How do you get skinny fast?

How do you get skinny fast? Topic: How do you get skinny fast?
October 14, 2019 / By Wilma
Question: I want to get a lil bit more skinny, but i dont want to take any dieting pills or anything, so does anyone know some exersizes that actually work.? or work out machines that work???
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Sharon Sharon | 10 days ago
I've been there and done that. If you are really trying to lose weight, you have to stay dedicated and determined to do so. I lost around 50 pounds using just these simple tips I'm about to explain to you. I found three things to be the best but you have to use them together in order to get some great results. You have to understand that you are what you eat first. Dieting is something you might have to stick in there with and follow through with one. Some people can while others can't. The next thing you need to do is create a workout plan whether that be cardio or some other exercise to get the heart rate up. You have got to do at least 30 mins a day to get some results. The 3rd step that I'm going to explain, helps a lot if you are slobbish on your diet or just need some help with it all. For me, it's a natural herbal supplement called Proactol. It's a fat binder and an appetite suppressant. I'm very health consicious and having this supplement that is made from natural herbs, you really can't beat it. It's helped me so much but absorbing up to 28% of fat that you intake. Which means if you aren't following your dieting plans, you have a little more room for food being on the supplement. The appetite suppressant part works wonderfully too so you can actually stay away from the cookies and brownies. These steps really worked for me, you should try them out for yourself even if you want to lose very little or that extra mile. Also at the time of my 3 month supply purchase of Proactol, I saved a lot of money on it at theweightlossplace.com Good luck and I hope this helps you out for your weight loss goals.
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Sharon Originally Answered: what is a good way for me to gain weight fast? Im skinny due to my fast metabolism?
Eat constantly. snacks. Good food though, because you don't want to put on unhealthy weight! My boyfriend recently was trying to put on weight. He drank Ensure drinks (you can find them at local grocery stores) with meals. They are healthy, high in calories, and taste really good. It will add an extra 200-300 calories to your meals with just a can of it. Eat bigger meals too. I make my boyfriend very large breakfasts to start his day off with a lot of calories. just try and keep your calorie intake high -- but as i mentioned before -- eat healthy foods still! Good luck!

Paige Paige
Run as much as you can - but you need to do it for at least 20 -30 minutes to get results. Try to run every second day on a treadmill and go on a super healthy diet. Cut out fast food, sugar and alcohol and eat wholemeal bread, lean protein such as tuna and chicken breast with no skin and lean red meat as well as plenty of fruit and vegetables. Maybe look up on the internet what a celebrity or model typically eats in a day - they usually have a perfect diet - someone like Miranda Kerr has an extremely healthy diet to keep her in shape.
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Mandy Mandy
surprisingly enough the wii fi aerobic are so fricking hard. They really make you sweat. Not because of what you are doing but because it makes you do it accurately. Also this way it is pretty fun. My aunt is pretty ... well... large. She has had it and lost quite a bit of weight... and inches... Also you can do swimming. Its easy and when you do aerobics underwater it makes you more in control and since you can't do them as fast it tones you better. Just swimming in general is great. I go once a week and do some other stuff. Lastly you can do ten sit ups each night before bed. Eventually you can work up to about fifty r whatever you are comfortable with. Any of the above seem to be working for me so far... Hope this helped
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Kimmy Kimmy
hmmm...well you cant make progress overnigth but try this *cardio (like jogging or running) *aerobics (1/2 hour a day) *eat properly. *cut down the carbs fats and sugars *burn more calories than you intake * when you eat eat slowly * take small portions at a time
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Janetta Janetta
yup, running. and knock out hi-glycemic index foods. works good. remove all candy and hi glycemics from the house and the shopping cart. lots of walking oif you cant run.
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Essa Essa
music lover is right..running is one of the BEST things you can do and it's FREE...eating healthy is also really important..you can't just run a mile then go eat a burger, you'd be ruining it all..
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Essa Originally Answered: how to get skinny fast?
ok hunny, you honestly dont need to lose any weight at all! for your height you should be between 120-150 as a healthy range. for your age, height, and activity level though, you should not be eating less then 1,800-2,000 calories per day or your metabolism will be slow. you need to just eat healthy, at the right times, and the right food. i am a registered nutritionist and i work with people like you all the time and if youd like, i can help you come up with a healthy meal and excercise plan that gives you enough food, nutrients, and excercise to get healthy, a faster metabolism, and lose some weight. if youd like my help you can email me at JessicaLNutrition6980@hotmail.com

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