I became a vegetarian today, can you tell me what kind of a balanced diet without meat can i eat ?

I became a vegetarian today, can you tell me what kind of a balanced diet without meat can i eat ? Topic: I became a vegetarian today, can you tell me what kind of a balanced diet without meat can i eat ?
October 19, 2019 / By Win
Question: without becoming unhealthy because something is missing? please i need some links on the web about this thanks in advance!
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Best Answers: I became a vegetarian today, can you tell me what kind of a balanced diet without meat can i eat ?

Sharona Sharona | 1 day ago
I've been a vegetarian my whole life and have never felt like I was lacking in nutrition. My doctor says I'm in perfect health. All you need to do is make sure you're eating a balanced diet. So what you're basically doing is replacing your meat portion with a vegetarian protein option...Tofu, veggie meat made from soy products (Morning Star Farms makes some great options like Chick Patties, Grillers, etc.), beans, nuts, eggs, cheese. Combine this with some carbohydrates and lots of vegetables and fruits and you should be on your way to a healthier you! Congrats on this healthy life choice!
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Sharona Originally Answered: can anybody tell me the perfect balanced diet using liqiudised fruit and vegetables i am 54 yrs fed up w meat!
You can't get a perfectly balanced diet with only fruits, vegetables and soya milk. By definition that diet is not balanced and you're totally limiting yourself in the variety department. One of the rules to a healthy and balanced diet is that it needs to be varied (and hopefully include the carbs and protein you need). I would think about including beans, legumes, nuts, and whole grains along with all that liquefied roughage. So... Please drink all the liquefied vegetable and fruit you want but try to include some solids or your bowels will fill you in on why a diet composed entirely of juice is not a good idea. That all said...consult a dietitian.

Paise Paise
I'd reconsider vegetarianism and stick to a well balanced omnivorous diet. A strictly vegan diet is unhealthy and unnatural and is almost guaranteed to be lacking in essential nutrients. Do your research. Many here will link you to PeTA. Honestly, I believe PeTA is a cult and their advice should be ignored. PCRM is nothing more than a PeTA front group and their info is based on the PeTA philosophy, not science. Here are some decidedly non vegetarian links so you can at least get a balanced argument. http://www.beyondveg.com/ http://mendaciousvegans.blogspot.com/ http://www.westonaprice.org/
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Maralyn Maralyn
You should have done all this research BEFORE deciding to become vegetarian! Go to the library and check out some books on vegetarianism. You must combine protein sources to make complete proteins. Your body can make 11 amino acids, but you must get 9 others from food sources alone.
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Kinborough Kinborough
good for you! - I am proud of you for taking the steps. look it an't gone be pretty and an't easy. but you will be healthier stronger, and the best ever. so just do it! stop eating the crap! stop eating meat! Go and be strong and sexy! and make a positive change. Plan your meals. + there are loads of faux meats, try them too. and most of this stuff you can find in your local food store. - 1) Breakfast: cereal, toast, bagel, fruit etcs.. - this covers your daily carbs, better to have carbs in the morning versus at night. 2) Mid morning: yogurt, apple, protein bar. this will give you energy 3) Lunch: veggie sandwich, grilled veggies, veggie soup with lots of beans - you'll get your proteins and with the veggies, get your "a,b,c,d,e" vitamins. 4) Dinner: big spinach salad, or a leafy green salad, with a main course veggie dish. the salad covers your iron and more protein, with great vitamins. - b12 The main course veggie dish, - you can basically have what you want as along as it not to heavey in crabs. like don't eat loads and loads of paste or bread. but a little is good! For ideas for recipes go on-line and there are loads of healthy free veggie recipes!
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Janette Janette
Get yourself a copy of "The New Becoming Vegetarian" by Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina. I have the vegan version and it's my nutritional touchstone - very thorough.
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Janette Originally Answered: Are vegetarians morally superior to people who eat a balanced diet of both meat, and veggies?
You seem to opine that vegetarian diet is not "balanced" nutritionally and that is simply incorrect. Most plants need not be "killed" so as to harvest those parts of the same that are of nutritional value for human and other animals although modern, Western harvesting methods do usually uproot the entire plant in many instances. Further, by your odd logic you should be facing that which you are about to consume with only your bare hands so as to give the animal a fair chance to fight back and although you might be able to out fight a chicken I seriously doubt that you could kill a full grown pig, hog or cow, or a sheep, etc. bare handed let alone faced a deer, elk, wild boar, grizzly bear and so on. I honestly doubt that you have ever done such in your entire life. Hunting such animals so as to give them a "fair" chance to "fight back" would necessarily exclude the use of fire arms, bows and arrows, spears and even knives as animals don't have the ability to use such. Three fourths of the world's population is suffering from hunger and poor nutrition with half of that number of persons suffering severe hunger that is borderline starvation and half of that group actually starving according to the United Nations and groups such as Oxfam and other similar agencies. The production of a single cow for consumption uses up the resource that would feed 65 people for a period of one year in a sustainable manner. If you McDonald's Big Mac, your Wendy's burger or a hot dog is more important to you than 65 other persons on this planet multiplied by the number of the same you have eaten in your life than I would suggest that you seriously need to reflect upon your values. namaste

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