about weight loss,im diabetic and have high cholesterol ,an i have lupus,im on meds for all these things,?

about weight loss,im diabetic and have high cholesterol ,an i have lupus,im on meds for all these things,? Topic: about weight loss,im diabetic and have high cholesterol ,an i have lupus,im on meds for all these things,?
May 25, 2019 / By Zinnia
Question: my doctor has asked me to try and loose some weight, and do walking daily,well the walking i dont have a problem with that,i rather enjoy walking 20 min 3 times a day since i took in a rescued dog around xmas,was the best gift i have ever been given,but with my illnesses,i stay so tired all the time and i dont like to stand up and cook then clean up what ive messed up,im not lazy be any means,i try not to let these illneses get me down,but ive tried every diet at least ive tried 40 in 2 years and im just blah about food,what can any one reccomend to me on what i can eat thats not full of sugar ir salt thats easy to fix an i dont have to cook for hours an hours ,im a single person so i dont have to cook for any one else,but thats what im seeking from this answer yahoo thing,thanks
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Sherill Sherill | 4 days ago
My first question would be, are you on prednisone? That can make weight loss nearly impossible. Next, get yourself a crock pot and a crock pot cook book. My fav is "The Vegetarian Slow Cooker." When you have a little energy, chop some veggies and put them in plastic bags. Later, when you can must a little more energy, put the stuff in the pot. Make large quantities and freeze to eat later. I have SLE, live alone and work. I eat a lot of home made soups that I make in quantity and then freeze and a lot of salads and stir fries. Omelettes with Eggbeaters are very healthy. Add some veggies and fat free cheese, maybe top it with salsa. Fast and healthy! There are a gazillion recipes at the link below.
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Sherill Originally Answered: What are some things that you're suppose to eat on a diet for high cholesterol and diabetes?
That sounds like a tough challenge. You will have to balance both. I would start by looking at what foods are acceptable in a cholesterol diet and then cut anything with too many simple carbohydrates and high sugars to deal with the diabetes. For instance, you can eat Chicken and turkey. Both are fine for cholesterol control and also for diabetes. Beans are a complex carb, that is allowed for cholesterol, but needs to be portion controlled for diabetes. Fresh fruits and vegetables are great for cholesterol, but you need to watch for the sugar levels with some fruits, again, portion control. Cooking with Olive oil is preferred. Watching out for transfats is a must. Whole grains are a real plus for the cholesterol diet, but again you have to portion control for the diabetes with the carbohydrates. Low-fat consumer products oftern raise the sugar level to make them taste better, so watch out for that. Read labels! Low cholesterold and low carbs.

Pene Pene
I would recommend you ask the doctor about side effects of the medications just to make sure it is not causing you to gain weight.Steroids if you are on them i am sure you need them but they can have as side effects weight gain.But word of caution dont get off of those medication with out doctor knowing if could be daugerous.If that does not apply i would try atkins diet or E-DIET.COM where you can go on line a chart your progress.i also dont like to cook a long time because of my work schedule.so in the morning wheat cereal with skin milk is good.for lunch salad i would put lean hamburger in the microwave with white cheese,add lettuce salad dressing and you are done.same thing for dinner soup are easy also for snack nuts are good.that is so easy.make sure you take a good multivitamin.Also i heard garlic is good for cholesterol so you can add that to your salad.also cinnamon is suppose to be good for lower sugar,try for breakfast 1 slice of wheat or diet bread lightly butter add splenda with cinnamin and turkey sausage also easy.berries are also low in sugar.Keep up the exercise regardless of what weight loss sometimes take a while.but look at dieting as a challenge to yourself make it interesting.dance,dance,dance that will make you fill good while diet you dont want to fill restricted but with anything in life self control is needed.Hope this help i trying to lose weight and it can be hard.but i do good when i make menu i enjoy.I like atkins so much because you can eat more and dont have to count calories just carbs.
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Marise Marise
i know how you feel about being tired cooking and cleaning up, i have 5 major diseases right now....including diabetes and leukaemia. best thing anyone told me about was a book by peter j d'adamo "diabetes fight it with the blood type diet" made a huge difference, i lost 50lbs...in four months, and felt great. so ask your doc what your blood type is, then go for it! tells you what to eat and what to cut out, really works well. i often cook extra and freeze it so i can heat it up for a meal later on...and a crock pot is fab, cooks for about four hours and very nutritious, throw everything in in the morning, ready later on! dont eat commercial frozen dinners, full of addatives and real nasty stuff like preservatives etc..
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Kristie Kristie
Utilize 20 minute rule. Eat ones portion-controlled meal then, even if you're hungry afterwards, wait for 20 minutes and discover if you still do. Nine times away from 10, you won’t. If you are doing, eat 10 per cent a lot more.
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Jeanetta Jeanetta
Diabetes is usually treated through a combination of diet (low sugar), exercise and medications/insulin. Read here https://tr.im/m1P3q Milder cases can be controlled with just diet an/or exercise while more severe cases require meds or insulin as well.
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Jeanetta Originally Answered: High Cholesterol Diet . how?
1.Try 'Uncle Toby's' low cholesterol oats for breakfast. Oats r very healthy and nutritious. They contain fibre and give u energy. It is also a natural food. 2.You should also avoid high fat foods and aim for the heart foundation ones. I'm quite sure that heart foundation foods r cholesterol free. 3.Keep excercising. Try walking for about 20 minutes a day or u can try at least to walk to places that r close to were u live. That saves the environment too. 4.I think u should also try low sugar foods. 5.Try going to http://health.ninemsn.com.au 6.Plz rate my answer a best answer!! 7. =)

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