How to reduce pimples in a day?

How to reduce pimples in a day? Topic: How to reduce pimples in a day?
October 20, 2019 / By Victoria
Question: How to reduce pimple size in a day? Alright here's the problemo: I have some blemishes between my eyebrows and right over my eyebrows, there is one a little bit underneath my eye (ya ik weird spot...), a few bumps on my chin... I think that's pretty much it. I have stuff over the weekend that i wish these zits were not there for. Please tell me some at home remedies.... I have tomato, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, strawberries and Greek yogurt, honey, cinnamon... I listed these because I heard that they help... I put lemon juice, cider vinegar and tomato on already tonight.... Please help me! Also I use neutrogena pink grapefruit cleanser and scrub, st. Ives apricot scrub blemish and blackhead one, origins checks and balances. I also have used but haven't used in awhile: clean and clear fruit infusions purifying, aveeno clear complexion cleansing pads, clean and clear morning burst scrub I use Burt's bees blemish stick everyday. I moisturize with either korres pomegranate balancing cream gel or korres yogurt moisturizer(which I have like a day left of cuz its a Iil sample from sephora) please please tell me what I should try, what I'm doing wrong, which products I should look into.... Btw Im a teen soo I can't just go out and get a ton a stuff in a day but for future purchases. THANKS SO MUCH FOR UR HELP! And I rarely wear makeup so i don't think it's what caused this but maybe just from wearing makeup before.... Idk but yea thanks
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Shana Shana | 7 days ago
okay..this is what i figured out after a while of watching different beauty vids on youtube, boil water in a pot and wait for it to steam up and (this will sound weird but..) hold your face over the steaming pot, hold it their for at least 5 mins, this will open up your pores and make it easier for skin clearing serums to enter your skin then... a. buy this http://www.drugstore.com/clean-and-clear-advantage-mark-treatment/qxp269605?catid=182267 seriously the most effective thing ive ever found.. b. dont have time to wait for it to come in? use any of your other things that you have bought that clears your skin..it will help that you opened your pores... the down side: it stings for a couple secs
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Shana Originally Answered: How To Get Rid Of Pimples?
Lemon Juice Applied Directly to Acne Lemon juice contains one of the AHAs or Alpha Hydroxy Acids which is citric acid. It works by sloughing off dead skin, promoting skin elasticity, and enabling new skin cell growth rise from underneath. It also flushes out pores and keeps your skin feeling fresh and bright. Lemon Juice Topical Recipe / Instructions 1. Ensure your skin is clean. 2. Squeeze 1 teaspoon of lemon juice into a small bowl. Use a cotton ball to soak up some juice. Dilute it with water if it burns. 3. Dab the juice onto your pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. 4. Leave on over night and rinse in the morning. Apply it again (under your makeup if you’re female). 5. If you find the lemon juice too strong too leave on, even diluted with water, wash it off after 10 minutes in cold water. Expect improvements with this remedy after about 2 weeks. At this time, add a gentle cleanser with glycolic acid, like B. Kamins cleanser for normal to oily skin combination. It is possible that your acne is only one symptom of your body not receiving enough nutrients, vitamins, minerals or liquids. Therefore, consider detoxifying your body, which gets to the root cause of many diseases, including acne. The e-book, Acne no More is an excellent read about the power of detoxifying your system, and learning how to care for your body the right way. I highly recommend it. Lemon Juice Drink for Acne You can use the lemon juice remedy for internal cleansing or detoxifying of the liver and for absorption of important minerals and vitamins. This drink is one of the healthiest juices for your skin and body that is refreshing, easy to drink, and simplest to make. In fact, it has so many health benefits aside from clearing acne, that everyone (who isn’t allergic) should be drinking it. This remedy's benefits include: * eliminating acid waste because it contains minerals (potassium, Vitamin C), * alleviating constipation, * cleansing the liver with citric acid and building up enzymes to eliminate blood toxins, * aiding in digestion * removing kidney and pancreatic stones, and * removing calcium deposits in the body. Recipe for cleansing acne: Lemon Juice Remedy Variation #1: 1. Squeeze 1 lemon into glass or bottle. 2. Add 2 cups of water (8oz each). 3. Drink the juice throughout the day. Lemon Juice Remedy Variation #2: 1. Squeeze 1 lemon 1 cup (8oz) of warm filtered or boiled water. 2. Drink it first thing in the morning. 3. Don’t drink or eat for half an hour after to allow the juice to cleanse your body. Do not use this remedy if you have allergies, ulcers, or arthritis.

Oona Oona
Clearasil has always been my weapon against breakouts. It works fast and it's cheap. Just get the normal face cleanser. I'm 32 and just had a bad breakout recently, I finally bit the bullet after trying other things and bought me some Clearasil. I saw results by the next day. I guess everyone's skin is different so I do hope it works for you as good as it did for me. Another thing is if you keep having this problem and at your age it could be hormonal or something else. So I might consider visiting a doctor. I had friends that had to do that in high school. The doctor can give you what's best to help if it's something you can't get over the counter.
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Magdalene Magdalene
See a beautician, get a facial. Not every beautician does extractions though, double check before you book, if you get your pimples extracted at least 20 hours before the day, your skin should look well in two days. And buy some spray toning lotion (it has to be oil free) and use it several times a day. Also, try to apply antispot gel (love Neutrogena's) severaltimes a day. It really works! Clean and clear patch is ok too, but it didnt eleminate the spots compared to Neutrogena. Cut down on coffee.
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Kerstin Kerstin
Its actually your hormones (secreting the oil and causing the pimples) due to puberty. 1. Drink lots of water (no soda, punch) that is a way to better skin 2. Use olive oil soap (natural soap) called kiss my face it will help clear your skin up. or use tea tree oil soap 3. Try Murad or Peter thomas roth products from Sephora for acne and oily skin (a bit expensive but they will help). All the things your using are drying out your skin and irritating it causing more oil production and blemishes/pimples. I sufferred from acne and oily skin as a teen, but now as an adult I have nice skin. This is what I learned. If your acne gets really bad see a professional dermatologist who can help you.
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Jaden Jaden
If your desperate leave some toothpaste over the pimple(s) overnight and wash tomorrow. They'll look less noticeable. Don't do this often it can cause scars and other bad things u don't want. That clearisil thing doesnt work for me. Yeah riht pimple gone in 4 hrs! ? Yeah right. Maybe it will for you :)
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Emilee Emilee
Get Neutrogena All-in-1 Acne Control Facial treatment. It works GREAT. i bought it yesterday and my acne is already starting to disappear! I saw the add in an issue of Seventeen magazine and so i searched it on the internet and there are many great reviews. It's like $8-10. I'm a teen too and i hate acne, try this and i promise you, you won't regret it!
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Emilee Originally Answered: How to get rid of pimples fast?
-Dab some lemon juice onto a cotton ball and hold to your pimple for 5 more minutes. This helps to reduce the redness and swelling, while helping to dry the pimple out. -Use a mild, natural, inexpensive cleanser designed for your skin type. Cleansers containing salicylic acid are best. -Drink Plenty of Water. Water helps to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. -After you wash your face, Put about 1 tsp. of baking soda into your hand and mix it with a little water until you form a paste about the consistency of toothpaste. Massage this gently all over your face for about 10 seconds and rinse. This will exfoliate your skin Good luck!

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