Analyze my vegetarian diet.healthy or not?

Analyze my vegetarian diet.healthy or not? Topic: Analyze my vegetarian diet.healthy or not?
July 19, 2019 / By Wilda
Question: I have been a vegetarian for a few months, and I want to make sure I am eating what I need to eat to be healthy. Here is what I have eaten for the past few days.. I don't remember anything earlier than Friday. FRIDAY Breakfast- Homemade fried rice (steamed rice, carrots, peas, egg), orange juice Lunch- Lettuce salad with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onions, and celery. 1 banana, diced pineapple, whole grain dinner roll, low fat chocolate milk, orange juice, chocolate chip cookie. Dinner- Pasta with marinara sauce and cheese, 1 glass mountain dew SATURDAY Breakfast- 1/2 cinnamon roll, small bowl of Reese's Puffs cereal with skim milk. Orange juice Lunch- Kashi microwavable Tuscan Pasta (whole grain noodles, eggplant, red onion, squash, tomato sauce), broccoli and rice with cheese, steamed corn. 1 slice of angel food cake. Root beer. Dinner- Oatmeal with peaches SUNDAY Breakfast/Lunch- Homemade frittata with potatoes, eggs, and onion sprinkled with cheese, salsa. Orange juice
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Sharleen Sharleen | 6 days ago
You eat a lot of junk food. Anyway, you seriously need to get more protein in your diet. Tofu, peanut butter, cottage cheese, eggs, etc. Protein helps you grow (if you're not done growing yet) and it helps you think. Your brain will stop functioning if you don't get enough protein. To help you out, here's a basic rule of how much protein you should be getting per day: take your weight (in pounds), divide it in half, and that's how much protein you should be getting in grams every day. For example, I'm 130 lbs, so I should get 65g of protein a day.
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Sharleen Originally Answered: Is This A Healthy Vegetarian Diet?
I dunno Slime Rite sounds healthy but make sure you get Carbs especially in the morning. Sub sandwitch is healthy (pickles are the only unhealthy thing because of salt but not bad at all) and the salads and ratini are probably healthy as well but may be high in sodium. just check the label or ask the deli/resteruant what the nutrition value is.

Ossia Ossia
You are eating nothing but refined sugars, fats and processed foods. You are not eating a balanced diet, and you will get sick keeping it up. You need to start eating whole foods and get some complete proteins in there. Cut out the refined sugars. And eat breakfast even if it is a peice of fruit and some toast, you need breakfast.
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Mallory Mallory
nothing fried.. breakfast is good cept for the EGG. lunch: everything is ok except for the low fat milk... (animal product) the grain dinner roll (more animal based elements.) and the chocolate chip cookie.. again, processed food.. has animal product in it. dinner: pasta has animal product in it... cheese is animal product... moutain dew has animal product in it.. read the labels... wow.. saturday went down hill fast..... cinnamon roll, has animal in it... so does the bowl of resses puffs.. big time processed food.. animal product ingredients in it.. (learn about your additive names, chemical names.) no MILK! want milk.. drink soymilk! i'm stopping here... you've got a long way to go... not a very vegetarian diet here.
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Kimberley Kimberley
Not. You're homo sapiens? Then go with more whole fruit, more leafy greens, LESS grains, cereals, breads and sugary crap Add lean red meat.
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Janelle Janelle
if you can eat an egg you can eat a chicken!!! which came first the chicken or the egg? also you need to eat healthy food mt. dew come on please, all the pasta and potatoes, try eating lentils, i guess the cheese and some of you fresh organic vegetables are ok, but why would you eat like that, try some meat, free range stuff. also you need to make sure you are getting all the proteins and vitamins you need if you are young and still growing, please do not ruin the rest of your life for some fad you started in you most important growing years, read up on this stuff.
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Janelle Originally Answered: Healthy Vegetarian Diet?
You mean diet as in "vegan diet" or diet, as in what to eat each day? Because a balanced vegan or vegetarian diet will more than fulfill your dietary needs. This is a good site if you havn't checked it out already: http://www.vegsoc.org/info/vegan-nutriti... In my experience, it is generally better to stick with peer-reviewed books and articles by real dietition and nutrition scientists, and avoid websites put up by individual people. Or better yet, take a nutrition class or find a veg-friendly dietitian to talk to.

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