Why does my urine smell so strong ?

Why does my urine smell so strong ? Topic: Why does my urine smell so strong ?
July 21, 2019 / By Abida
Question: Ok these are my symptoms: when i pee, a strong smell comes from the toilet, it is mostly ammonia like and somewhat sweet yet foul. it is very strong and even when i clean myself and get up i can still smell it, as if its coming from me. The other day it seems i had a bit of a BV smell, fishy smell, but it has since gone away it seems, my vagina doesnt smell as much anymore, but now the smell has shifted more to this smell, and it seems now the only smell i get is when i pee. Do I now have a bladder infection instead of BV or a yeast? What do you think I have? btw i also have these symptoms: pelvic pain/abdominal pain painful urination secondary symptoms: dehydrated nausea bloated i am not pregnant, i dont use condoms with sex, he pulls out, so i dont have sperm inside of me when we have sex, and i have been his only partner. my last partner was a year ago, before him and i met. i dont have STDS. i have been treated for bv in the past and cured (supp) its actually not really dark. its not that yellow, it is a bit yellow but not as yellow as it is when, yes, as you say i am dehydrated. altho i am dehydrated, ive seen it more yellow
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Shyla Shyla | 2 days ago
Go to whole foods or a vitamin store and get "Milk Thistle", take 1 everyday for a few weeks and it will go away. Happened to me and I thought I had an infection. Its your liver causing the smell. I did lots of research to find the answer. Also it would hurt to take cranberry pills and echinea also, they fight infection, just in case. This is only if u cant get to a doc. if you have health insurance, a dr. would be better help. Im unemployed so I cured myself. Feel free to search amonia smell in pee and milk thistle for more info. The product is cheap too, under $10.
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Philipa Philipa
It might not be the precise odor of your urine. During the primary trimester, your hormones are approach out of it and matters will style in a different way as you will have spotted, however matters additionally odor more potent or no longer like they're intended to. Its almost definitely simply your hormones at the curler coaster trip.
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Marsha Marsha
drink lots of water. if you dont have enough water your pee will come off as really strong and smelly. water dilutes this and makes it less smelly. and check your pee. if its really yellow, u need more water in your system.
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