serious gas and bowel pain?

serious gas and bowel pain? Topic: serious gas and bowel pain?
October 14, 2019 / By Zoey
Question: I'm going to the 9th grade in a few days but I'm worried because for the past 7 years I have had really bad pain in my bowels when I go somewhere away from home, especially school. When I wake up I feel fine, I usually don't eat breakfast. I can't use the toilet even if I try. When im in our car on the way I get some gas, but it doesnt start hurting really bad until I enter the school. If I go to the washroom and just drop the deuces, i'll feel better for the rest of the day but sometimes it can take a while and I can't always go. I think it could be that I'm lactose intolerant.. I've tried lactaid but I cant really tell. Maybe something in the head?
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Sherisse Sherisse | 6 days ago
add friendly bacteria (flora) to your diet, a good vitamin shoppe should have what you need, also try the product "beano" it is an enzyme that helps break down the stuff that causes gas. also: you might be lactose intolerant...do not eat milk products if you think you are. cheerio!-blurey
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Sherisse Originally Answered: Lower abdominal/bowel pain?
ive had the same pains, and sometimes it feels like knives going into your lower stomach, right? im still not exactly sure whats wrong with me, since im only 14, but my mom has crohns disease, and it can be genetic. you could be constapated, that can be sooo painful. it could also be IBS good luck and feel better!
Sherisse Originally Answered: Lower abdominal/bowel pain?
It could be an intestinal blockage, or you could have IBS (irratable bowell syndrome). Its nothing that is embarrassing, so many people have it. I use to! There is medication for this, so just see your GP and he'll probably just prescribe you something. It could also be constiapation. Even if you do 'open your bowell' every day you could still be very clogged up, and obviously there are tablets you can get to help that, as well as home remidies like eating more fibre. It could also be Cistitis, which is a urine illness when it stings when it comes, but you feel like you need to go still and it hurts like hell. This is normally brought on by not drinking enough fluid over the past few days/day. Just get it checked out by a doctor for re-assurance. Good luck! Any more questions, please email me. Lily x

Penina Penina
NOT in your head. Your symptoms are real. You need to be tested for Celiac Disease, food allergies/intolerances, intestinal dysbiosis, and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Best wishes and good luck.
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Marissa Marissa
go see a doctor because this is most definitely not in your head. i think that 7 years is way too long to wait. you should have had this addressed YEARS ago. your doctor should be able to tell you whats wrong and give you the meds/help you need :] good luck!!!
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Marissa Originally Answered: Pain in Lower Abdomen and Bowel?
This does not sound normal, especially since you are seeing blood when you go to the bathroom. A sharp pain in your stomach can mean pancreatitis http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/pancreatitis/ which can become very dangerous if not treated. It could also be a bowel obstruction http://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/tc/bowel-obstruction-symptoms which can also be dangerous if not treated as soon as possible. It could of course, also be nothing serious, but in cases like this, it is always best to see a doctor. Good luck!

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