Our dog has been thowing up a lot the past few days, but last night she did it why we where sleeping.?

Our dog has been thowing up a lot the past few days, but last night she did it why we where sleeping.? Topic: Our dog has been thowing up a lot the past few days, but last night she did it why we where sleeping.?
October 14, 2019 / By Vivian
Question: and then she ate it, why would she eat it? Does it mean she thinks we are mad at her so she tires to "get rid" of it. *I've called the vet already they told us to put her on a bland diet for 4-5 days and see if that helps* We are not mad at her, we feel really bad for her.. When we where trainning her to use the bathroom outside we read that you should NOT yell at them if they go to the bathroom inside because it will make them eat there poop because they think they are going to get yelled at. So we think that she is eating her throw up because she does not want us to get mad at her (even thought we don't get mad at her, but we do lock her in the kitchen now when we have to leave or at night so that is she does throw up she does not get it on the carpet). So we think that because of that she thinks she is getting punished and that is why she is eating it.
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Shanna Shanna | 4 days ago
most dogs eat their vomit, that is very natural. My dog has a very bad digestive tract as well. The owner that I got him from said that he would not eat dog food and they mostly just gave him scraps. Well when I got him at 13 months old, he was constipated and threw up alot. He is almost four years old now and eats dog food just fine. You can give me thumbs down, but I have him on high quality cat food. He is not constipated, but he will poop air as his bowls still spasm after he is empty. He rarely throws up now and poops very well. Perhaps look into his diet.
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Oralee Oralee
In the wild, parent dogs sometimes carry food in their stomachs to feed their pups back at the den. When you don't have hands, or a back pack and you don't want every other animal stealing your food you have to keep it somewhere. They then vomit it up for the pups to eat. Lots of birds do this as well. Dogs and cats throw up just like people. If it persist then make sure you take the animal to the vet for a checkup.
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Maidie Maidie
Dogs will sometimes eat their vomit. I believe this is common practice in the wild, as no food should go uneaten. She isn't trying to get rid of the vomit, she is just doing something natural. My dogs have never eaten their vomit though. They've never vomited...lol If she keeps throwing up you need to take her to the vet. She should be examined. It isn't normal for a dog to keep vomiting. They can't tell you what is wrong. She could have eaten something poisonous or have an intestinal problem.
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Keziah Keziah
Is she in a new diet? Sometimes dogs are very sensitive to new food( i know mine is), if it's stomach pain she will try to eat grass when outside. The way you asked it seems like you're mad before with your dog because of that, well you shouldn't, how can she avoid it?And yes if you're mad at her before, she might be trying to hide from you,or if it's a poor diet she could be trying to get more nutrition by eating it. Anyways make sure there's plenty of water always, it's like a kid, can be very dehydrated when vomiting. Good lick
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Jaimie Jaimie
Good advice about the bland diet, this will help. My dog has eaten her vomit before-just because it smells good!
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