What is a healthy diet while pregnant?

What is a healthy diet while pregnant? Topic: What is a healthy diet while pregnant?
October 19, 2019 / By Zibiah
Question: Can anyone enlighten me on what a healthy pregnancy diet consists of? What is a safe calorie count? I don't want to over eat, but I also don't want to deny my baby any nutrients by not eating enough. Thanks!
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Sheree Sheree | 1 day ago
It's best to talk to your doctor, but for the most part they prefer you err on the side of caution and make sure you get all the nutrients you need. I had a dietitian tell me (and I was already overweight) that if ice cream was the only way I could get calcium in my diet then by golly, ice cream it is. (I managed to find some yogurt that I liked). If you are of a normal healthy weight, you only need to add about 300 additional calories to your day. If you are underweight or low on the healthy scale they'll want you to add more, and if you're overweight they'll encourage you to make sure not to add any more than 300. But aside from having 1-2 extra servings of dairy products, it's the same diet is that is considered healthy to all adults. That's a variety of foods from each of the food groups. If you're suffering from morning sickness, just do what you can. Your body has a wonderful way of making sure the baby's needs are met first so if anyone is going to suffer it will be mom. Also remember to take a daily prenatal vitamin, regardless of how well you eat.
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Sheree Originally Answered: Did anybody else have a healthy diet while pregnant?
My friend was a little over weight. When she found out she was pregnant she switched to a completely healthy diet (cut out sodas, fastfood, candy). She didn't mean to but lost 10 pounds in her first trimester even though she was eating regularly and plenty. It's fine as long as you're eating enough for you and your baby. Remember, right now baby doesn't need a lot since they're so small, but don't be afraid to gain weight.
Sheree Originally Answered: Did anybody else have a healthy diet while pregnant?
well eating healthy during pregnancy is wonderful you need to limit your fish intake to only 6oz a week and you can only eat certain types due to mercury found in fish. your doctor will give you the list. if you were eating a bunch of junk food before you were pregnant, then change your diet to wholesome good for you foods like whole wheat products and veggies and fruit and loose weight while still eating say a 2000 calorie a day diet that is perfectly fine and even better for the baby. just make sure you eat when your hungry and dont skip meals. you can exercise too just limit what you do. walking is always the safest best way to keep in shape while pregnant. swimming is wonderful too. i wouldnt do the eliptical or weight lifting or spinning...nothing too intense but the bike and the treadmill should be fine but only if you were exercising before you were pregnant. You shouldn't start a routine while pregnant, but changeing your diet for the better is definately a plus and your baby will benefit from it greatly

Peggie Peggie
Please, don't vitamin to drop a few pounds whilst pregnant. Eat safely to nourish your self and the little one with well greens, fruit, fibre grains and worthwihile dairy merchandise. Being pregnant takes a toll at the frame, and also you fairly must consume proper in order that you do not fall into one of the pittfalls of that situation: constipation, dizzy spells, swollen palms/ankles, painful lowerback and so on. You will lose the burden you attain from being pregnant without difficulty if you happen to consume balanced (no longer toooooo so much) and healthful (no longer plenty of chocolates/fat) and stroll a mile an afternoon. Not all people is the identical, however if you happen to consume proper pregnant or no longer, the burden will come off at t healthful price. well good fortune.
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Marinda Marinda
When my sister was pregnant she drank A TON of water and was always eating fruit and eggs and stuff. She was very healthy. Eat normal healthy foods. Don't go crazy though. Obviously if you care about eating healthy you don't smoke or drink. Just don't eat an excess of junk food. Remember: It is okay to eat junk food - just control your portions.
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Marinda Originally Answered: Any mothers diet down to a healthy weight before getting pregnant?
No actually, I lost weight while being pregnant cause I would eat only very healthy foods for the baby. Make sure you have plenty of iron (folic acid) as it helps decrease birth defects. Good luck in your conception.

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