some canines would react negatively to some human foods but not with honey. Apart from being easily digestible, canines are inherently not allergic to honey. Just as with any human food given to pets, honey too must be given to the dog in moderation. Feeding the dog more than a teaspoon of honey everyday can have adverse effects on the health of the pet. Honey, despite its healthful benefits can result to diarrhea. Too much honey can result to the obesity of the dog. Dog owners must be aware of the fact that honey and puppies would be a dangerous combination. This sweet substance can contain botulism spores that can be tolerated by a mature dog’s immune system but not by puppies with under developed immune systems. I hope I helped :3
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Maurine Maurine
I'm not sure about honey but to the person that said peanut butter is bad for dogs it's not . Also they mean the re constituted chicken that's like plastic , real chicken breast is fine for dogs .
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Laudine Laudine
you're gaining weight becuase you're eating too many energy than you're burning off on your day. in case you're eating too plenty honey, then that's in all probability contributing on your weight benefit. yet honey isn't undesirable for you and it won't make you strengthen taller. Your genetics administration what top you will finally end up being not unavoidably the foodstuff you consume. Malnutrition can result you not attaining your maximum top yet eating particular ingredients does not make it achieveable so you might strengthen any taller than you already ought to.
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Jetta Jetta
I give my dog one teaspoon of honey only when he has a cough. You can mix it directly in with his food. I also mix some warm water in with it, just so it doesn't lump together.
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Francene Francene
Please never give your dog honey its so bad for them! Heres a list of what also is bad for them: Grapes, Raisins, Rice, Chicken breast for sandwiches, Chips, Peas, Carrots, Onions, Red Tomatoes, Regular Brown Potatoes, Cheese, Cheese Crackers, Ice Cream, Cake (with icing if its vanilla without if it's chocolate), Peanut Butter, Possibly nuts, Pickles, Scrambled Eggs, Waffles, Pancakes, Corn, Cucumbers.
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Francene Originally Answered: Is there really a difference in Honey?
Yes- there are various grades of honey, and various types. Light honeys, such as clover, alfalfa, and orange blossom are best for teas, glazes, and other light applications. Dark honeys, such as buckwheat and wildflower, are your best bet for baking. Organic honeys are often local-grown, fresh harvested, and not heat-treated. If local, they also contain local pollen, which has been proven to provide some allergy relief. Locally grown means sustainable practice. Finally, organic honey is one of the foods where organic really makes a difference- as flowers tend to concentrate pesticide residues.

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