Do people go bowling?

Do people go bowling? Topic: Do people go bowling?
October 19, 2019 / By Yvette
Question: I want to hang out with my friends and I'm wondering if I should even consider bowling. Like do teens still go bowling or am I just ignorant.
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Sheila Sheila | 10 days ago
Where I live the bowling alleys are so crowded you usually have to call ahead to reserve a lane or you aren't getting one. Even if it isn't the "popular" thing to do, why would you let that stop you? If you want to do it, go do it, have fun.
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Sheila Originally Answered: Do black people go bowling and camping?
yeah. when I was growing up it seemed to be the thing to do. haveing a kiddie party, go to the bowling alley and bring the cake or go to the skating rink. camping...i dunno.
Sheila Originally Answered: Do black people go bowling and camping?
They go bowling and camping. My dad, a black man, once scored a perfect game in bowling. My family went camping before.

Paulene Paulene
I guess... I mean I went bowling with my friends. But does it really matter? I mean just find something to do it doesn't even have to be something everyone else's do just as long as you guys enjoy playing around
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Marianne Marianne
Where I come from bowling is mainly for families, couples and old people so it isn't a teenager sort of thing.
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