How do I deal with a live, captive rat?

How do I deal with a live, captive rat? Topic: How do I deal with a live, captive rat?
July 19, 2019 / By Violet
Question: This morning I awoke and walked into the bathroom to find a rat (or large mouse) chilling in the toilet bowl. Being the manly man that I am, I kept my composure (while on the inside squealing like a cheerleader in the same situation) and started deciding what to do with it. I'm thinking I'll get it out and release it somewhere; I'm just not sure what to get it out with and what would hold a rat without it chewing it's way out. Porcelain is doing the trick well at the moment. I suppose I should add that I don't have poison on hand or traps or anything. Update: I caught the rat in a trash can. Poor little guy is traumatized. I'll release him at a local park if he pulls through the stress of being caught in a toilet bowl. I set the rat free at a local park. Getting him there was a hassle; the box kept tipping over.
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Shania Shania | 10 days ago
i have had rats before as pets and they are really clever so do not kill it ok !!!, just get a plastic box put it inside there with a lid over the top put a few holes in it so it can breathe and then take it to a field and let it go . make sure you put a cloth over the top so it is carm
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Opaline Opaline
you'd be particularly demanding-pressed to come across a rat that includes any ailment it is transferable to human beings. the single problem rats commonly have is mycoplasma, it is a respiratory an infection that only makes them sneeze a lot. this isn't contagious to human beings. also, male rats will scent a lot more advantageous than women folk, yet they are also more advantageous cuddly and in case you employ the right type of bedding (my rats want the former day's information pellet cat clutter, it controls the scent and isn't any longer dusty), replace it commonly adequate, and be particular you provide your rat(s) a bath each and every 2 or so weeks, scent ought to no longer be a controversy. only make the point on your parents that you pick one in all those duty, that you've performed all of your study and that you maximum of all love little ratties <3 (only make sure that you already know you could manage to pay for to feed them on $3/week, i recognize for my 5 rats I spend probably a minimum of $2/week each and each and every... also rats are really social animals and in case you in straightforward words get one, you want to make certain you play with him/her for no less than 2-3 hours an afternoon in the different case it ought to steer on to some well being and happiness themes!)
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Mahala Mahala
From your updates it sounds like you answered your own question, but I thought you might want to know that others have had the same (or similar experience) including me! I did a little research and found quite a bit of information about things people find in toilets! I've included a link that I thought you might enjoy.
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Keturah Keturah
DO NOT KILL IT!!!! That would be extremley cruel. Get a cage and take it out into the country and release it my friend :)
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Jaida Jaida
Feed it some poison, rats carry disease's & bite children & adults too. If you have one there is usually more or will be soon. (remember the black plague) kill the thing, they are very unhealthy....
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