Are the terms "Anabolic" and "Steroid" Synonymous?

Are the terms "Anabolic" and "Steroid" Synonymous? Topic: Are the terms "Anabolic" and "Steroid" Synonymous?
October 15, 2019 / By Xylia
Question: For a long term I've been convinced that they were. Then, A week back I was doing some research and I saw the term "Non-Steroidal Anabolic Agent". So, If there is a difference, Please help me separate the two.
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Shayla Shayla | 2 days ago
Anabolic is simply a term to describe a physiological process with your metabolic system (metabolism). Anabolic and Catabolic within a bodybuilding context usually are just meant as "Muscle-building" and "muscle-wasting". Of course, it's a lot more complicated than that, but that's what bodybuilding ads mean. Anabolic Steroids (there are bunch of different kinds of steroids, so it's important to differentiate Anabolic Steroids) simply create a far greater anabolic (muscle-building) environment than would be naturally possible. A non-steroidal anabolic agent is meant to be a compound that creates an anabolic (muscle-building) environment within your body. Realistically, it can't come close to what Anabolic steroids can do. You probably just read a Muscle-Tech ad. Be warned: Muscletech (and pretty much all other supplement companies) are all about the Marketing, not actual quantifiable results. Simply: Anabolic is a term used to describe a muscle-building environment in your body. Anabolic Steroids are used to create a larger-than natural Anabolic environment. Things like eating the right kinds of foods, doing the right kinds of workouts, and getting enough sleep all raise your Anabolic processes. Drinking protein directly after a workout prevents Catabolism, or muscle wasting. Edit: This is wrong: "Arobic and Anabolic. Arobic Respiration uses oxygen, Anabolic does not." This guy is confused. The terms he's referring to are Aerobic and Anaerobic, but that has nothing to do with what we're talking about.
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Shayla Originally Answered: What happens to the muscles after the cessation of anabolic steroids?
if you've used steroids and stopped, you should be taking something to block estrogen and bring the body's testosterone production back up, as well as milk thistle or something to protect your liver. just look at all the bodybuilding sites out there. read from many sources and form an amalgam of the opinions in your head. that's the best information there is out there, sad as that is. if you want to know about biochemistry and all that, you may as well just start at wikipedia and start looking up terms... they usually have some decent links to more specialized sites. but in the end, the people who are testing steroids are the bodybuilders, so if anyone knows, it's them. if you haven't started steroids, i would advise against them until you've seen what you can get from just protein, proper diet, maybe creatine, A-AKG and hard work, maybe some other safe supplements. You want to have everything else in order before you invest some of your future health in a quick muscular gain.

Patience Patience
Nope. Here is some grade 10 science. Respiration is the chemical process of breaking down food and nutrients to provide Energyy to muscles. The are two kinds of Respiration: Arobic and Anabolic. Arobic Respiration uses oxygen, Anabolic does not. Steriods come in many forms and have many purposes. Steriods creams are used to treat skin cancer. The Steriods in perscription creams are not Anabolic Steriods.
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Margery Margery
Anabolics are a type of steroid which help your body build muscle. There are also glucocorticoids like prednisone which are used to control inflammation, asthma, allergies, and many other things. There are other types of steroids, too, used for various medical purposes.
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Kitti Kitti
Progressives were actually neo-conservatives at one time. A lot of non-thinkers use the term "neocon" (short for neo-conservative) as a term for an ultra-right conservative...which makes no sense at all. "Neo" means "new" and the "new conservatives" (i.e., neocons) were Democrats who veered right following the Republican takeover of the House of Representatives back in 1994. It was widely regarded that that happened because the Clinton administration coming to power in 1992 mis-read the mood of the country and veered sharply left of where George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot proposed to go. But the majority of the country was still conservative (and Bush would have won re-election if the conservative vote hadn't been split between him and Perot) and in response to the wild and mistaken Clinton rush to the left, the country let him know Loud and Clear he was on the wrong road with the 1994 mid-terms. So Democrats (and Clinton) veered right to save their skins, and did manage to retain the Presidency in 1996 as a result (thanks also to the idiot Republicans running the worst possible candidate against him that year, a dinosaur named Bob Dole). But they didn't especially like being called "new conservatives" or "neocons" and since "liberal" obviously wouldn't do, they and an obliging media coined the term "progressive" instead. So to answer your question, originally and technically the term "progressive" applies to moderate Democrats and liberal Republicans, and is synonymous with the original meaning of the word "neocon."
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Kitti Originally Answered: Steroid question (go away if you are going to tell me not to do them)?
1.There is no such thing as best steroids.There are 2 kinds of steroids bulking and cutting.Bulking steroids include deca durabolin,anadrol,dianabol etc.Cutting steroids are stanozolol,Anavar,Sibutermine etc. 2.I have no idea how much it costs in Australia. In usa for a vial of sustanon costs about 16$.1 vial=250mg For tablets it costs about as much as 2-3$/tablet 3.Take milk thistle while taking oral bulking steroids to protect the liver and also do post cycle theraphy after using steroids 3 weeks after.4 weeks of nolvadex should be good 4.Mgs depends on you Here is a good cycle for you Since you are just a beginner stick with a test and a booster ie a test is either sustanon or test enatanite or test cyp or test undeconate Sustanon 500mgs/week 1-10 Dianabol 25mg/week 1-10 Week 13-16 nolvadex 40mgs/day 5.Gains of about 20lbs or more are experienced in 10 weeks 6.Cycles also depend on you.Steroid usage is about knowledge.Once you have the knowledge you are good to go. Do your research and grow.Good luck.

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