Is this healthy eating plan good?

Is this healthy eating plan good? Topic: Is this healthy eating plan good?
October 15, 2019 / By Abe
Question: I'm 14, australian size 10-12, 167cm and 62 kg. I want to loose about 5 kilograms. I take my dog for a walk two times a day, for about 10-15minutes each walk. I also do 30minutes of light yoga each night. I try to eat healthily but trip up and pig out on sweet/fattening things sometimes. I also drink about 1 1/2 litres water each day. How much weight will i loose doing this?
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Shona Shona | 7 days ago
Slipping up sometimes is ok. Can't be perfect all the time =) As for an eating plan, not sure, you didn't say what you are eating =) But as for the exercise, it's great! Good that you eat healthy, and drink the water. I wish you every success. Maybe google a calorie counter to find out how many calories is good for your age/height/weight Take care!
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Shona Originally Answered: Is this a good meal plan for dieting/healthy eating?
This is not a good meal plan! Although it might seem that you are losing weight at first you will eventually gain more... If you eat too little fat will be stored, instead of lost! Although it depends on your weight, height, and how much you exercise, you should eat at least 1800 calories a day! It is better to eat more and exercise, rather than eat less and not exercise at all. Consult with a dietitian if you can...

Petunia Petunia
I don't think anybody can tell you how much Weight you will lose but yes it does sound healthy. Somebody your age should have 1hour of exercise per day, something that gets you slightly out of breath but not panting for oxygen. I took my kids to a healthy eating and exercise programme for kids and there I was taught to read the labels on food if in the nutritional section they contain more than 5grammes of sugar or fat per 100grammes then don't eat them (lean meat, fish, wholemeal products, brown rice, fruit, veg, semi skimmed milk and eggs do not have to be counted they are your store cupboard essentials) They also recommended that the children should be given no more than five small treats per week to help them keep on track and not feel like they are missing out on treats (that should help with your occasional pig out). This is not a diet it is a healthy eating programme if you stick to it and don't lose weight then you don't need to loose weight. My family are all sticking to it and added together over the last six month we have lost five stone and are all now a healthy weight.
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Marlie Marlie
OKAY you have to do so much work about the plan because you are already skinny so weight loss will be so slow so thats why you have to make your plan more heavier which is try to run instead of walking so you will lose about 400 calories a day try to be vegeterian and if you really like junk food so have just one day free from diet but just one meal hey your perfect weight is calculated as the following 167 - 102 = 65 so your weight should be this but if you want to lose more thats will be perfect
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Lacey Lacey
well... if you keep doing that for one whole week, i'd say 1 or 2 pounds(0.97kg to 0.45kg). it's not ~enough though.. how bout you walk your dog at least 20 mins. ~a 10 minutes skipping rope would do too. ~start discipline yourself on a diet but dont starve.it will slow down your metabolism. ~how 'bout if you want to have something sweet, eat honey or low fat yoghurt.. ♥i wish you the best luck! ♥
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Lacey Originally Answered: What is a good way to stop eating so much junk food and to start eating healthy?
get all the junk food out of your house and buy lots of healthy foods and healthy snacks (like jello and stuff...anything low cal and healthy...also all natural applesauce is good) and plan out your meals so you know that you'll be having "grilled chicken and veggies" for dinner, instead of roaming your kitchen eating junk food. also frozen blueberries and other frozen fruits are good snacks and they are yummy too. good luck with the 10 pounds. if you workout too you'll be amazed at how fast you'll lose them!! God bless~

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