Most healthy cat food?

Most healthy cat food? Topic: Most healthy cat food?
October 23, 2019 / By Abishai
Question: I know Science Diet is supposedly the best cat food health wise, but I really can't afford it (it's pretty expensive isn't it? I just remember someone saying it was, but I haven't actually checked) anyway... is there a cat food that can be purchased at Walmart or Target or something that is healthy, natural, but not too pricey? I know just the plain old Cat Chow and stuff like that is awful for your pets... what about like Iams though?
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Sive Sive | 2 days ago
A healthy cat food contains no corn, no by-product, and no dyes or chemical preservatives. Nature created cats to eat meat, and they derive little to no nutrition from corn. By-products aren't meat, they are all the 'parts' deemed unfit for human consumption (heads, feet, intestines, hides, spinal chords, spoiled meat, and so on). Go to the pet store and read the ingredients. You'll be surprised. Price is not always a sign of quality - Science Diet is very expensive, and is full of cheap fillers like corn and by-products. The least costly healthy brand you are going to find is Petsmart's Authority brand. A step up from there (and still less that Science Diet) would be Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul. Buying a better quality food will save you money in the long run, as good nutrition now saves money on vet bills in the future.
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Sive Originally Answered: Why can't American afford to eat healthy food but Chinese including poor Chinese eat healthy food everyday?
America's diet problem is an outgrowth of its financial problems. America lost its AAA credit rating today (August 6) and further downgrades are expected. After years of over-spending and over-borrowing the United States is in rapid and steep decline. It is no surprise that American citizens are struggling to eat. Healthy food is a luxury that many Americans simply cannot afford. They take whatever the relief workers are handing out because beggars can't be choosers. China has a vast agricultural industry that feeds 4.5 times more people than the United States has. Chinese farmers feed 1,330,000,000 of their fellow countrymen and even have some food left over for export. I am utterly amazed by such a well organized and productive agricultural system. China maximized food productivity through scientific and common sense means. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44040574/ns/business-stocks_and_economy/

Phyliss Phyliss
It's a lot easier to feed a dog a home-made diet than it is a cat, as their nutritional needs are a bit simpler. You are doing right by feeding your dog a healthy diet, but surely you care as much about your cat's health as your dog's??? First, remember that nature made cats to eat MEAT. Take a look at the ingredients on what you're feeding. The Iams is full of corn - that's a filler that has no nutritional value for cats. It's put in there because it's cheap, and allows the manufacturer to make big profits at our pet's expense. Read a bit more on both the Iams and Whiskas. The "meat" source isn't really meat at all - it's meat by-products. Again, a clever way to use a waste product. By-products are the waste of the slaughter house industry. It's all those parts that cannot be marketed as meat - beaks, hides, tendons, spinal chords, diseased organs, dead animals that cannot be processed for human food - anything that can be put into a vat and rendered into pet "food". This is what you're currently feeding your cat. If you go to a pet store, and read the labels on the food, you can easily find a diet that is free of corn and by-products for your cat.
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Marylou Marylou
Mine are on a combo of Purina, Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved, not sure if you get the latter in States. Also have wet in morning and night. They get bored if I feed the same for weeks on end. Have tried Science diet but most of mine won't touch it. Have to admit I always look round to see where it's on offer and then shop at the place doing best deals. Not keen on Iams as it's supposed to cause problems long term if used as an only food, plus the Company went through a bit of an unethical phase. Saying that there are others as bad. Oddly enough some of the cheaper ones can be good, though not the mega cheap. My vet has recommended a wet food for one of mine called Classic Choice that is cheaper than the main brands such as whiskas and Felix, which was nice surprise. Sadly the other foods suggested are all the expensive ones such as Applaws.
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Laney Laney
healthy cat food Orijen Cat Food Taste of the Wild Cat Food Halo Cat Food Natural Balance Cat Food Newman's Own Cat Food
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Jeri Jeri
There is actually healthier, more expensive cat food out there than Science Diet. My vet has his cat on Iams. My vet tech said that she used to have her cats on Iams but then heard it was bad for cats? The vet I worked with yesterday actually suggested Friskies and Purina, which really surprised me. Purina is probably the cheapest thing you can get and not feel like you are feeding absolute garbage, although others will probably disagree. My cat is on science diet, but when I get her out of this multi-cat household that we are currently stuck in, I'll probably look for something better.
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Jeri Originally Answered: Why is it that healthy food is expensive but the crappy processed food is cheap?
Raw, fresh, nutritious and minimally-processed foods are more expensive, mostly because they require special handling to reach the consumer unspoiled. Also, because economy of production scale dictates that factory farmed product will be cheaper and therefore more competitive on the shelf than goods farmed for quality. People on tighter budgets will buy the cheaper corn-fed, factory-farmed meat, even though it's less palatable and less nutritious than grass-fed free-range meat, and profit generally follows from the product that moves fastest in a budget-conscious market.

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