Is it healthy to eat the same foods everyday?

Is it healthy to eat the same foods everyday? Topic: Is it healthy to eat the same foods everyday?
October 15, 2019 / By Abaddon
Question: Every morning I eat Cheerios, with 2%milk, and a banana. At school I take a turkey sandwich and an apple because I don't know if the schools lunch is healthy or not. Is it healthy to eat the same thing everyday, or should I change it up everyday???
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Shevon Shevon | 4 days ago
Depends on if you're meeting the nutritional information correctly for maintaining weight and health. But eating the same thing daily honestly isn't healthy. Or you say your body gets bored eating the same stuff daily. You may want to add alternate daily foods to the mix. Most families have cereal, pancakes, muffins, etc one serving each day for breakfast. They generally choose a different sandwich type daily too like eating turkey today and beef tomorrow. Or leftover stew. Be sure to include a salad and veggies of a good choice. Don't include crap condiments like a turkey salad that has lots of calories to go with a sandwich if you're on a weight loss plan.
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Shevon Originally Answered: Are canned foods dangerous to health when I eat them almost everyday?
Let's start with tuna. There have been studies about the mercury content so it is recommended that you eat it like twice a week. Corned beef in a can packs a lot of sodium that you do not need. Read the labels and try for a brand that doesn't contain over a day's worth of salt in a serving. There are less salty foods like chicken and dumplings, beef stew, and chili in a can. As far as pork and beans go you might switch to pinto beans, black beans, navy beans or kidney beans. The pork and beans have a lot of added fat, salt and sugar. You can take the other types of beans and there will actually be more beans in the can instead of liquid. You can take salad dressing and put on the beans or use catsup or barbeque sauce on them. Pork and beans seem cheap to buy but you are paying for the juice they are packed in. So it's not such a great value. Any time you can get a bag of beans and cook them you can save money and they will be a lot healthier for you. If you cook a roast in a crock pot and chop it up and add potatoes and fried onions then you will have a few days supply of beef hash. Pasta is inexpensive and good to eat with beans and rice is easy to prepare and eat with beans. Instead of tuna, you might want to eat eggs, or bake a whole chicken and eat off if it for 3 days. If you go to a health food store you can buy these items in bulk foods and you will save money this way and be healthier. Best of luck to you!
Shevon Originally Answered: Are canned foods dangerous to health when I eat them almost everyday?
No. That's what they are canned for. The heat & pressure the foods are preserved under kills almost all bacteria & other stuff. Maybe buy salt-free stuff if possible.

Peronelle Peronelle
If it was bad to eat the same food everyday , everybody would be fuKed up , because i don't know anyone who does not eat breed everyday
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Marlena Marlena
Your stomach might get use to it and when you switch to different foods you might get sick. Switch it up before it does get use to it
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Marlena Originally Answered: Is Subway healthy enough to eat almost everyday?
The bread is still processed & full of carbs. The cheese is still processed as well. Subway uses the cheapest food ingredients that their wholesaler(s) will sell them, so no, I don't consider it something healthy enough to eat everyday. In addition, their lettuce is nothing but rabbits food, with very little nutrients. Consider getting spinach leaves instead of their garbage they call lettuce. Furthermore, its a waste of money, considering the healthier foods you can buy at the grocery store (or farmers market) & prepare yourself.

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