Is this a good diet/exercise regimen?

Is this a good diet/exercise regimen? Topic: Is this a good diet/exercise regimen?
October 20, 2019 / By Abiah
Question: I'm trying to lose weight, and so I've changed my diet a little(it wasn't really bad in the first place, so it didn't need to be modified much). I usually eat oatmeal for breakfast and then have steamed chicken(skinless) and brown rice, because that is my favorite meal, but of course I change it up. Dinner is something healthy, ranging from spinach or chicken salad w/out mayo to whatever. I think my diet is fine anyways, but what I'd like an opinion about is my exercise routine. I ride my bike about 2.31 miles in the morning, then the same at night, so a little over 4 and a half miles throughout the whole day(Is that good/bad?). I guess I'm really out of shape because it's harder then I thought it would be(but fun as hell). Like I'm completely covered in sweat and my legs are numbed when I'm done, and I didn't expect that. Anyways, is that good or should I step it up to about 3 miles each time? I know I will go up with the distances after a while but I'm not sure if I should push myself to get there when I might not be quite ready. I'm overweight, so I don't know if I'll drop the pounds quicker because I'm used to sitting around all day. So you could help me out with that, people of yahoo answers. Just tell me if this whole thing is alright or if I should change something. Thanks! I would run but it hurts me feet/legs way too much and I've come to hate running a little bit! lol. Bicycling is much easier on me. Can I trade running for walking 2 miles every other day? I can do that. =) Oh and if I add up my exercise time throughout the day(the morning and night bicycling) it only adds up to like 45 minutes, is that fine or should I try to add another 15 minutes of something to the mix? I gain weight pretty proportionally, so I think I'd lose it that way too, but nonetheless, should I just do push-ups/sit-ups/squats for a certain amount of time like 15-20 minutes? I can't imagine doing those exercises for very long without getting frustrated or bored.
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Shulammite Shulammite | 1 day ago
I say the diet is amazing! As for the biking, I would tell you to mix it up with some running or walking. Distance is an easy thing to solve because you shouldn't be all too worried about that in the first place. For running, biking, jogging, you should focus more on your timing and how long you can keep a steady pace. Your timing will improve and naturally you are biking, running, jogging, for a longer time. Also mix it up with some yoga or good old push-ups. Maybe even join a dance class or something fun to keep you moving. I hope it helped.(:
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Shulammite Originally Answered: i am starting a diet/exercise regimen.i need to lose about 75 pounds. i joined a gym. i know i need to work
fast food is salty food if you cut back on the salt in a few weeks youll be able to better taste the natural salts in food and may not crave the junk as much as you used to

Pheobe Pheobe
What you're doing so far sounds pretty good actually. The only I would change is maybe the type of exercise you do in the afternoon. Bike riding is great, but maybe change it up a bit. Maybe try some sit ups, push ups, squats to target certain areas eg. stomach, thighs, arms. Or maybe alternate between jogging and walking in one session. Hope this helps and good luck!!
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Marnie Marnie
Yes that it pretty good. Wait until your legs get used to going the distance that you are now and they dont hurt anymore, then kick the distance up. If you have more questions I have a free ebook about healthy weight loss and working out in my source. Hope this helps
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Lady Lady
it sounds great expect i would do the bike every other day and trade it in for a run or an ab workout... my coach says we can't do the same stuff all the time, that our bodies will get use to it and we won't lose weight. best of luck!
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Lady Originally Answered: is this a good health regimen for a 20 year old female? Is this a good goal?
very very very good and healthy I myself drink 2 liters of water in a 24 hour period eat lots and lots of vegetables and fruits every day- 5 serving limit the salt, fats, and the sugars. exercise and I am a happy 64 yr old. your regiment is very good I exercise lift weigfhts 3 hours per day as well as isotonic exercises how many meals do you eat daily ? 3 large-medium or 5 small ?

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