how to gain 25 to30 pounds?

how to gain 25 to30 pounds? Topic: how to gain 25 to30 pounds?
October 14, 2019 / By Vivien
Question: I'm 16 and i weigh 166 and i need to gain at least 25-30 pounds by next football season what should i do to gain that weight
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Shannah Shannah | 5 days ago
Here's some advice to gain weight the healthy way: Drink milkshakes at every meal. Those will really help you gain weight. Eating ice cream, peanut butter, breads, nuts, pastas, and bagels will help. Just eat more than you normally would, but not to the point where you feel sick. Weight gaining shakes will probably be the most effective; these include Ensure and Boost. You can drink these as many times a day as you want to. I've heard the "Boost smoothies" line tastes good. Try protein shakes, I know they work. Also, you could go to a health food store or a vitamin store and ask an employee for a weight gaining supplement. Eating eggs- boiled, fried, scrambled can also help you gain weight. If you are using fat free milk, switch to whole milk or 2%. Dairy is a great source for weight gain. Think: cheese, yogurt (not the low fat variety), whole milk, ice cream, cottage cheese, (nothing below 2%, try to find something higher.) Here's some more info: Tips for Increasing Calories While Keeping a Healthy Diet * Add cheese, nuts and dressings made with olive, walnut or canola oil to salads. * Eat starchy vegetables such as potatoes and corn more often. * Go for dried fruits or fruit juices as healthy higher calorie snacks. * Add cream or cheese sauces to fish and baked chicken breast. * Choose herbs and spices to increase the flavors of your food rather than relying on salt. * Add powdered milk to soups and sauces to offer calories and protein. * Spread Peanut butter on whole grain bread, apples or celery sticks to get a great source of protein and calories. * Stick with healthy desserts, such as a bowl of berries with whipped topping and lot of chopped nuts. * Spoon healthy salad dressings on sandwiches and as a dip for vegetables. * Dip whole grain bread into olive oil, walnut oil or flax seed oil. If you don't care for much meat, add legumes such as black beans, kidney beans and pinto beans as protein sources. * Pick dark chocolate as a treat. Dark chocolate has antioxidants that other sweets don't have. Good luck.
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Shannah Originally Answered: How can I gain a few pounds?
Usually, the problem among skinny guys and girls is that they have a fast and furious metabolism. When you have a this kind of metabolism, your body uses a lot of energy and eliminates fat at a very high speed. This makes it very difficult for your body to store fat and gain weight. Also when your body has a fast metabolism, it processes foods very quickly. Digestion on a skinny person is much more faster than on a fat or normal-weight person. This is why skinny people like you (and like I used to be myself) can eat a LOT and never gain a single pound. That is the reason why it’s a mistake to think that you have to eat a lot of times throughout the day to gain weight. When I was thin, I tried making a “weight gain diet” by eating lots of times throughout the day. But now I realize I was making things worse! Why? Because the more times I ate, the more I accelerated my metabolism. In fact, if you do this for a long period of time, you may notice a weight decrease! Then, how can you gain fat to increase your body weight? How should your weight gain diet be? Your weight gain diet should have only one purpose: to reduce your body’s metabolic rate. In simple words, you must eat in a way that slows down your metabolism. To slow it down, you have to do the opposite of eating a lot of times each day. You must eat only a few times each day to slow down your metabolism. Doing this will allow you to gain weight – mostly fat. Now you should be thinking: “Pffft! If I eat less, there’s less chance of gaining weight…”. Well, there’s a trick to all this. It’s not only to eat a few times a day, but you also need to eat a LOT on each meal. By eating more on each meal you will give more work to do to your organs in order to process food. The more work your body has to do in order to process each meal, the slower your metabolism will get. And when you do this for an extended period of time, your body gets used to this metabolic rate and you will achieve the balance you need in order to gain weight and reach your goal. The best of all is that while you do your weight gain diet and your body starts getting used to the new metabolic rate, you will start gaining weight! It will seem just like magic :)

Oralie Oralie
There are a lot of gain weight shakes that you can drink just go to like a drug store and find some. Maybe you can start eating a little more, well no unhealthy stuff, but maybe you can start eating more healthy stuff all the time and that may cause you to gain weight. But really you should try the gain weight shakes they have, they really help.
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Maisie Maisie
Here's a really good shake that you can use that was given to me by my coaches this year recomended by the strength coach at Texas Tech 1 banana mixed berries and fruit orange juice or dry milk ice Blend together to till into a smoothie style thing. It might bnot taste great but it will make u gain weight. Also try excessive sleep devouring bags of cheetos by yourslel, doing nothing, Eating every damn piece of cake u see if you dont care about your health and performance . Another great supplement is EAS Mileplex shake nad htting the gym
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Kiara Kiara
The best way would be to gain muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat. Exercise, focus on lifting weights, and then eat plenty of protein rich foods(it doesn't have to be meat - egg, beans, whole grains are also rich sources of protein). Eat more than you usually eat in general as well. Protein supplements might help, but not everyone needs them. Most people in the western world get a lot more protein than they need. Good luck.
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Kiara Originally Answered: I want to gain 20 pounds weight?
any weight gain powder will work BUT will the pounds added be just belly fat,so a diet to get rid of this will be a concern - so - if i were you ,i would try and convert as many of these extra calories into muscle by combining some cardio with resistance training,if not, then inches will simply go on to your waist,hips etc.

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