Quick question - Help with face cleansing routine!?

Quick question - Help with face cleansing routine!? Topic: Quick question - Help with face cleansing routine!?
October 23, 2019 / By Abiel
Question: Hi, I just bought the following and was wondering when I should use them (morning/evening/both) and in what order. Or if just 1 product should be used in evening and 3 in morning ect! - Clean and Clear daily facial scrub (Gelly scrub thats used with water on the face and has rough beads in it.) - Clean and clear daily facial lotion (Clear liquid that is used on face/neck with cotton pad and makes face feel refreshed and clean!) - Nivea facing cleansing wipes (Basic wipes that cleanse and remove make-up) Thanks alot, just new to all of this and needed a bit of help! xx
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Sienna Sienna | 5 days ago
I would recommend using the scrub every 2-3 days, rather than everyday, in the morning as the first thing you do. On the days you don't use a scrub, use a cleanser as it's gentler on your skin. After scrubbing/cleansing, in the mornings, apply your facial lotion. It helps replace the moisture lost by cleansing and leaves your skin silky smooth! In the evening, just remove your make up / cleanse with the wipes. This will leave a sort of oily feel on your face, so just splash your face with some water afterwards and dab dry, but your face will feel refreshed. Using the lotion now is optional, it isn't necessary but if you are particularly prone to dry skin, load it on before you go to bed for some overnight skin healing!
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Sienna Originally Answered: What is the best face cleansing routine?
Get something from your dermatologist first of all. I got a cream like a year ago and ever since my face has been really clear. Okay, here's what you should do: 1. Cleanse with an oil free, light cleanser. 2. Exfoliate. (I recommend exfoliating with oatmeal. It works really well) 3. Apply cream. You can also do homemade facial masks. The best way is to go natural so use food masks. It sounds disgusting at first to put food on your face but they work really well. My favorite is the strawberry facial mask. You mash up about 4 ripe strawberries, put the paste on your face (its just strawberries, nothing else), leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes and wash off with warm water. Your face will look so much brighter and feel so much softer, but only do this like three times a week. You can look up other home made facial masks for oily skin on google :) hope I helped

Philis Philis
I would use the scrub in the shower and use the cleansing lotion after the shower. That's what I do and it makes my skin feel really fresh. You should save the wipes for when you have a lot of makeup that needs to be removed. Wash your face first with a getle cleanser, and do a second cleanse with the wipe. It's great for getting al the traces of eyemakeup off that get left behind.
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Martina Martina
Here are some simple tips to help keep your skin looking nice and healthy and to prevent problems - 1. Wash your face twice each day - once when you wake up, and once before bed. Make sure you pat dry instead of rubbing as rubbing can cause irritation. Follow up with a good toner to be sure ALL the dirt/makeup is gone and there's no left over face wash. 2. Exfoliate your skin DAILY. Exfoliating helps to remove dead/old skin cells and allow the new, fresh ones to show through, leaving you with a clean, healthy appearance. I know a lot of people fuss about this and say it only do it once or twice a week or every other day, but honestly, it's FINE to do daily. I always exfoliate my face one a day and my entire body everytime I shower. I have baby-soft skin from head to toe... wonder why? lol Get a good scrub ESPECIALLY for your face. Clean and Clear was a good choice. They have a lot of facial exfoliators to pick from. Then get a regular scrub for your body (it should say body scrub on it). 3. Use moisturizer! This is a very important step. Use a good day cream/lotion that contains SPF. That will help protect your skin from sun damage. Use the day lotion after you've washed and toned (once the toner is completely dry). At night, use a lotion/cream especially for night time usage. It should say "night cream/lotion" on it. If you can't find one especially for day/night that you can afford, or that you like, just moisturize with an SPF lotion/use sunscreen during the day and use any good, oil-free cream at night. 4. Keep your hair clean (especially if it's long or if you have bangs or any hair that touches your face). If you don't keep your hair clean, the oil from it can get onto your face and cause breakouts. 5. Be sure you change your pillow cases regularly. This will ensure you always have something clean and fresh to sleep on. This is especially important if you sleep on your side or stomach. If you keep using a dirty pillow case, you're likely to have acne/skin problems issues even if you wash your face because the dirt will just keep getting on your face when you go to sleep. 6. Try not to touch your face. The dirt, germs and oils from your hands will get onto your face and can cause acne. If you need to touch your face (like when you wash your face/apply moisturizer), be sure to wash your hands before and after. 7. Try not to wear face makeup. A lot of makeups irritate your skin and clog your pores. And clogged pores cause acne/breakouts and make current acne/breakouts worse. A lot of concealers don't do what they're suppose to either and don't truly cover the imperfections you're trying to hide very well (if at all). Concealers can be a huge cause of skin problems especially if you're using them to cover acne. Why? If it isn't the product itself, it's the way you're doing it. For example, if you're using a stick form of concealer and apply it directly to your pimple/breakout, then reuse it again, all you're doing is reinfecting yourself with acne causing bacteria. Even if you use your fingers to apply it, this can cause issues if your hands aren't clean because the oil from them gets in the makeup and then gets on your skin. To avoid this, be sure you wash your hands before and after applying makeup. If you're using a special concealer brush, be sure you wash it thoroughly after every use and allow it to air dry. If you absolutely "HAVE" to where facial makeup, try to use natural/mineral and oil-free makeup. They're less likely to clog your pores and cause issues. I hope this info is helpful to you. If you need further help/info, either edit your question while it's open so I can edit my answer... or you can let me know once you've chosen a best answer. I can then comment the resolved question and answer and other questions you may have.
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Lakeisha Lakeisha
you are able to constantly purchase some face cleansers like proactive, even though it additionally helps in case you drink greater water and shrink you sugar intake. carry a water bottle around with you and drink some periodically.
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Lakeisha Originally Answered: Question about colon cleansing?
You don't actually lose any weight from a "colon cleansing." Dry weight, anyhow. You may see a temporary dip in weight as you lose water weight from the diarrhea, but nothing has actually changed. All that's changed is that you have paid someone to give you an enema and had a particularly wicked case of diarrhea. You see, the entire "science" behind "colon cleansing" is inaccurate to begin with. Your colon doesn't have "built-up" feces that are "stuck in it," things move through as a result of intestinal contractions (it's like a long, muscular tube." If fecal matter had in fact become stuck, you wouldn't be having that conversation - you would be hospitalized. You see, this is a condition that goes by many names - the most well known of which is diverticulitis. Muscular weakening of the colonic wall, as a result of consuming inadequate dietary fiber, causes ballooning out of the tissue, which can form pockets that trap feces. This isn't really a problem, a high-fiber diet keeps things moving through, but if someone doesn't eat enough fiber it can cause infection that can spread body-wide in short time. Colitis is also an infection of the colon, typically resulting in incredibly watery stool that can also eventually result in death - particularly in the elderly. The people who peddle this kind of quackery like to say that your body is "detoxifying itself," but there is zero scientific evidence to show that filling your large intestine with water is somehow going to draw out "toxins" faster - as if are even toxins to be drawn out. Most substances in the body have what is called a half-life, and there is very little you can do to speed it up. If you can, you can bet that having diarrhea isn't one of them. At the very best colonics are worthless treatments that do nothing. At the very worst, they cause serious harm. So save your money and focus on the recipe for weight loss that has been constant for the last hundred or more years. Eat less, and move more (with the emphasis on the former).

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