Is Healthy Choice microwave meals all vegetarian?

Is Healthy Choice microwave meals all vegetarian? Topic: Is Healthy Choice microwave meals all vegetarian?
October 15, 2019 / By Zavanna
Question: There is a new Healthy Choice microwave meals. I don't eat meat at home so I typically don't buy most microwaveable meals. However, it seemed like every box of theirs was vegetarian friendly. I find it weird that a whole line of product - unless specified - would be vegetarian. Is there something I am missing? http://www.healthychoice.com/frozen-meals/all-natural.html I mean their frozen microwavable meals.
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Shelena Shelena | 3 days ago
Unless it specifically says it is vegetarian, chances are it is not. More than likely something in it is a meat product/by-product, even if it's not listed as such (the words "natural flavors" encompasses a lot). Keep in mind if a product claims to be healthy in the name and all natural, it is probably neither healthy nor natural.
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Shelena Originally Answered: Is it okay to have "Healthy Choice" microwave meals everyday or every other day?
they are fine to eat everyday. how are they going to cause cancer? i like them too. i eat them several times a week and they do Not have too much sodium/salt either. i was on a diet for 5months and a Healthy Choice meal is almost an ideal meal size for a diet. i usually had one pick of bread with mine. also, i really like W.W. Smart Ones microwave meals.

Paulina Paulina
I like Morning Stars frozen Chicken Strips. They don't even need to be thawed out before cooking and cook in like, less than 10 minutes on a pan with a little oil. I take those off and then throw on a frozen stir fry mix of veggies. While I'm doing those I toss a 10 minute Boil in a Bag brown rice. When all is said and done, toss it all together with some teryiaki sauce and it's great. Quick, easy, tasty and best of all meat free! And the chicken strips are good b/c they taste just like real chicken, so it's esp. good for someone who's new to vegetarianism.
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Marielle Marielle
Yeah, you're definatly missing something. All those entrees on that page there contain meat or a meat byproduct, I saw these at the supermarket, and read the labels. And almost none of Healthy Choice's regular line is vegetarian friendly. Here's a tip, if you're going to go veg*n, learn how to READ LABELS.
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Kortney Kortney
Some of the dishes contain chicken stock. So i would just read the back and make the call! The Portabello is really good, but I'm pretty sure it has stock in it. :/
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Jayla Jayla
Healthy and Microwave could never be put together. There is no such thing. Microwave cooking is killing you!
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Jayla Originally Answered: Is using a microwave for all of your meals bad for your health?
Not that I know of. I eat a TON of microwaveable meals and I am fine. I get annual doctor check ups and he has not mentioned anything yet. Many of the microwaveable meals are not exactly "healthy" for you, but then again lots of food is not "healthy" for you. Microwaving food is not the issue really. It's what kind of food are you microwaving?

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