Why does everybody keep saying that soy is an anti nutrient? What does this mean?

Why does everybody keep saying that soy is an anti nutrient? What does this mean? Topic: Why does everybody keep saying that soy is an anti nutrient? What does this mean?
July 19, 2019 / By Winter
Question: Is soy bad for you? Because i've been googleing it and its so confusing. Im Lactose intolerant and i drink soy milk. I always thought that there was a lot of omega 3's and antioxidants in soy milk but now i keep hearing all of these bad things. Whats going on? Oh and by the way, the soy milk i drink is organic.
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Shauna Shauna | 5 days ago
Part of that answer depends on who you ask... there is a LOT of debate about soy, even within the supplement community. What it comes down to is that there are both good and bad parts of soy. Some people are more concerned with the Estrogenic properties that parts of soy possess, but others only look at the isolated parts from soy that have little if any Estrogenic properties. Some people also look at the fact that whole soy is bad for you unless it's properly fermented (because there are some harmful nutrients in it that are destroyed in fermentation and other heat processes) and ignore the benefits that the rest of it gives. Personally, I see that like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. ;-) Until this debate ends and a solid resolution has been reached, it's going to be hard to tell just what parts are inherently bad (and how bad they are) and which parts are 100% safe (or when they are safe). In your situation, you can't drink milk, so soy milk is one of the only options for you when it comes to dairy... I would stick with it until more solid proof comes up saying that it's bad unless you want to go without all milk until then. Good luck and I hope I helped!
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Pamelia Pamelia
People say soy is bad because it protects the cow industry. Soy is made from the estrogen proteins in the plant. Therefore, the dairy industry paid some yahoo (not the website) scientist to say that the estrogen is turning men gay. Can you believe that?! Whats worse is that people actually do believe these things. The estrogen in soy milk is not at a high enough level to do anything. Organic just means no pesticides, it doesn't have anything to do with nutritional value. Soy milk is good for you, but you should get your nutrition from lots of different food and drink items. Don't just stick with soy for your Omega 3's, etc. Eat lots of types of foods with these vitamins. Remember, If you drink too much water you'll drown. ;) I use Integrative Nutrition, you should read some of it. It shows you how to teach yourself about food and how certain foods make you feel when you eat them. This is by far the best way to get healthy and stay healthy. I have a completely new way of looking at food.
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Marcie Marcie
look up an article by kaayla daniels, phd. it explains it in detail. basically plant nutrients are very inefficiently metabolized by our bodies. soy and other agricultural foods are man-made. we didnt eat them until about 10,000 years ago when our ancestors invented agriculture. Our bodies havent adapted to effeciently process them. we are learning more and more that an alarming number of people are actually allergic to soy as well as gluten and nuts and are suffering digestive disruption or inefficiency as a result. unlike the other people who responded to your question, i have no agenda, i am just interested in the health of my patients and keeping updated on the latest clinical research.
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Kirsti Kirsti
the reason you are hear bad things about is one it does contain high levels of estrogen so can be bad for some people and it can contain alot of sugar. the worst brand is Silk which of course is my favorite so that sucks. contain alot of sugar. there are better options like rice milk and hemp milk. they have more nutrients and much better for you but i just havent taken to the taste of either one yet. both are better than organic soymilk but i do think organic soymilk may have less estrogen in it
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