i need to lose weight and fast?

i need to lose weight and fast? Topic: i need to lose weight and fast?
October 19, 2019 / By Wilfreda
Question: im not at leagal age to take dieting pills. ive got a wedding to go to in may and need to lose a lot of weight especialy for the summer. i need your help. by the way the weding is in california so i wanna have a body like the rest of them out there heres how i want my body to look like: http://store.delias.com/item.do?itemKey=153649&XRF=cat&_QQ=9-1466# i will pick the best answer so please help!
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Sharlene Sharlene | 7 days ago
First of all you have to stop comparing yourself to someone else.. you are not her ... you need to try to look the best that YOU can look... not someone else.. you have no idea what she did to get that body... (surgery, starvation, steroids) you cant compare what you look like to her... Now to answer your question.. This is a quick weight loss solution, meaning, temporary. You may possibly gain all of it back, or more. This is a very extreme way to do it but its been effective for a short term solution (2-4 weeks). In order to get the body to release fat, you have to understand some realities. * The human body is capable of losing far more than 2 pounds in a week, but that would indicate loss of either muscle or water. * The human body is not really capable of shedding more than 2 pounds of fat in a week, especially on an ongoing basis, and even 2 pounds per week would be an extreme! * Muscle loss decreases caloric burn and slows metabolism. * Water loss is temporary. 1st Part is Diet adjustment - lean proteins, complete proteins, protein shakes(drinks), and leafy green vegetable or other type of vegetable meals. Chicken, Fish, and Turkey are your proteins, none of them fried, broiled, or microwaved. Vegetable meals include salads, or meals with all veggies. No white potatoes, no white flour, no white sugar, no grains at all, unless they are whole grains such as protein rich brown rice. No artificial sweetners (Splenda, Aspartame, and this includes food and drinks), no heavily processed food meals, you want to turn your body into a machine that burns up the fuel (food you eat) quickly. You dont want any excess calories from anything so you eat or drink and no diet drinks because those are more detrimental to metabolism because of how the body elimanates the chemicals they contain. Drink nothing but water, maybe a little juice but preferably vegetable, cranberry or grapefruit those help to flush the kidneys and curb your appetite, in the early part of the day, and herbal tea (such as green tea), and I say again NO diet drinks. 2nd part workout adjustment - workouts must last at least 2 hours or more, preferably in this order activity (such as aerobics, martial arts, racquetball, basketball), followed up by intense cardio. Or medium intensity weights followed up by intense cardio. Do plenty of stretching before and after and drink plenty of water. This must be done at least 5 days a week and a sixth day do light cardio, preferably light walking or even yoga or pilates and stretching and take one day off to rest completely. The third part is the part I least like and I only advise this to clients in extreme weight loss deadline cases. Diet pills - Lipovarin is the one I recommend the most, only because it has good ingredients that individually can be effective, but together arent much better (at least like they claim it is). Hydroxycut and Trimspa are also ok (and cheaper), and thats only because they publish their ingredients. Many diet pills wont make their ingredients readily available, which has to make anyone leery of them. Examples of Your Workouts These are just examples, adjust them according to your lifestyle and schedule. Cardio Exercise Activity * Swimming * Racquetball * Basketball * Step Aerobics * Kickboxing * Martial Arts * Spin Aerobics Perform medium intensity resistance exercise in sets of 4 and 12-15 reps for 45 - 60 minutes per day, 6 days per week Monday - legs, shoulders Tuesday - Upper and Lower back, biceps, abs Wednesday - Chest and triceps shoulders Thursday - legs and abs Friday - Upper and lower back Saturday - Chest and triceps and abs Sunday - Rest and Recuperate Perform staggered intensity aerobic exercise immediately following resistance 30 - 45 minutes Monday - Stairclimber, long low intensity session (45 min) Tuesday - Bike short intense (20 min) Wednesday - Elliptical, alternate high, low intensity (30 min) Thursday - Stairclimber, short intense (20 min) Friday - Bike long low intensity (45-60 min) Saturday - Treadmill, alternate high, low intensity (30 min) Sunday - Rest and Recuperate Keep in mind this is not a normal routine for most people. This is a routine designed for quick weight loss and nothing else. You should not prolong this routine more than 4 weeks and a max of 6 weeks. Your body will adapt and you may subject yourself to injury due to the physical stress you will place on your body for too long of a period of time. As with any type of exercise consult with a physician to make sure you can handle physical stress of working out. If you have any injury while doing this then stop immediately and seek medical attention. Remember this is not a lifestyle change, this is a temporary quick weight loss solution and you will likely gain some of the weight back.
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Sharlene Originally Answered: i gain weight fast but yet i lose weight fast so does this mean i have a fast metabolism?
it means you dont know how to eat a healthy proper diet and it has nothing to do with your metabolism. oh dang, not getting the 10 pts? now how am i supposed to feed my family? yes i do know what im talking about, people are not born with drastically faster or slower metabolisms then other people. its somewhat of a myth. your fast weight gain and fast weight loss could be caused by what your eating, how often your eating, and how active you are in a day. if you had a "fast metabolism"(not real) you would not be having the fast weight gain. my recommendation is to try eating more consistently. allowing your weight to fluctuate in that manner is unhealthy.

Owena Owena
Most people would tell you diet and exercise more. Well I've got a way you can lose 40 pounds in 2 months. Want to know why! 1. Set Up Realistic Weight Loss Goals. Don't set a weird goal like 10 pound a day no. 2. Drink Plenty of Water. Drink about 6-8 glass of water per day. 3. Chew More Slowly when You Eat. If you eat 5 smaller a day you will accomplish your goal, but pleas don't eat three enormous meal. That would actual get you fatter. 4. Exercise at least 30 minuets per day. Pleas stay away from pills they could kill you, some pills could help but there is a few that do help. If you follow this correctly you will achieve your weight goal.
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Malvina Malvina
Although we may wish and pray we can replicate the bodies we see in pictures, the truth is that we can't. And even though we wish we could lose weight with the snap of a finger, we can't. Be happy weight loss is slow, because if weightloss were fast, we would end up with saggy, loose skin all over because we didn't give the skin time to tighten. All I can say is that you have to work for a lean body with diet and exercise, and you won't end up looking like that girl in only a few weeks.
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Kimberly Kimberly
you're young so you probably won't believe this for awhile, but eating right and exercising! No more junk food (the occassional snack is okay), and sodas are out. Start walking, and work up to running (this is a great exercise!). Buy a balance ball, those things are miracle makers and you can buy some great videos to give you work out ideas and techniques. The most important thing is that you stick with it! You may have some fairly instant results, but most will take a while...losing weight the healthy way is a gradual process.
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Janene Janene
i like diets that are similar to volumetrics...you feel full, but the caloric intake is low. i cut out all bread, all flour, unnatural sugars, corn, potatoes, other starches. so basically all the fruits veggies, and lean proteins you can eat. it sucks the first week cause i always wanted bread :( but after that i didnt miss it at all and lost weight in a healthy, but quick manner. also add multi vit (and i was running a couple mi a day and lifting weights too). dont take diet pills...they can screw up your heart btw: i almost forgot about delias...i havent seen their catalog for yrs :)
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Erykah Erykah
okayy, so i lost 30 pounds in a month. want to know how? alright. eat a hardy breakfast, fruit, eggs, toast, and even you can go all out for that extra butter and jam :) also drink milk! this fills you up until lunchtime, when you wont be hungry for junk food. lunch, eat an apple and a banana, and a sandwich and some chips. No soda! drinks LOTS of water. before 3: eat a yogurt, after three: DRINKS LOTS OF WATERRR nothing for dinner. if you ffill up on water, you wont be hungry. trust me this works. with 30 minute jogs a day, you'll look garaunteed like her.
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Erykah Originally Answered: OK, So how can I lose weight fast but still maintain a healthy diet? I'd like to see FAST results if possible.?
Sensa serves no useful purpose. It's a scam which you don't need unless you want some extra calories, just love the taste, and don't mind paying $30 a month for sugar. Sensa consists of Maltodextrin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Silica, natural and artificial flavors plus soy and milk ingredients. They are all cheap ingredients so you're not going to be getting what you're paying for. The first ingredient is, of course, the one which Sensa has most and it's just sugar ---> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maltodextri... . Like most supplement scams, you can't believe what you read about it on the Internet because the manufacturers pay for phony reviews like this one ---> http://www.consumerhealthanswers.com/sen... , fake scientific sounding articles, bogus testimonials, fake news reports, etc. They know that you're not going to go to page two of the search results so as long as they can keep their ads at the top of the search engine organic output, you'll be suckered into believing all the propaganda they're telling you. Sense is supposed to "fool" your brain into thinking you're full....lol. If anything could fool your brain into thinking you're full, how does Weight Watchers stay in business, why are 2/3 of Americans over weight, and who is paying for all the Herbalite, Hoodia, acai, green tea, hydroxycut, and the rest of the junk that doesn't work? Check out this article and note the excerpt: "I don’ normally like to write about products I haven’ tried myself, but with this one I had to. The negative feedback on this demonic dandruff is just too overwhelming and you should avoid it like the plague. If you do decide (possibly in a drunken stuper) that you simply must try this for yourself, please please please proceed with caution and a credit card with ironclad consumer protection!" Ref: http://www.health-actually.com/reviews/s... Here's another article. Note the excerpt: "Common side effects experienced while using Sensa include upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea and hives. If you have difficulty breathing, dizziness or swelling after taking Sensa, you should contact your doctor immediately. People without known allergies have also experienced some of these side effects while using Sensa. Others reported side effects including gas and loose bowel movements. " Ref: http://www.squidoo.com/sensa-review-is-sens-a-scam- And one more. Note the excerpt: "So will it really work? I doubt it. I imagine that in the beginning you might feel fuller and less hungry. But over time your body will just get used to the new smells and tastes. Honestly, this is not a good way to lose weight. Take the $89.95 (every 60 days) and buy a gym membership, Wii Fit, or more nutritious foods. Is it long term? The main reason to avoid Sensa is because it is NOT a long term solution. You do not want to buy their product for the rest of your life to stay slim." Ref: http://stopdietingandlive.com/blog/is-sensa-a-scam/ "Fast" is a relative term. To me a fast weight loss is 2 pounds per week. That, however, may be slow to you. Two pounds per week is good. The problem with losing fast is keeping your body properly nourished on a very low caloric intake daily. And, people who lose fast tend to regain the fat more easily. So, two pounds per week is a good loss rate in general. If you don't know how to lose fat, read my answer about how to lose fat --> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=As615QJM4X_3ID9_05qmmlXty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111028185603AAVcP4D Obese people often lose many pounds early in their diet as many have seen on TV's "Biggest Loser". However, that kind of loss is mostly water dumping and not fat. There are no tricks, supplements, pills, etc. that make fat loss quicker or easier than calorie conservation. Remember that when you lose fat, you weight less and, hence, burn fewer calories. You BMR will be lower so you'll have to eat less on maintenance than when you were heavier. And, losing the fat is only the beginning. Once fat is lost, you have to keep it off for the rest of your life and the includes such difficulties as pregnancy, somatopause (the old middle aged spread), etc. It only gets more difficult to stay slim as the years roll by. It never gets easier. So, now is the time to establish good eating habits...the kind that will keep you svelt and fit for the rest of your life. Good luck and good health!! ♠ PS: Here are some good websites you may find useful. • A MUST FOR DIETERS http://www.freedieting.com/ • BEST DIET TOOL ON THE WEB http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ • BEST FOODS FOR YOU http://www.choosemyplate.gov/index.html • NUTRITION DOT GOV http://www.nal.usda.gov/food-and-nutrition

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