Buying a Greyhound as a puppy?

Buying a Greyhound as a puppy? Topic: Buying a Greyhound as a puppy?
October 20, 2019 / By Abidah
Question: Im almost done with college and i was planning to move towards VA beach kinda more into the countryside but still close to VA beach. And the place i am looking to buy has a lot of space... and it will all soon be mine. I can't wait. And i would like to have a dog, just because its the countryside and the circumstances would be a little more different. the dog won't bother people because their is nobody elses property for atleast an acre. And since its such a huge space having some dogs around would be very helpful. I've done some research on greyhounds and id rather not buy a retired racing dog. Since their was so much space i was thinking of spending some free time in building a small home built track. Just a simple oval. None of that pro racing stuff and i don't plan to "race" the dogs i get. Since greyhound pups need an outlet i will probably get 2 because they can't be left alone for long periods of time. And let them race on the track and i think it would be great to just watch my dogs run. And i can just do some 100m sprints with them somedays when i feel like i need a tough workout. Of course i'd loose since these things can go 40mph if ur dog is a beast. But maybe they'd just play around wit me and let me win once in a while. I don't have a problem raising the dogs, and their circumstances seem easy to accomodate. They need indoor because of the weather and they can't handle cold/heat. They have thin skin and little fat so they need a lot of soft bedding which is very easy to deal with. And so are their raises feeder/water bowls. Only problems i see are dealing with tick meds, and if they need to go to the vet for a serious issue. But im the type of person thats allergic to animals. Well im just allergic to anything dirty. and Cats are freaking dirty. im super allergic to cats. Its not i can die type allergy but its annoying as hell. I can deal with smaller dogs and a lot of my friends dogs are the "non shedding" type. the internet has been telling me these dogs don't have that under coat which causes all that shedding. But im not sure if im fine with it. Because i haven't actually done any real extensive testing on it myself. If you are the animal allergic type like me, or if you know somebody like me. That has been around greyhounds and in that same environment for an extensive periods of numberous accounts and they had almost little to no allergies. Please let me know if the greyhounds effected you or ur friends. and how does a greyhounds coat feel like? it looks really shimmering so im guessings its that more softer type hair. I hate the dog hair that feels like its bristle brushes. Like labs. Dauschund dogs have nice hair i've felt their fur and im hoping the greyhounds is somewhat like theirs. And please do not think i am capable of even trying to raise a racing dog. im a pure ameature and i wouldn't know how to teach them to race, and im not trying to professionally race them or recreatoinally race them. I just need them to get that outlet to workout because they are hyperactive when young. So please do not think i will beat them and starve them and just make em race 24/7 until they break in half. If that is what is making you second guess giving me helpful information on greyhounds. Thanks. Jenny i live in the US. their isnt a single puppy breeder inside 500 miles of my Area code... The net says most of the greyhound racing is in the british isles. So ima have to get one shipped from there to here. Or me go to there and take it back here.
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Sidney Sidney | 3 days ago
One of the greyhound rescue groups I've worked with, Greyhound Adoption Center, gets puppies once in a blue moon. They just placed three, in fact. I'm sure they'd be able to refer you to a local group, and you could let that group know that you want a puppy so they could keep an eye out. http://www.houndsavers.org/ Greys do shed. Not as much as my mutt, but some. Some greys have very soft fur. Please understand that if you are going to let these dogs loose on your property, it must be fenced. They cannot be allowed off-leash in an area that is not contained. They will not pay attention to roads or other potential hazards if they are chasing something. And if you have one with a strong prey drive, it could take out a neighbor's small dog, etc., if it gets loose. They are great dogs, but it's important to be aware of their limitations as well as their strengths. Good luck.
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Nutritionally controls the critical growth period from weaning to 18 months of age through proper balance of protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, and digestibility. Enhances the long term wellness of the adult dog. In 1990 Eagle Pack was presented with the statistical results of a national survey among owners of 3,000 large and giant breed dogs. The survey focused on three bone growth problems--HOD, OCD, and Pano--and was conducted by professor/breeder and canine consultant Linda Arndt of Blackwatch Kennels. Armed with this data, results of feeding trials, and the knowledge that a leading text Small Animal Clinical Nutrition III lists these three problems under nutritional issues, and not under generic diseases, Eagle Pack set out to develop the first formula specifically for large and giant breed puppies and adults. The key to the correct formulation in their researched opinion was to create a highly digestible diet, then balance digestibility and protein (amino acid) levels with metabolizable energy, calcium, and phosphorus levels. The challenge was to provide balanced growth of skeletal structure, cartilage, and muscle in the growing puppy and then to maintain the long term wellness of the adult. The diet was test fed extensively by large and giant dog breeders. Puppies were fed the diet from weaning to 18 months of age. There were no reported cases of the three bone problems. Armed with these results, Large & Giant Breed Formula was introduced. Now, over a decade later, their success in maintaining the long term wellness of these breeds has been outstanding. Since 1990, other companies have introduced their versions of large and giant breed diets. Some are higher in protein, some are higher or lower in calcium. None are as highly digestible. How then does the caring pet owner select from the many brands available? Pick the formula that involved leading breeders and the knowledge of a nutritional consultant specific to the breed. Know that a family owned company was the first to care and the first to respond. And finally, select the formula that has the longest track record of being fed to these breeds--Eagle Pack is not experimenting on your dog. That diet is Large & Giant Breed Puppy Formula. Enzymes enable the digestive system to absorb more nutrients from the food. The three most digestible animal proteins, from quality grade meats, are used in the formulas. Lamb meal originates from range-fed lamb. Our naturally preserved fish meal is harvested from pure ocean waters. Our chicken meal is hormone and antibiotic free. A natural omega 6 source. Finely ground, it provides 99% carbohydrate digestibility and leaves no stool residue. It is an excellent energy source. Rarely does it cause an allergic reaction or food intolerance. A review of more than 200 confirmed cases of food allergy in veterinary literature revealed only three were caused by corn (Small Animal Clinical Nutrition IV). Corn is not a filler. It is an ideal carbohydrate when used correctly in animal protein based diets, as the first listed ingredient. The corn is purchased annually during harvest from farmers known to Eagle Pet for more than 20 years. COSTUMER "I HAVE BEEN PURCHASING EAGLE LARGE & GIANT BREED PUPPY FORMULA FOR MY GREAT DANE SINCE SHE CAME TO US AT THE AGE OF 7 WEEKS. THIS IS MY 2ND GREAT DANE. MY FIRST ONE I OWNED OVER 25 YEARS AGO. I KNOW WE DID NOT HAVE THE NUTRITIONAL KNOWLEDGE FOR DOGS BACK THEN AND I STRUGGLED TO KEEP WEIGHT ON HIM. THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN WONDERFUL FOR MY CURRENT DANE. SHE HAS SIMPLY THRIVED ON THIS FOOD. HER COAT IS BEAUTIFUL, HER MUSCLES ARE TIGHT AND STRONG, AND SHE HAS STEADILY GAINED WEIGHT APPROPRIATELY. AT 11 MONTHS, SHE IS EXCEPTIONALLY LARGE AND VERY HEALTHY. WE ARE SO SATISFIED WITH THE DOG FOOD AND BECAUSE WE CANNOT BUY THIS PRODUCT WHERE WE LIVE, WE GLADLY ORDER IT FROM PETCO."
Sidney Originally Answered: What is your opinion of eagle pack puppy food for a large breed puppy?
I have never used it. So I couldn't really tell you. But I do use Evangers Dry Pheasant and Rice and Evangers Hand-packed Chicken Stew. I LOVE Evangers pet food. They only make two different dry kibble ( Chicken and Rice and Pheasant and Rice..both are for All Life Stages). They have a wide variety of canned and hand packed foods. They even have a special line of canned foods that are 100% game meat (such as venison or duck) and a line that is Organic Certified. Plus, something I found interesting was all of their food was Kosher. Evangers cans and bags their own food. There is No By-Products, preservatives, or addititives. I have to order it, because I can't find it anywhere close to me, but that might not be the case for everyone. I tried many many foods before I found one that was perfect for my babies and it is totally worth ordering. If you want to check out the ingrediants the website is ; www.evangersdogfood.com I will try to look at eagle pack puppy food and check out the ingred.

Philippa Philippa
Don't exist. There are no greyhound pet breeders. They are only owned by greyhound racing companies. Once the dog is retired either from breeding or racing it is spayed/neutered, and put up for adoption usually through greyhound specific rescue group. Often even the 'show' quality greyhounds are part of a racing program. You might be able to get a young dog that either failed at breeding or racing, but even then 5-6 months old is probably as young as you'll find.
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Marshan Marshan
Go see an allergist and get tested: you aren't allergic to cats because of their habits, its a protein in their saliva. Being allergic to cats does not mean you're allergic to dogs; the proteins are different. Go to a local retired racing greyhound event and play with the dogs; if they make you wheeze or break out, then you can't keep dogs. If you want a greyhound puppy, go here: http://www.akc.org/breeds/greyhound/pupp...
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Marshan Originally Answered: What's the best puppy food for the best nutrition and how much do I feed a 7 month old puppy?
The best food I've found is Nutro Natural Choice. Slowing wean your puppy off the Cesars. Mix more dry food in until you only have the dry. The amount you feed her is based on her size/weight, not on her age.

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