Can men take PMS pills when they are in a really bad mood and have a lot of stress?

Can men take PMS pills when they are in a really bad mood and have a lot of stress? Topic: Can men take PMS pills when they are in a really bad mood and have a lot of stress?
October 15, 2019 / By Virgie
Question: Ok let me edit my ??. My husband is under as lot of stress at work and is feeling like he is about to have a nervous breakdown. Like how i feel for the whole week during the month. IS there something he can take- nothing like anti-depressants though- something natural that can calm him down.
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Shanika Shanika | 2 days ago
Im not sure which medication youre referring to as 'PMS Pills' so Ill use as example Premsyn Pms Caplets, which are meant for relieving pre-menstrual symptoms. The active ingredients are Pamabrom and Pyrilamine Maleate. Many other Pre-menstrual tablets contain Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen or Naproxen. Pamabrom provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains due to cramps, headache, and backache and water retention, weight gain, bloating, swelling. Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen are pain medications. Naproxen is an anti-inflammatory drug. Pyrilamine Maleate is an Anti-histamine So basically... medications for PMS treat the physical, not the emotional symptoms, and most are just pain relievers and anti-water retention medications. Follow the instructions on the package - and use the medication only for what its meant to be used for. Anti Anxiety medications need to be prescribed by a doctor - there are over the counter medications that can be taken such as Proloftin but they usually arent FDA approved, and are about as effective as weight-loss drugs. If he is having serious anxiety and stress issues he should speak to a doctor who can provide him medication that will actually help him. More likely than not - have him drink some tea, listen to some soft music... zen out when he is at home. Work is stressful for everyone, and unless he wants to go on behind the counter medication (and to me it doesnt sound like he needs it, everyone deals with these levels of stress) there is no magic fix. Here are some natural ways to reduce stress: Drink less caffeine, exercise regularly, always get a good nights sleep. B Vitamins, Kava Kava, St Johns Wort and Valerian can be purchased as herbal remedies at a health food store and may help out. -Best of luck-
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Shanika Originally Answered: Someone I need help! Is there a good treatment for stress?
Try Valerian - it is a natural herbal remedy for anxiety/stress and nervousness. It is available over the counter from a Herbalist shop. You can also buy Complan or something similar - a powdered form of drink which is easy to digest and has all the vitamins and proteins etc that you need for each day. (A sort of meal replacement drink - used for people who find difficulty eating). Good luck & Best wishes. UK

Ora Ora
What the he11 would it do for them? Pms is an actual medical condition it's not just a bad mood and some stress.
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Mahalath Mahalath
Yes. They're called qualudes. On a more serious note....Kava Kava works wonders for the severely stressed! It might be difficult to find in health food stores and even if you do it may not be quality stuff. I order mine online from Kona Kava Farm. Read up on it! I think your husband will find it helpful and a great alternative to prescriptions or alcohol! :)
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Keysha Keysha
LOL... PMS is brought on by hormonal changes, women tend to have more estrogen than testosterone and men are the opposite so I'd say PMS would make the condition worse
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Jaime Jaime
What PMS pills? Motrin? Motrin is for physical pain relief. You can certainly take it, but it won't help with stress.
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Jaime Originally Answered: Can stress /anxiety/depresson cause al these symptoms?
The symptoms you have described are all signs of stress/anxiety/ depression. Think carefully about the things that seem to mainly cause these symptoms. If you can establish what they are then you can take control of them. Ways to combat them are to try relaxation methods such as yoga or meditation. You could also go back to your doctor and ask to be refered to a counsellor as it may help to talk about things as these symptoms may be caused by bottling it up inside and not lettin it out. Hope this helps!

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