How many people are expected to get cancer or die from gulf oil spill exposure?

How many people are expected to get cancer or die from gulf oil spill exposure? Topic: How many people are expected to get cancer or die from gulf oil spill exposure?
June 17, 2019 / By Abiud
Question: Oil has toluene a serious carcinogen. CNN (Dr. Gupta) is reporting many outbreaks of sickness. Can anything be worse than a disaster that is a slow SILENT killer? I can imaging millions of wildlife dying, it will hard if people start getting sick. This is where the government need to get down there. It needs to set up MASH like hospital units for these people and also wildlife.
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Sky Sky | 4 days ago
"How will the oil spill effect our health?" "This is very timely question. We are in the midst of one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history. Right now the oil slick is traveling along the Gulf Coast, but scientists predict it could soon creep up the Atlantic coast. This has many people wondering about how all of this could impact their health. In the short-term, the biggest health risks come from inhaling vapors from the oil. For some, that could cause irritation in the nose, eyes, and throat, while others may experience dizziness, nausea, vomiting, or headaches. The bellwether group – the group that gives us the first signs of a problem – includes people with breathing problems, like asthma, chronic bronchitis or emphysema. Their lungs are more sensitive to airborne toxins. And then there is the long-term potential impact of the oil, particularly on the environment and our food. "Contaminants in oil can persist for years and accumulate in the food chain, causing elevated cancer risks or neurological risks," said Gina Solomon, a senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council. The concern from environmental groups like NRDC stems from contaminants contained in oil – mercury, lead, arsenic, and certain hydrocarbons – which are known to cause cancer. The state of Louisiana says it is fending off the threat to the food supply by closing down areas where contaminants could impact fish populations, and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fish says they will not allow products on the market that could compromise public safety. The Environmental Protection Agency has set up air monitors along the Gulf Coast and thus far is not reporting unusual health risks due to the oil spill. While there are particular areas where air quality is of concern (for instance Kenner, Louisiana, and City Park, Louisiana), the Environmental Protection Agency stresses this is not unusual for this region, at this time of year. You can check the air monitoring data here. Yet even with those promises, for as long as the oil slick lingers, so will concerns like yours, @CottonKandi. For now, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals is advising those with respiratory conditions, along with young children, pregnant women, and people with compromised immune systems, to avoid areas affected by the oil spill." According to Dr. Gupta...the answer is none.
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Sky Originally Answered: Why do people undergoing cancer treatments not eat?!?
Yes, of course I realize that if I don't eat I'll get sick and weak, and that it's a chore I must force myself to do regardless as to how challenging it often is, but it's actually been one of the hardest hurdles I've dealt with this entire time. I've gotten terrible sores all over my mouth, sort of like cankers but worse, and eating was sort of like how it would feel if you'd broken your toe but had to keep slamming it into a wall. It freaking sucked. Even when I suck on heaps of frozen pineapple cubes and popsicles I still get them. Plus, chemo has radically altered the way some things taste, and foods I once loved became repulsive to me. The whole weekend after chemo I usually have a sickly sweet taste in my mouth, and then it turns to a metallic taste like four days afterward and stays that way. I've learned tricks to help minimize the effects, and through working with a nutritionist and trial and error I've found foods that I actually like now. Complicating matters is that I've been a vegetarian since I was ten, and became a vegan at fifteen, so it was even harder to find vegan protein sources that didn't give me a gag reflex. I did switch to just being a vegetarian, but there are still limitations, and my body had to adjust to the change. Your body stops producing as many of the enzymes that you need to break down animal products after you've abstained from them for a while, so you can't just start eating burgers or milkshakes without puking them all up. My nausea hasn't been that intense. I've tried a couple of anti-nausea meds, and discovered that Phenegren worked the best. The loss of appetite has been a serious issue. I have absolutely no desire to eat, and could easily go for days on end without taking a bite of anything if my parents weren't hawk-like and so adamant that I eat three meals a day. Smoothies with protein powder mixed in are the easiest for me to get down, but they don't really add any weight to you. I was underweight before I started treatment, and now I am stick-thin. It's the one part of my appearance that I'm incredibly self-conscious about, and it's really been a kick to my self esteem. I'm over 5'9 and 105 pounds at the moment. Nothing fits me. I look like a freak. Because I'm a teenager and I didn't lose my hair and have been very private about having cancer, everybody just assumes I have a ED, and I just had a girl who was a total stranger come up to me and ask if I was Ana or Mia or both, as if I *had* to be one. Ugh. Girls can be freaking beyotches. So consider yourself to be fortunate that 1) you're not 17 anymore and 2) you don't look like skin and bones and have a healthy BMI. I'm really hoping I gain weight when this is all over.

Piety Piety
It is a physical manifestation of Greed and Money lust the dark side of capitalism, the need circumvents the risk, bottom line we as consumers spend trillions in gasoline, and petroleum products, we know they kill us, and the environment, yet we still want to drive, have tupperware, plastic parts both internally, and externally, and we just don't want to give up our luxuries, and since Gasoline is not government regulated or enforced, it still remains the highest profit item the world consumes, without reservation. As long as we don't live in walking distance of our jobs I believe Gasoline is not a "profitable" item, it is necessary to do business in the 21st century, hence not an item that we should make a profit on. Also we don't need one more drop of Oil if we as citizens start pushing the government that is supposed to represent the best interests of the common folk, to exploit our largest natural resource in the United States and also the world for that matter, and create environmental standards for pollution control for COAL, yes Coal can be turned into fuel, with minimal damage to the environment, except where the coal is which will be mined out. We could sustain for 100's if not 1000's of years with a cheap, abundant fuel, that is just as easy to produce as oil, and even cheaper because you don't have to go to the middle of an ocean and drill, then transport it half way around the world to consume it, if any other country but ours was in control of it they would be ludicrously prosperous to the point of rubbing the world's nose in it, yet we who have a perception of children and canaries dropping dead from pictures from the late 1800's and early 1900's. The only reason we have not switched is profiteering, the Juggernauts of Industry do not control the property rights to extort through piracy whatever price they demand, there is a difference between capitalism, and piracy and the latter is what is running the world now.
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Marylyn Marylyn
There will no doubt be an increase in cancer from this, but we'll never know the numbers. We are surrounded by cancer causing agents, even in our homes and in our diets. It's not just the oil that is carcinogenic; the dispersant they're using is as well, plus it causes a number of other health problems. I did hear some talk a few days ago on CNN about setting up clinics to help the clean-up folks who are getting ill. They have been rushing workers off to get medical help. Both the oil and the toxic chemical dispersant will get into our food chain. ##
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Laraine Laraine
None. And these people trying to help wildlife are wasting all that effort and time. They clean oil of a bird and let it go. Why not just kill it and put it out of misery. Technology only allows for the removal of surface oil. Oil will sink, penetrate the subsurface and become locked in the mud for decades. In the end all the effort will be futile. Nature takes care of itself. It has time on its side.
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Jerrie Jerrie
Millions and it's all Obama's fault since he has been in charge since day one and has failed totally.
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Jerrie Originally Answered: Should we have expected anything else from men who make their fortunes off of oil and war?
I expected nothing and get even less. I knew he promised his oil buddies in their "secret" meeting in the white house shortly after his first "election" that they could have gas at $5 gallon by the time he left office. I also knew Bush's mother wanted him to invade Iraq long before 9/11. I just didn't think he was evil and stupid enough to do that to the US, to Iraq, and to the world. It will take a long time to clean up his mess when he in no longer on his "throne". Watch Frontline tonight on PBS. Also go to pbs.org and watch Frontline "The Lost Year In Iraq" from last week.

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