Tell me a diet that actually WORKS!?

Tell me a diet that actually WORKS!? Topic: Tell me a diet that actually WORKS!?
January 22, 2020 / By Viola
Question: I want to see a diet that actually works. I wont have a problem following it. I just need a list of foods to go buy n such. I need direction of foods to go buy. So can anyone please give me a diet list to go by that works and is fun and does not work by counting calories. like an everyday meal thing?... thanks
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Shanene Shanene | 9 days ago
Well-balanced diet Food Sources: Milk group (milk and milk products) milk, cheese, yogurt Meat group (meat and meat substitutes) meat: chicken, fish, beef, pork, lamb legumes: beans and peas nuts and seeds Fruit and vegetable group fruits vegetables Grain group (breads and cereals) whole grain breads enriched breads rice pasta see the list below for the pyramid key is moderation eat less than you work off
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Shanene Originally Answered: What diet works the best?
Simone - Okay - Here we go. There's the Atkins diet - eating mostly high fats like meat. The vegan diet eating no meat. The raw food only diet. The cooked cabbage only diet. Eating one day and not eating the next. Fasting. Purging. Bulimia. Anorexia. The South Beach Diet. The Mediterranean diet. The Air Force diet. The grapefruit diet. The master cleanse (lemon detox) diet. The green tea diet. The fruit juice diet. The saltwater diet. The apple diet. The apple juice diet. The apple vinegar diet. Cranberry juice diet. Honey diet. There is colon cleanses, detoxes, colon cleanse and detoxes, enemas, laxatives, diuretics, oral chelation, intravaneous chelation, and fiber diets. There is the poop floats and the poop sinks diets. There is hundreds of diet pills that have killed dozens of people and damaged thousands of internal organs. And now we have the exotic miracle foods. Acai berry, maqui berry, goji berry, moyo berry, african mango, hoodia, fruta planta. Then there is the meal plans. Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Isagenix, Herbalife, Nanci. and Nutrilite. Slimfast. Ensure. Lean Cuisine. Don,t forget the magic elixers. Mona Vie, Sea Sliver , Shakeology, SlimQuik, SlimFast, sea weed, blue algae. liquid vitamins. How about Creatine, Muscle Milk, No Xplode, Miracle Whey, Black Powder, White Flood supplements? What about injecting crap into your body like HCG and other "hormones"? How am I doing? This is a $60 billion a year industry right now and it is only going to get worse. We constantly hear "our bodies are all different." Our bodies are not all different! Every single one of us that wants to lose a pound of body fat needs to consume 3500 calories less than we burn. End of story. Over and out! A healthy diet and exercise work every single time! Every time.

Opal Opal
Well try the hot dog and sour kraut diet or like the cabbage soup diet (read this sarcastically) All diets are designed around counting calories. It is a mathematical calculation calories in versus calories out. Your food choices is what helps with overall health and energy. I have seen my room mate lose weight because he under ate junk. If you aren't willing to do portion control and count those calories than join the rest of the armatures at weight watchers or LA Weight Loss and have fun with the fancy colored books and the way they disguise calorie counting with bubble filling.
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Magnolia Magnolia
Keep it simple : just follow the Food Pyramid and get at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise a day. The problem with focusing on any one diet is that you won't keep the weight off and remain healthy unless you keep at it for a lifetime and include phyiscal activity in your lifestyle.
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Kestrel Kestrel
Basically - if it comes in a can, wrapper, packet, etc leave it on the shelf. Stick to REAL food - by that I mean fruit, veggies, meat. Check out the website below for some more indepth ideas. Good luck and good health!
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Jael Jael
i'm taking Reductil pills on the 2nd. I honestly have been prescribed them with the aid of my well-being care professional. They do honestly paintings, I honestly have misplaced 8 lbs in six weeks. They shrink your urge for food. yet there are some edge outcomes and a few well-being stipulations. whether i understand you ought to purchase them on the internet i might severe advise which you only take them under well-being care professional's orders. even nevertheless, you ought to purpose a detox. That does help to shed pounds certainly and is a robust initiate.
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Emily Emily
the last diet i did was the Atkins diet all protein diet i lossed 22 pounds in 7 days...its not hard to do but very boring...you eat as much meat as you want to no carbs at all...you can only eat so much meat or eggs....but NO CARBS AT ALL..for supper a big 8oz steak and bacon on the side...no processed meats like no lunch meats....you can loose aslot of weight because you live off your fat its called keytos or something like that....go to the library and ask for Atkins all protein diet they will no what your talking about......this diet makes you weak at 1st you need multiple daily viatamens...GOOD LUCK IF YOU DO THIS DIET YOUR GOING TO NEED GOOD LUCK...................
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Chrystal Chrystal
The all meat diet is the only one that will work without exercise. Also: the hunt and eat diet.
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Avis Avis
eating healthy and less food and exerciseing-that ACTUALLY works...*coughs* stop being such a fat @ss *coughs*
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Avis Originally Answered: Which diet works best?
The best diet you can go on, is not even a diet. It's learning to eat by your lifestyle. If you restrict yourself from certain foods, you will end up binging on them or yur body won't get the nutrients it needs. The best thing you can do is to only eat when you are hungry. Stoop eating when you are full. Have a variety of foods. Go by the food pyramid. that way you know how to feed yourself effectively. And then there is exercise. If you eat healthy, (and you can eat healthy without restricting yourself from foods) then exercise will aid in how the food is used. This explains why it's good to have some fats and sugar can be used for energy (as long as it's portioned). The food you take in is used to fuel you. So the diets (fads), don't over examine them. Just learn to eat when you need to and only what you need. Focus on how your body feels and what you need to take in to aid with your needs.

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