Right Side Abdominal Pain?

Right Side Abdominal Pain? Topic: Right Side Abdominal Pain?
October 19, 2019 / By Zeruiah
Question: Just a couple days ago ( around 5) i have been having dull right side abominal pain. Its around my back/middle part of my right side. When I push on it it kinda hurts. But the wierd part is, when I sleep, it dosent hurt. When I wake up, I can feel the dull pain, but it isnt bad. But as the day goes on, the pain becomes worse. And at around night, It actually hurts a bit. I can tolerate teh pain at night, but it is quite uncomfortable. Also, I am 17 years old (male). Any suggestions of what the problem could be?
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Shena Shena | 8 days ago
Right sidde of Abdominal paincould be one the symptom:Billary colic or Gallstones,cholecystitis or Inflammation of the Gallbladder,duodenal Ulcer,kidney Stone/Ureteric Stones,Appendicitis,Ovarian Cyst,Ectopic Pregnancy,Constipation,Pulled Muscle,Trapped wind or crohn Diesease organ and structures in the right side of the Abdomen include: Skin over th e right Abdomen,liver,Gallbladder,pancreas,right kidneyright ureter,right Adrenal Gland,duodenum,right part of large intestines,the appendix,Right ovary in Females,right Fallopian Tube,Muscle of the right Abdominal wall,Blood Vessels in the Right side of the Abdomen Pain includ :the lower part of the right Lung,Tumours From Other Sites
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Shena Originally Answered: Feeling abdominal discomfort/pain on the right side, it's concentrated in one area and it hurts a lot, help?
Sounds like constipation. Buy some phillips stool softener, and drink a lot of prune juice as well. If you had appendicitis, you'd know! its UNBEARABLE pain.. and you also will have a high fever,the shakes,nausea,throwing up,headache,body aches,can't even move or get out of bed.. sometimes people pass out from the pain if they don't get to the ER fast enough. Relax, drink some prune juice, take some phillips stool softener, and park it on the Porcelain throne.
Shena Originally Answered: Feeling abdominal discomfort/pain on the right side, it's concentrated in one area and it hurts a lot, help?
Any pain that persists for more than a day should be looked at by a doctor. Contrary to the ignorant opinion of another answered. Appendicitis is not always a crippling pain. Most people just WAIT to go to the doctor until it becomes a crippling pain. 2 years ago, my wife had constipation and generalized pain in the CENTER of her abdomen. She ignored it for 4 days. then she woke up and had pain on the right side and it was much worse. I took her to the hospital and they took out her appendix after some tests. They told her it was infected and was about to burst. ==== conversely. I have been in and out of the hospital and tests for the last 5 weeks, trying to diagnose the source of my pain in my upper abdomen. Gall Bladder, Liver, Stomach and they still don't know what's wrong with me. Point being, GO to the Doctor and get checked out!

Pearle Pearle
Do you still have your appendix? If so you may want to go see a doctor, or maybe go to the ER. Your appendix is located on the right side, and if it is your appendix it is important that you get it taken care of (appendectomy). If it bursts it may kill you, this is nothing to fool around with. My advice would be to go see a doctor. Do you throw up at all? Do you feel sickly?
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Marilyn Marilyn
Could be Kidneys, appendix, obstruction, any number of things. Get it checked out! pain that goes on this long is a warning of something! Don't ignore it!
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Marilyn Originally Answered: Abdominal pain. Please help?
As with headaches, so many things can cause abdominal pain, and this is a huge source of frustration to patients (and doctors) trying to figure one person's pain out. All doctors can do is try and get some preliminary ideas of what could be causing it and then run tests and get images to see if there's any confirmation. Often there isn't. I do believe your pain is physical and very real. But it's actually very unlikely statistically that it's some type of fatal disease like cancer. Only a very small percentage of people in your age group--that's key--are going to have cancer in this situation. For every one 27 year old with cancer, thousands of others with this kind of pain will have a much more common disorder like chronic constipation or irritable bowel syndrome. You don't talk about your diet other than not eating much many days, but that's the first place I'd want to start looking. Irritable bowel syndrome can cause pain that is widely felt in the abdomen, at times quite strong, moves around and comes and goes, and leaves some people sick with worry that something very dire is wrong. In the next one to two years in the US, it is going to become much easier to get health insurance coverage including Medicaid as more parts of Obamacare kick in. Whether it becomes easier to get medical care with all the newly insured people looking to get tested for problems like yours is another question because there aren't more doctors to go around yet. I realize the prospect of waiting in that kind of timeframe for relief isn't going to have you jumping for joy, but things will be changing in this area. The one thing I don't recommend right now is going to an ER and saying you have severe pain. What if they start running a lot of tests because the first one or two don't show anything? They're going to present you with a bill that could easily go into five digits (as in $20,000 or more). It's people with no insurance and limited means to pay who get the full sticker price, and in the ER that can be staggering. Don't do this. I send you all best wishes for some better answers soon. Do some websearching on irritable bowel syndrome and try making some serious dietary changes if you haven't tried this already, because just based on statistics and your age group, situation, and description of symptoms, I think this one is quite possible. Good luck. EDIT: Sorry... forget to add... your use of the word "fatigue" and talk about not being able to focus or move around much in connection with your abdominal symptoms triggered another thought for me… some chronic fatigue and pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome can in some people be seen primarily with abdominal symptoms. So can depression. And they all tie together. Something else to consider and do some reading about.

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