I need some help with fat reduction, honestly you will be suprised by this?

I need some help with fat reduction, honestly you will be suprised by this? Topic: I need some help with fat reduction, honestly you will be suprised by this?
October 20, 2019 / By Ziba
Question: Hey, im a guy age 16, 6 feet tall and weigh about 175, no where near overweight about an average. My question is i wanna lose some stomach fat so I got a personal trainor which i do 3 times a week to help me do this. I also run 6 miles 6 days of the week and i don't eat any fast food or almost any prepared food, i usually make my own home cooked food all natural. So my question is why am I no longer able to cut off any pounds which I dont really want to do, and why cant i get the thin layer of fat on my abs and slightly on my pecs to go away. It almost unreal how much i work out and eat good food.
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Best Answers: I need some help with fat reduction, honestly you will be suprised by this?

Sheona Sheona | 9 days ago
Eating fresh fruits and veggies that have lots of nutrition and cutting out fat and salt in your diet will help reduce the fat. Here's an article also that explains some different stomach exercises that can help tighten up your stomach and build up your abs:
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Pearlie Pearlie
It seems like you've hit a plateau. This is perfectly normal and it happens when your body adapts to the training program you're doing, fortunately, there are several ways to break the fat loss plateau. You can intensify your training, run at a faster pace , ran for a farther distance , run/train more frequently and you can further ' tighten up ' your diet. My point is the possibilities of changes in your exercise routine are endless and changing one or several things might help you break the fat loss plateau. I hope this was helpful and i wish you the best of luck with your fat loss.
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Marilynn Marilynn
to burn fat it is necessary to get your muscles to change from sugar burners to fat burners. this change takes a specific exercise technique called High Intensity interval training. HIIT trains your muscles to burn fat with a 3 to 5 minute training session every other day. I went from 148 to 140 (5' 10" male) by doing high intensity interval 3 times per week for three months. For years I was 148 and could not lose any more weight with my 30 minute aerobic exercises 3 X per week workouts. Aerobic workouts are usually not intense enough to get your muscles to burn the last 10 or 20 pounds of fat.
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Kristeen Kristeen
There is lot’s of answers to loosing or gaining weight, it seems every body knows the answers. In reality if you don’t get the right advice you could sail along like many do at the gym and never reach your goal. I did some research and found this to be true. I found many places on the web and ended up with this site I want to share with you. I started with receiving free 8 part email course that teaches about building your body . This site helped me big time.. Thebodybuildingfatloss.com
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