weight loss question ? about a book?

weight loss question ? about a book? Topic: weight loss question ? about a book?
October 19, 2019 / By Aaron
Question: do you know the book: the weight loss cure "they dont want you to know about " by kevin trudeau i dont want to buy it but it says you can buy a thing that will make you lose weight and do not exercise if you bought it pleaze tell me wat it is plaease and if you didnt dont answer pleaze
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Sheryl Sheryl | 1 day ago
If we're talking about the same book... It's all organic for the first couple of chapters. Then it gets creepy. He's all "Give yourself a million shots" I don't know of what, but going organic helps. You may just need to read the book.
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Sheryl Originally Answered: hunger Games Book Question?
This unfortunately must be to do with the cpoy you have downloaded. These mistakes do not appear in the actual books.

Perdita Perdita
its more than likely a waste of time. the only way to lose weight w/o surgery is by eating right and exercise. sorry to break it to ya. if you want a really good book to read about how to lose weight and understanding it i'd recommend the abs diet. its got a lot of info in it. also if you need supplements or anything of the sort check out advocare.com
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Marla Marla
It promises weight loss without exercise?? Sounds like a fad to me. Sure, you can lose weight with dieting alone, but diets only go so far.
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Krysten Krysten
a mediterranean diet not only comes with heart benefits studies show it leads to more weight loss than low fat diets
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Jeannine Jeannine
honestly, this looks like an excercise in money making, for him! check out the website and read the reviews, they give a lot of insight in exactly what this 'diet' is all about... http://www.amazon.com/Weight-Loss-Cure-T...
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Jeannine Originally Answered: that guy who wrote the book "NATURAL CURES" anyone read the book he wrote "weight loss cures?
i skim some of the book, he has great sources at the back when it comes to health and nutrition, something ur doctor will never tell u. he said something about apple cidar vinegar, that is true. it is an old remedy but i read from a lot of ppl it helps with weightloss. go to www.earthclinic.com lots of cures! new ones being added!

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