How can a man strengthen his immune system?

How can a man strengthen his immune system? Topic: How can a man strengthen his immune system?
June 17, 2019 / By Abishalom
Question: I am 35 years old. Not overweight, but have always gotten sick a lot! I was very athletic as a child, but I still got sick. How can I strengthen my immune system or become less prone to getting colds, allergies, and flu as much as I do?
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Skuyler Skuyler | 3 days ago
I would recommend you to eat more fruits and vegetables every day, they can improve your immune system. Every year I take for 3 months Red Ginseng, for my immune systems, concentration and for sports. You wouldn't believe me, since I eat every day fruits and vegetables and I take Red Ginseng I haven't been ill the last 7 seven years.
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Skuyler Originally Answered: How can you strengthen your immune system?
I think that "Bill I" and "aiguy" gave you best and most intelligent advice. Antioxidants don't lower blood pH, they prevent cellular oxidation. Tocopherol (vit. E) and selenium are both antioxidants that work together. Echinacea has never been medically proven to affect the immune system. Some even believe it cures a cold but it can't do that either. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is good because it's necessary for tissue repair (a big component of healing). Vitamin A (retinol) maintains healthy epithelial tissue which is the vital protective tissue covering the body and the inner mucous membranes. These tissues are our primary barrier to infection. The mineral zinc affects the immune system through its essential role in the synthesis of nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) and protein. Zinc is also needed for lymphocyte transformation. Lymphoid tissue, which gives rise to lymphocytes (the major white cell population involved in the immune system) contains a large amount of zinc. This is for starters. Just follow the advice the two gentleman gave you.

Phyllida Phyllida
I used to get sick ALL the time, I started taking vitamin C and it seemed to have worked for me. I've only been sick once this year, as apposed to 7 or 8 times.
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Marylu Marylu
answer the following question - do you have 8 hours of sleep? i found out that our body gets nourished when we are well rested. do you drink 8 glasses of liquid a day? water helps in flushing toxin from our system. do you take any kind of food supplement? i do suggest you must consider and study all the brands available in your country. for me, i am taking RELIV because i am not allowed to take vitamins. do you have a balanced diet? you must reprogram your menu - have more fruits and vegeables. also consider your lifestyle - do you have any vices? then you must reconsider.
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Lara Lara
work out it really works the more stronger you are the better it is to fight sicknesses run lift weights the works
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Lara Originally Answered: How do you strengthen your immune system?
These are the 7 BEST ways I know of to build your body's own natural defense system: 1) proper Exercise (that means being regular, but don't over-do it which can wear you out & get you down sick) 2) Sleep (usually 8 hours, but some ppl don't need that much & teens sometimes need a little more) 3) a LITTLE Sunshine each day (even thru the clouds) - also make sure that at least some rooms in your house are light & airy. 4) keep a Positive Attitude (stress can & will knock your immunity down probably quicker than anything) 5) 8-10 glasses of Water or other hydrating liquids (this helps flush toxins from the body) 6) at least 5 or more fruits & veggies (there's a lot to be said for that "apple a day") + fiber to keep you regular. 7). Avoid harmful substances such as smoke, excessive sugar & alcohol, etc.

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