how can i lose this.?

how can i lose this.? Topic: how can i lose this.?
October 14, 2019 / By Virgee
Question: how can i lose 10 pounds in 7days. idc if it is unhealthy. but i need to know how plz. thanks. i will give best answer to the person who says what to eat every day for 7days and excersizes to do all 7 days thanks!
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Shanice Shanice | 1 day ago
Try this, it worked for my mom, but you have to be consistent. ---When you wake up in the morning, drink a large glass of water. (Continue drinking water throughout the day. It cleans out toxins in your body that may hinder weight loss) ---Eat breakfast everyday. It jump-starts your metabolism. (Proof:You ever notice that when you eat breakfast at like 7am, you are starving by 10am? But when you don't you don't feel hungry til like 1 or 2 pm?) Making sure your metabolism is up and running is vitally important for weight-loss. ---Eat three meals a day, but DO NOT EAT AFTER 6PM!! (Metabolism slows down, and you will only be sleeping on all those calories) ---Eat what you like, but stay away from fast-food as much as possible. (Everything is fine in moderation. Don't eat Pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner. Switch it up.) --- Make sure you are having regular bowel movements (Going number two at least twice a day is an important and accurate account of how well your body is working to get rid of fat/and waste in your body. If you are not number two-ing regularly there are Food products such as Activia (yogurt) that can help you with this... Exercises: Running/Jogging/Walking For at least an hour for all seven days should be enough exercise to help in your weight loss. You'll see how fast ten pounds can melt off when you stay consistent.
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Shanice Originally Answered: I want to lose some weight without having to lose it with diet pills, any suggestions?
I agree that diet pills are a bad idea. And I wonder how many people have had their health utterly ruined by them. What you do about your hair and beard is up to you, so whatever rocks your boat! I don't know where you're starting from weight-wise, so use a bit of caution. 1) Drink water. It will keep you from dehydrating and help keep you from feeling hungry. 2)Cut back on fried and fast foods. Those are loaded with grease and fat. 3)Try eating more whole grains, and more fruits and vegetables. Some whole-grain breads are actually very tasty! 4)Take your time eating: Your stomach needs about 20 minutes to realize that it's full. When you are full (not stuffed!) stop eating. 5)Exercise. That will build muscle and burn off fat. There are a number of excellent programs out there. Good luck!
Shanice Originally Answered: I want to lose some weight without having to lose it with diet pills, any suggestions?
There is no magic formula and everything you have been taught about food is a lie promulgated by people who stand to gain financially. Think about weight like a checking account. If you deposit more money (food) than you spend (calories) your checking account (you) gets bloated, a problem that we could all use I'm sure (grin). So eat less and work out more. Lift weights to build your muscle mass which will burn calories while you sleep. After lifting, do some time on the treadmill or stairmaster. Next, watch what you eat. Eat more protein and veggies than carbs. You need to start eating REAL food. I have 2 basic rules, 1) if it comes in a package it is bad for you, and 2) if it wasn't food 100 years ago, it is NOT food today. NEVER eat fast food, even chicken. It is injected with all kinds of stuff you don't want to know about. The trans-fats they use stay with you and they are very hard to lose. Start looking at labels. Corn Syrup is poison and it is the 1st or 2nd ingredient in a lot of foods, it will make you very fat. Go Organic, watch what you buy and try and buy it from local farmers instead of the grocery store. There are groups called CSA's that you can join. (Community Supported Agriculture.) All my food comes from farms within 100 miles of Atlanta, veggies, chicken, beef and even real raw milk (YUM!). And we now know the farmers personally. It's funny, people will spend more time researching the mechanic that works on their car that they will researching where their food comes from. Most just "trust" the stores and the government to get it right. Dumb! Here are some resources. It will change your life.

Oprah Oprah
I had the same issue! What you need to do is exercise every morning as early as possible. This will speed up your metabolism and your body will burn more calories at resting rate for the rest of the day. I would recommend some good cardio such as jogging so that you will also burn calories while exercising. Another way to speed up your metabolism is to eat small, very low-fat meals throughout the day. Don't eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, just stick to small meals of about 250 calories about 6 times a day. If you shock your system into obeying your rules for your body, you will burn fat and gain muscle. Since muscle weighs 10x more than fat don't be alarmed if your scale isn't moving. Just look at your body and you will see the difference. You may not lose all the fat you want to in 7 days. If you can, exercise as much as possible after your morning run. You should burn enough calories to make a significant difference in one week. Good luck! <3
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Mahalah Mahalah
Guessing you are less than 170 lbs or so? I don't even think a steady of diet of meth can work here. Lots of water, high protein foods with some veggies. In the end, you can use a diruetic to flush 2-3 pounds of water weight, but ffs drink it back after whatever your event your doing this for.
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Mahalah Originally Answered: If you lose weight will you lose body fat?
Of course losing weight is losing fat. You do not want to lose muscle so that is why you exercise and eat a balanced diet without junk food. That stuff is really bad for you in many ways. Do yourself a favor, it is the only body you will have. I wish you all the luck in the world and you will be so much happier.

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