How do i stay healthy? i am only 13?

How do i stay healthy? i am only 13? Topic: How do i stay healthy? i am only 13?
October 20, 2019 / By Abidan
Question: How do i keep a healthy diet? How do i keep my body fit. Now, i do not mean strong. I mean in healthy care. For some reason i am going through a writers block, and am unable to explain what i mean. But what im TRYING to say is how do I, a 13 year old girl, stay healthy and treat my body right...if that makes sence.
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Siena Siena | 4 days ago
Maintain a healthy diet, stay away from fatty foods such as greasy hamburger, fries, or anything fried for that matter. Keep up with your cardio(running, yoga or some form of exercise to keep your heart rate up), and get a good nights sleep.
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Siena Originally Answered: How can I stay healthy and fit?
I drink a fruit smoothie for breakfast every morning - its healthy and gives me energy for the day. As far as other foods, I think that was answered pretty in-depth above. For your sleep issues, first of all, try writing down whatever's on your mind before you go into your bedroom to go to bed. Secondly, make sure that you are not doing anything else in your bedroom other than sleeping - No T.V, computer, or video games. You need to associate your bedroom with sleep. Also, if you are doing anything else before bed, stop it - this will contribute to your mind racing. Try listening to some really soft and melodic music at night - something very gentle. And concentrate hard on the music. This will block out other thoughts and should help you fall asleep. Once you start getting a good night's sleep, get your *** in gear and start exercising - whether you have the energy or not. It seems that your parents aren't going to push you so you have to push yourself. You're smart enough to realize that if you continue the way you're going, it'll end up bad. So push through the barriers now, keep exercising and find some foods that are healthy that you like as much as the junk food.

Philippina Philippina
Find out your blood type and get the book Live Right 4 Your Type by Peter J. D'Adamo since it will cover specific foods & amounts, recipes, stress management, and exercise recommendations for your specific genetic category, marked by your blood type (ABO). Other than that, as general rules for health: Everything in moderation. Don't put anything in your mouth if you don't know about it. Food = Fuel, so Bad Food = Crap, and Good Food = Medicine Eat a variety of foods, not the same thing many times per week. Eat some fresh fruit and fresh or steamed veggies every day. Iceburg lettuce=crap, eat Romaine! Eat beans, meat, yogurt, soy/tofu, nuts, and fish for your protein and good fats, to keep your muscles, skin, eyes, and brain healthy. Stretching, yoga, tai chi, and breathing exercises are as important (if not more so) than sports and cardio exercises as they help reduce the saturation of the stress hormone cortisol which leads to disease. Lastly, and most importnat: Smile. Love Life. Love your family. Life can be full of terrible and exciting things so wait out the bad times and really enjoy the good times. That's the most important thing. :)
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Marta Marta
Morning before taking any thing drink warm water 4-6 glass as per body requirement. Keep your stomach half filled Keep your weigh as per you height Maintain hemoglobin level as your doctor says Do exercise or walking 30-60 minutes Do yoga ,Pranayam in place of exercise if possible Contact: Babaramdev www.googles.com
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Lainey Lainey
just google healthy foods/healthy eating. the usual, fresh veggies and fruits, whole grains, healthy snacks. most premade food is kinda bad for you. way too much sodium and all that.
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Jenn Jenn
Just don't eat burgers, fries, soda and potato chips. You're very young so you don't need to do anything special, just try to eat fresh foods like salads and sandwiches and soups.
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Jenn Originally Answered: How do you stay motivated to eat healthy?
Well first of all to stay motivated I set myself realistic goals. I won't say I want to lose a stone in a week because it isn't possible. Once you have found your realistic goal then write it down... Keep a food journal! Write down everything you eat throughout the day and then keep an eye on it. You may start to see areas where you keep slipping up and this will allow you to change them. Just remember how good and more confident you'll feel once you are in shape and leading a better lifestyle. No amount of ice cream will give you that sort of satisfaction! I think the most important thing here is not to deprive yourself! Set yourself one day a week aside where you can eat ice cream and pizza and not worry about it.

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