How can i lose weight?

How can i lose weight? Topic: How can i lose weight?
October 15, 2019 / By Ace
Question: I'm 13 and weigh 126 pounds. I'm not fat it's because i'm really tall. i'm 5'7. i don't look fat but i feel it and i'm going to start junior high next year and want to lose some weight. i was gonna eat one meal a day and eat fruits the rest of the day but my friend said i'd starve myself to death. so any healthy suggestions to lose weight thanks :)
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Sonora Sonora | 3 days ago
Do you want to lose some weight as quickly as possible? There are many different ways to lose weight fast, and choosing a healthy weight loss regimen can be very rewarding. These short simple steps will show you how to lose weight relatively fast. Step 1 Get your attitude in check. A positive outlook is a great start to shedding the amount of weight you want to lose. Keep this in mind throughout the process. Step 2 Look into gyms in the area if you haven't already and select one that looks like a place you'd like to work out. Most gyms offer a free trial membership so you can see if that gym is the place for you. Step 3 Begin a regiment of intense cardio at least twice a week for at least 45 minutes as well as a weight training program three times a week. This is a very important step as exercise is the key to weight loss. Step 4 Research different diet options. There are a variety of options online as well as in magazines and commercials. The Special K Challenge is a popular diet option, as well as the Atkins program. Step 5 Select a diet based on your needs and specifications. It's important to pick a diet you are sure you can live with, because if you hate the diet it will be all to easy to quit. Programs like Jenny Craig are relatively stringent in their requirements. Some programs are also expensive and require you to buy specialized foods. The South Beach diet program is a relatively inexpensive program that is very popular. Step 6 Stick with your diet and workout regiment. It takes time for weight loss to become visible and apparent. Good luck. Tips & Warnings Ask a nutritionist for advice on different dieting techniques to help make your decision. Pay attention to magazines. Sometimes they have excellent coupons for diet-related products in them. Be careful if you decide to take any type of supplement. Don't be unhealthy in your dieting decision. Quick weight loss can be dangerous and is usually just a short-term result.
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Sonora Originally Answered: Help! I need to lose alot weight by June 17, 2008, how much weight can you lose in a short amount of time?
You can lose 5-20 pounds in a week, it wont be healthy and when you come off your diet your probably balloon to an even bigger size as your body prepares for another stupidly insane fast. You should only be looking to lose 1-2 pounds of fat any more will be due muscle waste (muscle also helps burn fat). You have 11 days to lose weight so you will probably be able to lose 3 pounds. My advise pop some diet pills and report back im interested in how much a person could physically lose within that time.

Portia Portia
1. First start by getting up earlier than usual. Around 5:30 AM to do some of you workouts. Getting up early shocks your metabolism because the body needs more energy to get going. Right? This will start your system on the road to weight loss. That early start with about 10 minutes of stretching. Have a cup of coffee to get the blood going also. 2. Do all the sit-ups you can. Just do them. 15 or 20 whatever, we don't have a lot of time to work with. Rest 1 minute repeat, do this for 6 sets. Already you are breathing hard and feel worn, because the body is working extra hard at being up earlier and then going right into exercise. If the early morning hour lets you get your cardio in, go ahead and do it. 30 minutes. 3. Diet. Cut all current meal portions in half, just cut them in half, nothing fancy or complicated, CUT IN HALF! Cut out all bread products, all gravies, candies, chips, night snacks, etc. If you crave at night eat a banana, other fruit or best a non-fat yogurt. There are some tasty ones out there. 4. In the evening do another 6 sets of sit-ups maxing out each set. Cardio again. The trick is to stay with getting up earlier. Yes it’s hard, that’s why it is so effective. Why do you think the Army gets up so early, it is intense training to the max.
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Mauld Mauld
1. Eating in moderation is very important, this helps to keep the body in balance, and nutritionally satisfied hence aiding in healthy weight loss. 2. Cutting down on empty calorie food items. i.e. the items which are high in calorie but zero in nutritional value like soft drinks, alcohol. 3. Incorporating plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits in the diet will give vitamins and minerals in abundance and all this with plenty of fiber. Hence providing bulk to our meal and aiding weight loss. 4. It takes 20 minutes for the brain to realize that our stomach is full. So if we simply extend the time of a meal, we will end up eating food in the right quantity according to the requirement of the body. Or else we can simply add salads and soups to every meal, and start the meal with these two items, finish them and then jump on the actual meal. 5. Drinking 2-3 glasses of water just before the meal curbs appetite is a commonly followed myth. This is entirely wrong. Water has high mobility inside the body, it quickly moves to the intestine leaving the stomach empty again. Hence this practice should be stopped. 6. Proteins play a very vital role in weight loss. If protein is restricted from the diet, our muscle mass will be lost, where in the fat mass will be as it is. Hence incorporating protein through food items that are low in calorie is very imporant (example: skimmed milk). 7. Fats should be restricted to minimum allowance but should not be completely stopped as they form an integral part of our hormones and their deficiency may alter the body causing hormonal imbalance, further leading to gain in weight. 8. Plenty of fluids in the form of soups, fruit juices, milk, dals etc should be taken in between the meals , this will help in keeping the hunger pangs away. 9. Simple changes in our cooking methods can do wonders in keeping the caloric content to the minimum. Baking, grilling, steaming and other healthier methods should be used instead of deep frying. 10. For the best effect and healthy weight loss, you should always seek the help of a professional instead of blindly following someone else's diet or other diet myths.
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Latasha Latasha
You have a good idea and choice for loosing weight. I'd say your friends could be a little jelous of the fact that you have more will power than them. Are any of them on a diet. Do they know how to diet. Tell you what just try it out for 1 week and make the determination for your self. every body is different when it come to the capacity of starvation!!!
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Jessica Jessica
the best thing that i would say without starving yourself is play this game called dance dance revolution(ddr) it is fun game and it helps you lose ALOT of wieght i know becuz i play that game(: and i would say that i lost about probly around 50-70 puonds in like 5 months? but yeh :D it works and it isnt a boring game! it is fun to play and even kids can play it. hope that helps?
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Jessica Originally Answered: I am trying to lose weight and I wanna know what are some ways I can lose weight fast and healthy?
I'm going to tell you how I lost about 45 lbs. I used diet pills, taken 2-3 times a day before meals, and ran 2 miles a day before bed after eating supper. I ate the best I could (healthy choice) or progressive soups in a can..and snacked between meals with healthy stuff when the pains hit hard!!!! Also started to drink diet pop instead of sugar pop, and cut down on beer drinking to about 6-8 beers per week and only on weekends. If you snack between meals during the day it tricks your body into burning fat all the time. Also if taken before meals the diet pills will help you feel more full so you don't get the pains as often. Oh yeah (avoid sugar and bad carbs at all cost). If you can maintain this schedule you should be good for about 40 lbs. in 90-120 days, especially if you are overweight like I was because the water weight will fall off, like 10-15 lbs. in the first 2-3 weeks.

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