Go karting in Boston?

Go karting in Boston? Topic: Go karting in Boston?
October 14, 2019 / By Whitney
Question: I want to go for my 18th birthday...but i have no idea if there are any around or any good ones. PLease let me know if you've been to a good one? =] and i mean like casual...no pro stuff
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Sharla Sharla | 5 days ago
Im 14 living in boston and go go karting all the time. Me and my friends go to Good Times Emporium in Somerville, MA just north of boston. Go-Karts, Bowling, Arcades, Bar with huge TVS and batting cages, pretty cheap too. Have a great birthday.
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Sharla Originally Answered: In Boston, is it possible to walk from the Museum of Science to the Aquarium? If so, what is the best route?
Bowling Chick is either nuts or just plain lazy!! Not only is it possible to walk it but you will walk through very interesting parts of the city. The fastest (or, if you promenade slowly, the most direct) walk: From the Science Museum walk to Leverett Circle (where Science Museun T station is) then continue down Lomasney Way. Continue straight (the name of the same street will change 3 times until it becomes Congress Street!). You will pass the Government Center's Paul Rudolph desined State Service Building and the Brooke Courthouse on your right while on your left will be mostly older, preserved brick buildings of the Bullfinch District. Then you will walk under a garage and then on your left will be the Haymarket district (also mostly brick and preserved) and on your right the modern Kennedy Building and City Hall. You will run smack into historic Fanueuil Hall and the Marketplace District. Walk through that, continue through the new Rose Kennedy Greenway park and you will arrive at the Aquarium. The most interesting, historic and palate and stomach satisfying walk: As above but when turn left Lomasney Way reaches Causeway Street turn left. You then have 100 choices for meandering through the Bullfinch District and then the North End with Old North Church and the Paul Revere House and narrow lanes and wonderful restaurant smells (and one of the world's best brewpubs, on Canal Street) until you exit the North End into the near Waterfront District and thereafter to the Aquarium.
Sharla Originally Answered: In Boston, is it possible to walk from the Museum of Science to the Aquarium? If so, what is the best route?
I live near the science museum and I would not attempt to walk to the aquarium... Way too far. Take the green line on the T from the Science Park stop to Government Center.. switch over the the Blue line at Government Center and take it to Aquarium stop..

Ornat Ornat
F1 is pro (you need to get a license and what not)... if you are in Boston, I am not sure of any places. But Hanover has Starland, Foxboro and I think Bridgewater have Funway, there are more palces down the Cape... if you want a "destination party"...
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Malinda Malinda
http://www.f1boston.com/ My guy friends love it. They try to celebrate everything with a trip there: Bachelor parties, birthdays...I am waiting for them to try to convince us that we should hold a baby shower there! It is pricey, though. You can get a special time reserved for your group if it is big enough, which I hear is awfully fun!
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