How can I lose stomach fat without dieting?

How can I lose stomach fat without dieting? Topic: How can I lose stomach fat without dieting?
October 14, 2019 / By Winifred
Question: I eat a nutritous but not always healthy meal everyday but I seem to be gaining the weight and stomach fight rather than lose it. I went through high school with people asking me when i was going to have my baby when to this day I have never slept with anyone. So how do I lose the weight and stomach fat without dieting and steal eat what my mom cooks?
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Sharron Sharron | 2 days ago
If you are not willing to diet, you need to be getting plenty of cardio exercise. You cannot target weight loss in one area of the body--it will be all over. Also, if you stress a lot, it produces cortisol, which allows more fat to be stored particularly in the stomach area. Also, enjoy what your mother is cooking, just eat a little bit less of it.
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Sharron Originally Answered: Can I lose 15 pounds in 2 months by mainly dieting?
You can healthily lose 1-2 pounds a week; with your sports activity and school, dieting will probably let you reach that goal. Cut out fats and bad starches (bread, white rice, etc.). Lean meats are ok (chicken and tuna are good examples). Even beef is acceptable (96% fat free is available) in small portions.

Paisley Paisley
don't we all want to know the answer to this question! i had a hanging stomach with a roll in the middle of it and no matter what i ate, what exercise or did, or how much i prayed thats just what it was and really wouldnt change. i dieted and yes it got hollow but the skin and form was still there and shirts were embarassing. so guess what - i got a tummy tuck. im 20 yrs old my insurance covered it bc thats how ugly my stomach was. im not saying hey go out and get a tummy tuck bc surgery is drastic (it was so worth it for me though). BUT that being said i have a lot of other flaws- batwing arms, legs full of cellulite - well u get the picture. but i learn to accept my flaws i accentuate my stomach now and just wear long pants and hey if i wanna wear a short sleeve shirt even though my arms are really flabby i do it because thats me and im not gona be uncomfortable because the media all wants us to be a size 0. basically love your good features everyone is different genetically and stuff so accentuate the good and if your stomach still bothers you that much look into surgical correction - thats what mine was because my stomach was SO bad! i used to get rashes under the folds from it and cuts - it was horrible - now its flat.
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Marcelyn Marcelyn
remember these five essential smoothie ingredients frozen berries a banana skim milk a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of psyllium seed husks
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Kingsley Kingsley
if you re trying to lose weight with your significant other pack each others lunches the lunchbox surprises will keep the both of you motivated
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Janey Janey
well...this is what i have been doing...i drink protein shakes [but u dont have to] and go running...and i do bicycle crunches daily...like 3 sets of 12...it REALLY helps....at least for me...cheers
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Janey Originally Answered: how do teens lose belly fat without dieting?
Cardio. get your running shoes on. But run at intervals, jog alittle sprint your fastest for 30 seconds.. jog again until your ready to sprint, spring again for 30 seconds. Work on your core muscles doing balancing excersises like one leg squats and a few sit ups. Working specificaly on an area that you want to tone down may end up making it bulky and muscly, so concerntrate more on cardiovascular excercise. go to your local gym they usualy have a junior membership scheme and will give you a training programme depending on your goals!. Oh and dont diet just eat a bit healthier! dont eat after 6pm AT ALL if you have to eat fruits like strawberries, watermellons and grapes as they boost your metabolism and help your body burn fat while you sleep!!! Cut out saturated fats.. mcdonals, kfc, white bread, bagels, dohnuts = NO NO. eat little but often helps your metabolism run at full speed which is what turns fat into energy and stops the things your eating turning into fat in the first place. look into ways to boost your metabolism and do cardio training! good look!

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