How can i make my digestion strong?

How can i make my digestion strong? Topic: How can i make my digestion strong?
October 15, 2019 / By Yieshah
Question: I have a gut which is highly prone to bacterial infestation. even a lil bit of stale / contaminated food which wont cause a thing to 7/10 people will causes havoc in my stomach---bloating, pain, feverishness ( sometimes cramps also) in my stomach. The stomach becomes hard and i become weak. I get relief only when i take an antibiotic course. however after I added a hi potency probiotics to my diet/ aids , voila for almost 2 yrs the symptoms were gone!.. but boy they have made a comeback.. ( after I ate at a place I shouldn’t have). i have started taking triphala / night time and activated charcoal, probiotics and psyllium husk as prebiotic ( 5 day back) all this has helped me, but yet my stomach aint given me 100% relief.. How can i naturally kill the darn antibiotics ( or fungus) or whatever the heck is in there? and how can I make my sensitive gut cast iron strong( as it was just a few months back) pls help me, in the name of the Lord! :o(
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Sheelagh Sheelagh | 7 days ago
Obviously Eat healthy (Vegetable, milk, yogurt, items made form wheat, rice etc) and have some oil it doesn't affect if you take it limited. Eat food at regular intervals (if you saw tasty or your favorite items, don't just eat it whenever). Have at least a single fruit a day. Don't drink straight away water after having your meal, drink just 1 or 2 sips and drink a glass of water after an hour because it may weak your digest system (temporary, not to worry but its good if you follow) Drink a lots of water even if you are not thirsty; its good for your stomach and avoids constipation moreover its good for your body Do Yoga, i can't tell you much about it but it will give you 100% result, i bet if you do it right way! Cheers, it may help you :)
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Sheelagh Originally Answered: How can I improve my digestion?
Eat more food, even if you don't feel hungry - you're not eating nearly enough. As far as digestion, lots of fiber. I had digestion problems recently, and consuming more fiber helped a bundle. The easiest way I've found to get that fiber are Quaker Breakfast Cookies and Oatmeal to Go - both have 20% of your daily recommended fiber intake in each, and it's quite easy to eat 5 of those cookies in a day.

Patty Patty
Justin, While prebiotics sound like a good idea when you're taking probiotics, they actually feed the bad bacteria as well. That's one of the big downfalls a lot of probiotic supplements make in their formulas, adding a prebiotic. Also, pick one of a human strain. Those from soil can have heavy metal toxicity. Since you've had several rounds of antibiotics, I'm sure your GI tract obviously severely distressed/compromised. Hence the discomfort. I take a high potency probiotic (I actually double up and take 2 a day for a dairy sensitivity I have.) It's called Jigsaw Health Essential Blend Probiotic. http://www.jigsawhealth.com/supplements/probiotics I hope this info helps, all of the supplements I take from them are AWESOME. -S
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Mariah Mariah
You might have something as common as a gastric stomach. Stop diagnosing yourself and shovelling all that crap down your gullet and go for proper medical testing ie various x rays and probably a stomach probe of some sort.
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Klaudia Klaudia
Sounds like you could do with some good bush tucker,Try spending a week or two out bush with someone who has knowledge of gathering, hunting some good bush tucker.
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Jasmine Jasmine
Yes Ayurveda remedies can help you strong your digestion power .The ginger and lemon juice recommendation helps to increase the digestive power. your dinner and lunch should be on time. it will helps you in increase your digestion power.
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Jasmine Originally Answered: Anyone have any suggestions on improving digestion?
Your probaly not eating enough fiber. Fiber is an essential(a must) for the process of digestion. Fiber helps break down food to digest it. black beans, pears, peas, prunes, artichokes, broccoli and bran cereals contain really good sources of fiber. The recomended amount of servingsyou should have of fiber a day is 25g.-35g. statistics show most americans get only about half of that. Also make sure you drink lots of water that helps in the digestion process o.

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