Health Tips for trying to concieve?

Health Tips for trying to concieve? Topic: Health Tips for trying to concieve?
October 15, 2019 / By Vivyan
Question: Me and my partner have decided that next August (09) we want to start trying for a baby. This is becuase by then we will be financially stable as we ever could be and still young enough. I just needs help in finding out where im going. I.e. what i need to achieve to be ready. as in health, excercise, etc. I am on the pill but coming off start of august and beginning to try end of august. No rush of course. Any tips on what i will need aswell as everyone has different assumptions as to what is essential for a child. Thanks
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Shannen Shannen | 6 days ago
Some tips I have heard; Start taking Folic acid or prenatal multivitamin 3 months before starting trying to conceive. Get checked for any underlying std's as these can be present without symptoms and can affect the baby. Cut out nicotine. Cut down caffeine and alcohol. Lose weight if overweight. Eat a healthy balanced diet, try not to eat processed foods. Eat organic where you can. Men can also take multivitamins to help their sperm count and quality. Some women get pg immediately after stopping the pill, but many women find their bodies can take 6-12 months to regulate. Imediately after stopping the pill it is a good idea to chart your cycles and symptoms and keep track of your body - this will really help later if you dont conceive straight away. The below link is a great site for charting your cycles.
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Shannen Originally Answered: ima major health freak when it comes to looking my best, i need some SUPER health tips! :)
I think a vegetarian diet is the best thing anyone can do for their body. My friends and I are XC and our 5k's used to be in the 24-26 min. My two friends went vegan and I went vegetarian and now we PR (PR= Personal Record) like crazy! Since they're twins they tend to get the same times and they are racing an average of 20 minutes. I don't think a vegan diet is the best for you, vegetarian or even a minimal meat intake is the best. My PR is 19:53 for a 5k! I am a strict vegetarian and I limit my milk and other dairy intake. As far as drinks, I drink mostly water with the occasional juice or pop. Avoid processed foods and high sugar/fatty foods. Depending on what you are training for or are just maintaining health, I run anywhere from 4-8 miles a day. I give myself a day or two off a week for rest though. Don't forget your strength work! I wish you luck in being as healthy as you can, just try to follow a natural human diet, no processed food. The human diet should be mostly fruits and vegetables with a minority of meats and dairy.

Orchid Orchid
if i were you i would definitely stop taking BC at the start of June late May even. it typically takes about 3 months to get all the BC out of your system. I would use condoms until August just so that if you have a crazy cycle or whatever you aren't stressing out about if you're preggo or not. Eat regularly, exercise when you can and go to your doc in about May and ask to get your yearly pap smear and ask about getting on prenatal vitamins. they will help you feel great and also if you do conceive right in August, you will have the vitamins and minerals in your system to support a healthy pregnancy. Also, in may, stop drinking alcohol. Start early with this and it will become second nature. I was told that you can only drink when you are on your period. I just don't chance it anymore and have stopped drinking all together. anywho, you can also start charting your symptoms and your Basal Body Temperature with a Basal Body Thermometer through, www.mymonthlycycles.com It's a great site, it's free and it will help you understand so much more! also www.peeonastick.com is my new found jewel of a site that is funny, and great! Good luck and congrats to your road to being a parent!!
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Makayla Makayla
Start taking folic acid now.Folic Acid, or folate, is one of the B vitamins important for healthy growth of your unborn baby. It is essential to the normal development of your baby's spine, brain and skull, especially during the first four weeks of your pregnancy. It is, therefore, important to start taking vitamin supplements with Folic Acid before you get pregnant to reduce the risk of neural tube defect.
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Kiarra Kiarra
Hi On your 11-13th day after the first day of your perieod is the most fertile time to have sex. We have six kids, works every time. good luck. Kim
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Kiarra Originally Answered: i REALLY wanna concieve, but I might have lupus?
You should really have them test you for lupus. I was diagnosed at 16 with Lupus. It flared up because I became pregnant. You have to be monitored closely, and if it infact is Lupus, they will put you on special medicine, a blood thinner basically. It has to be taken seriously, and lupus causes high risk pregnancies. so be super careful and take extra care of yourself. sometimes, it takes some longer to concieve than others. i have been pregnant 3times, and not to worry you, but i lost the first two, and my third was very premature, but he is a beautiful healthy little guy. also with lupus, you need to watch your diet, i suggest really going to the doctor to verify. and don't fret, if it's meant for you to have a child, you will and even if you can't concieve, there are plenty of children out there in need of love.God bless

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