Healthy meals/snacks: weight loss?

Healthy meals/snacks: weight loss? Topic: Healthy meals/snacks: weight loss?
May 25, 2019 / By Abiram
Question: I am finally deciding to take charge and lose weight, especially since Spring is here for me to go out and walk/jog. I am not the smartest when it comes to healthy eating I was wondering what are some healthy meals/snacks/recipes you could recommend for me. I have been drinking lemon water a lot too which I love and I know is good for you. Thank you!!
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Sissy Sissy | 1 day ago
First cut out ALL sugary drinks, soda, coffee, caffeine and drink mainly water, tea is fine(like green tea, not black) and juice is good too, apple, orange, grape juice etc. make sure the bottle says NO ADDED SUGAR. The rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces, as you lose weight you can cut back on the amount of water you drink. Healthy breakfast: When you get up drink a big glass of water, NO COFFEE, Water will wake you up even more than coffee, especially ice water. Eggs, Oatmeal(preferably not instant flavored oatmeal, but it's okay if that's all you have time for) add some extra fruit on top! Healthy cereal in milk(the lowest fat milk, such as skim if you can) and NO LUCKY CHARMS! something healthy and a banana, blueberries or strawberries on top And a glass of orange juice(if you're not having cereal) A good breakfast is essential for losing weight! Lunch: Celery and carrots in hummus or a SMALL amount of light ranch. Make a healthy salad with dark leafy greens, tomatoes, vinaigrette, and chicken. The most important part is to skip out on fast food, try to make it your self most days, if you have to go to a place like Wendy's for a salad. Make sure you're drinking that water! Dinner: Your plate should consist of 1/4 grains, 1/4 protein and 1/2 vegetables. Use your fist to determine portions, say you're having chicken, rice and broccoli. The chicken should be no bigger than your fist, a "fist" of rice, and two "fists" of broccoli. You should have almost reached your water drinking goal for the day! Snacks and Deserts: Fruit cups, yogurt, frozen grapes, strawberries dipped in melted dark chocolate(yum!) crackers and peanut butter, apples(with cottage cheese?) all fruits and veggies make great snacks, feel free to eat as much as you like! in fact I encourage you to! Snack on fruits and/or veggies all day! And of course occasionally allow your self that snickers bar, or that slice of pizza. It's unrealistic to think you can totally cut that stuff out cold turkey. Good luck! :)
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Sissy Originally Answered: Weight loss: What product(s) would be good to have? Need healthy ideas for snacks and meals also.?
hi Billy,listen i'm not going to advise on products as i don't advocate(i think it's lazy)So i would just like to show you guidlines&methods that will help you lose weight in a healthy/maintanable way.I think once a healthy choice/lifestyle becomes a habit,you know how to eat&enjoy yummy foods that can indeed cater to all cravings,without the added weight&risk of heart diseas.I will of course throw in some munchy ideas. ALWAYS start the day with a filling healthy breakfast....(eat eggs(not fried)pacetta/prosciuotto instead of bacon on wholgrain toast(grilled tomato/mushrooms,some juice& fruit or muslie/bircher with fruit&yoghurt, oats/healthy cereal with low fat milk ect.(dont skip meals,eat smaller portions more regulaly to help speed up METABOLIC rate. First off:lets bust two myths:CARBS ARE BAD=no carb diets are a disaster,it is not wise to cut out whole food groups.What is wise is to choose right nutrient giving types.Thus preventing difficiencies,(dont know how old you are but this is vital for proper growth)There are carbs with out the fat(&breads should not be cut out/choose seeds/wholegrains/german/french /wraps ect)A low carb diet will lack essential nutrients&anti-oxidents(fruit&wholgrains... of can induce headach&lack of energy.Choose foods with a low GI(glicemic index) MYTH:FAT=ENEMY,good fats&poly-unsaturated are essential,healthy ones such as omega-3s are needed for growth&development also beneficial foor mood&mind.The KEY is to cut out'BAD'saturated fats&'TRANS"fats(found in pastries/baked goods)and opt for the healthier ones such as olive oils,canola,safflower,linseed,macadamia&... small amounts of avacado provide the healthy fats(use instead of butter?spread)Of course theresOily fishes such as tuna&salmon(high omega 3)Dairy also should not be cut out,just opt for lower fat(greek yoghurt instead of cream)the hard cheeses are better as the fat/butter milk has been evaporated,thus better(parmasean/chedder=good.Camanbert=... is necessary to include 3serves of dairy(a piece of cheese,a tub yoghurt&a glass low fat milk=meeting daily calcium requirments&healthy weight loss(if you must have ice-cream,opt low fat or try gelatos ect&smoothies are excellant)use lots of fruit,honey to sweeten+low fat ice cream(once in a while is fine or try using yoghurt for creamyness)Evaporated milk makes the perfect substitute for cream(pasta sauce)Pastas&salads are a fantastic way to lose weight&no reason to miss out on flavour(opt tomato based sauces/not cream,opt dressings of juice/oil ect not creamy(mayo,just go low kind)also include legumes,pulses&nuts.Aim for 5 serves of veg&3serves of fruit+3serves of dairy a day&balance the rest with nutritious substitue.Half the battle is to shop right..then you can eat right+excercise=losing weight without even knowing/suffering/missing out for it.You dont need to slog at a gym,do a sport you like,make it fun.If you choose to walk,stop every so many metres&do a set of some exercise(3xsets 10-12squats)&then walk further,stop do a set of exercise( something(breaks it up)keeps heart rate up. ect.Start small,build up resistance&move up.Restistance training is fab,as is cardio. I suggest up to three sessions a wk.For example: 12squats,12push-ups,12lunges,12rows with resistance bands(cheep to buy)Do this cercuit 3times.This is easily achievable out side the gym.Buy some small weights. Cardio can be added to the end of your resistance,or on alternate days.Start slow build up EG; wk 1=power walk.wk 2=run.wk 3=run longer/sprint.Try alternating 40sec run/sprint with a 2min walk/recovery for 25mins(works) 5 STEPS TO SUCCESS; ACCEPT your body in its current state(this is the starting point) VISUALISE yourself happy&healthy.Be bold,but realistic. ACHIEVE set achievable goals,asking the impossible can only lead to failure...(extend toward large goal by breaking into'mini'goals. EASE into exercise&diet change,ease into it.STRESS=counter productive to wieght loss. LISTEN to your body,it will tell you it's needs&take care of the rest. GET BACK TO NATURE:diet is an important part of slimming,so go for real foods(avoid processed meats,cheese,snacks)nuts in natural form are good&if you like pistachios(can have 35 a day/other nuts higher in oil so must eat way less,almonds only12)seeds are good&even pop corn(with anything except butter)Dried fruits also for snacking. AVOID:processed carbohydrates such as white bread&sugary cereals. CHOOSE:low-GI carbs such as rice,sweet potato,wholegrain/seed,nut breads,untoasted musli,porridge&corn. AVOID:foods high in chemicals&preservatives.Avod glutamates.Check lables(numbers/names) CHOOSE:food as nature made it,all the colouful fruit&veg are high in variuose nitrients(corrotein/carrot good for eyes,greens/spinich for iron,tomato vit c all anti oxodent ect AVOID:fruit juices,some have 5 x the recomended daily intake of fruit in one bottle(that's alot of sugar)squeeze your own orange/watermellon juice.Make smoothies&slushies(healthy )of course CHOOSE:seasonal fruit,by eating them whole you get the added benefit of fibre. AVOID:sweetened yoghurts(check label sometimes its low fat,high in sugar CHOOSE:natural biodynamic yoghurt with acidophilus. AVOID:muffins(store bought)many are equvelent to eating a slice of cake. CHOOSE:protein rich snacks eg 12 raw almonds,1small tin tuna(on cracker,toast ect)or a boiled egg. There, follow these guidlines&you will do well.A smaller size plate is a very good way to start,keep portions no bigger than hand/inside palm size(portion of meat this size about 100g s)as much veg as you like.The asian style of diet,stir fries&steamed fish parcels&rice ect good way to eat.Use herbs,spices ect to flavour instead or s&p,you get health benefits as well as flavour.Ginger,garlic,chilli(high in anti-oxidents,good for detox,aid digestion(tumeric is an antiseptic)see if you just know your food,they will provide you will all the tools....Soups are great(have as much as you want)healthy spring veg&chicken(ginger,garlic)awsome!!!Chine... cleas stock based soups are excellant.(avoid creamy,cheesy ect)Pastas excellant source or protein,carb&fibre(again use herbs,vegies,lean meat/no meat to flavour,tomato sauces ect(avoid,cream,cheese&bacon)use egg yolk to thicken&make sauce(like carbonara)instead of cream/butter.If you want creamy,just lighten the calories use evaporated milk/low fat items.If you must have butter change the type(polyunsaturated ect)maybe a soy butter/marge or even olive oil based+good for you.Avacado works well as butter.If you love pancakes try crepes with fruit/yoghurt sauce ect Crepe Suzzette.If you can not live with out pizza,dont!Make it your self(buy base&build it)using awsome fresh ingredients,prepared tomato&herb type sauce(leave off processed meat&cheese&opt for maybe baby boccancini,feta,low fat mozzarella/parmasean,add rocket.antipasto type(olives,sun dried tomatoes)chuck on pineapple,anything you want!And you have a gourmet pizza which is guilt free to eat&actally pretty damn tasty!!!Cant live without dessert?Why not share?So you can have a little¬ waste...The key is SELF CONTROL(know when to stop/portion controll)do NOT eat it all(unless you picked fat free)AND do not shop when feeling hungry(you will buy junk) So keeping all this in mind,i came up with some food ideas.I also calculated the nutritional value for you as an example PASTAS: GARLIC PRAWN,LEMON&FETA SPAGHETTI: serves 4 400g dried spaghetti pasta(100g if cooking for one) 1/4cup olive oil 1red onion,finely chopped 500g(20)green prawns,peeled devained,tails in tact 3 garlic cloves,finly chopped 1/2cup white wine 2 TBLspns lemon juice 1tspn lemon rind(zested/grated) 1cup fresh flat-leaf parsley,chopped 125g reduced fat,feta cheese,crumbled crusty bread to serve 1.cook pasta according to packet directions 2.meanwhile heat frypan(meadium high)add 1TBLspn oil.Add onion,cook stirring till tender.(2mins)Add garlic&prawns,cook till just pink.Add wine&bring to boil,simmer uncovered for 1min or till prawns are cooked through.Remove from heat.Add lemon rind&juice. 3.Drain pasta.Return to pan over low heat.Add prawn mixture,remaining oil,parsley&feta.Toss/mix through to combine.Serve with crusty bread. around 2300 calories,fat=4% ideas:Balsamic tomato,chorizo&rocket fettacine,Chicken,llme&chilli penne,Lamb pine nut&haloumi fussili ect. SALADS: TURKEY,MANGO&MACADAMIA SALAD: serves 4 125g tub lite yoghurt 1/4cup lite mayonnaise(soy mayo) 1/2tspn chilli flakes(dried) 1/3cup coriander leaves,chopped(or parsley) 420g can,four bean mix,drain&rinse 1red capsicums,sliced 1red onion,halved&thinly sliced 1large mango,diced 2cups baby rocket 3cups cooked,sliced,skinless turkey 3/4cup macadamia nuts,toasted 4 wholegrain rolls&salt/fat reduced butter/marge to serve. 1.comdine yoghurt&mayo,mix till smooth.Stir in chilli&1tablespoon coriander.Cover&refrigerate. 2.Combine beans,capsicum,onion,mango,rocket&remain... coriander in a bowl.Add turkey,toss to combine. 3.divide amongst plates&drizzle with dressing&serve with bread roll. IDEAS:warm chorizo sausage&couscous,mexican potato wadges&salsa,morrocan chickpea,tomato&chicken,wild rice&cranberry salad MAIN/FOOD ideas:SPICY SAUSAGE&SWEET POTATO BURGER.RED FISH CURRY KEBABS&COCONUT RICE.SOY GLAZED PORK,ASIAN GREENS&STEAMED JASMIN RICE(steamed fish with ginger,shallot,soy)ect SNACKS: Salami&feta&rocket pizza(add rocket&it will be okay to have a little salami) Chicken&sweet chilli mayo wraps+small tub yoghurt&piece of fruit(balanced lunch) Smoked salmon&egg tarts. Spring rolls,dim sim,samosas,pies,can be baked not fried. Crepes with mixed berries&yoghurt Eggs benedict with summer smoothie ect SWEET&SPICY NIBBLE MIX: Preheat oven.Spread 250g raw mixed nuts.Drizzle over 1TBLspn oil.Sprinkle with brown sugar&3tspns curry powder.Season with s&p.Toss well.Bake 7mins till golden.Set aside to cool completly.Stir in 1/4cup sultanas&100g packet'changs'fried noodles(crispy type) Store in airtight container. SWEET ORANGE RICOTTA DIP with FRESH FRUIT: serves 4 275g reduced fat,fresh ricotta cheese 2tspns orange rind 1/4cup orange juice 1/4cup honey 2oranges,peeled&segmented 250g strawberries,hulled 300g red&green grapes(cut into small bunches) 1.Place ricotta in bowl with orange rind,juice&honey.With electric mixer,beat till smooth. Place in small bowl/bowls&serve with prepared fruits..easy NUTRITIONAL VALUE per serve:982kj.3.7g fat.1.4g sat.fat.9g protein.40.6g carbs.3.4g fibre.1mg cholesterol. RED FRUIT SALAD with MINT SYRUP:serves 4 1/2cup caster sugar 10 mint leaves 250g strawberries 125g fresh raspberries 125g,cherries,1/2&remove stone 400g watermelon,cut into cubes 1.Place sugar&1/2cup water in saucepan on low heat.Cook,stirring for 3mins or till sugars dissolved.Add 8mint leaves&let simmer without stirring for 7mins till mixture thickens.Remove/discard mint leaves.Set aside to cool. 2.Finly shred remaining mint.Place strawberries&all other fruit in a big bowl,toss to combine.Divide between serving bowls(big one).Drizzle with syrup&garnish with shredded mint.Nice on own but you can have low fat vanilla ice cream,sorbet,gelato or some thick greek-style yoghurt,low fat(instead of cream)NUTRITIONAL VALUE PER SERVE=463kj.FAT= 0.3g.SAT.FAT= 0g.PROTEIN=1.6g.CARBS=24.0g.FIBRE=3.5g.C... Make custard/buy(low fat)some raspberries,jam rollettes&put together a trifle..yum. Chocolate is good for you,high in anti oxidents,releases seratonin, endorphins(body's feel good drug)also has some cancer fighting properties(only eat small amounts)dark choc is best..so if you like,dip your fruit in dark choc,yummy&good for you!!!! Okay,good on you for making the choice to a better lifstyle,good luck,can help anytime....contact me. I KNOW IT'S LONG,but plse read,i spent hrs breaking it down to basics.Thankyou&GOOD LUCK

Phrona Phrona
Don t skip breakfast and choose that s high in protein for energy and full of fiber to keep you satisfied for hours
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Marybeth Marybeth
tired of eating your salad on a plate fill a whole wheat pita with salad and a splash of lemon for a twist
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Lana Lana
the rub on ground turkey is that its dry add some olive oil and finely blended onions to a turkey burger or turkey meatball to enhance its juiciness
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Jera Jera
Go to the web sites and books by Neal Barnard, Joel Fuhrman, Dean Ornish, John McDougall, Caldwell Esselstyn, or T. Colin Campbell. These nutrition researchers all recommend a Whole Food, Plant-Based (WFPB) way of eating. It's ideal for young, old, male, female, thin, and chubby people. It's a balanced way of eating that is safe for a lifetime. An ideal weight loss is about one pound per week. Getting about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise most days is best. This diet works, most others fail miserably after about 90 days.
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Jera Originally Answered: healthy vegan snacks/meals?
apples and peanut butter, hummus, veggies, and pita bread, soy delicious ice cream, 8th continent chocolate drink, black bean dip, cereal (check the label), quesodillas made with vegan cheese, pb & j, pasta with margerine, meatless spaghetti, veggie wraps, homemade granola, oatmeal and raisins, vegan waffles, bagels, soup (check the label), boca burgers. Explore the natural food store. They have tons of options!

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