Does stress cause weight gain ?

Does stress cause weight gain ? Topic: Does stress cause weight gain ?
May 25, 2019 / By Vicky
Question: I heard somewhere that stress is the main cause of weight gain. Is this true? Is it the actual stress that causes weight gain or is it only for those people who eat when theyre stressed????Or is it just stress altogether that does it? OH and also before i forget does drinking lots of water cause weight gain/
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Shan Shan | 6 days ago
In some people yes, in some people the opposite. It's not just that a stressed out weight-gainer eats more food -- though no doubt that's a part of it for many -- but also that the stress hormone cortisol has effects on the body and its metabolic regulation that cause some people to gain weight -- through such mechanisms and more fat deposition, less fat-burning, effects on blood sugar, effects on insulin, and effects on base metabolic rate. It's not just the careless diet, it's a real hormonal effect. This is well understood by science, it's not a crackpot theory.
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Shan Originally Answered: How is stress related to fat and weight gain?
I get stressed out really easily and then I tend to go into a depression. It doesn't have to be a lot of stress either. When people get stressed out they eat more and they make poor choices about what they eat. You also tend to either sleep more or hardly sleep at all and niether of those is very good for your metabolism. So there is definitely a link between stress and weight gain.

Onndria Onndria
It depends if you eat for comfort or not. When I get stressed or depressed I don't eat. I have lost about 30 pounds in the last 3 months (lots of stupid **** has been going wrong constantly; broken nose, hating every minute at school, dog being put down, and then some). I was pretty skinny to begin with. My BMI is 18. Some people can gain 30 pounds in a few weeks if they eat a lot when they're depressed.
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Magdalen Magdalen
No, stress doesn't cause weight gain.It generally causes weight loss because when you're stressed, your metabolic rate is increased and hence more stored food in your body is oxidised...but however, some people cope with stress by excessively eating, drinking alcohol etc.which is a pretty bad idea because if these behaviours are not checked, it can adversely affect the health of the individual....hence, stress doesn't directly cause weight gain but it is the behaviours that people opt to cope with stress that causes weight gain..stress alone can cause other ill-effects like cardio-vascular diseases,high BP, reduced growth and reduced immunity... And concerning drinking lots of water, no it won't cause weight gain coz the extra water will just be excreted from the body..so u will have to urinate more often.that's all..good luck, my clover leaf ;-)
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Kerry Kerry
Stress is a valuable tool in nature. Just like a cartoon superhero might press a button and get strong, your body can decide that you need to really put in all your effort to this and shoots you full of adrenaline and cortisol and epinephrine, etc. You get to be super strong for a little bit. That is a stress response. Stress gives you the motivation to do something. If you weren't worried about living on the streets, you wouldn't pay your rent. It's the stress of things like instead of the fear of being eaten causing us to decide to run that makes us fat today. We don't get those "super hero" shots from our body all day despite how much you might think that would be cool because these are extreme process. What would have resulted in you getting enough energy to run from that tiger for hours and then doing just that now results in you getting enough energy to run from your electric bill and then sitting still. Overtime that can very well make us fat not only due to psychological reasons but also for the sheer fact that retaining fat is part of your body's response to stress. Starvation is something that it would be good to be motivated to do something about and so our bodies react to it through a stress response, just like with the tiger.
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Jade Jade
No. When eating because of stress is how you gain weight. Same as losing weight from not eating and being stressed No it does not cause weight gain. Water flushes out your system.
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Jade Originally Answered: Does adrenal fatigue (chronic stress) cause weight loss or weight gain?
There's no such thing as adrenal fatigue. You can get failure of the adrenal gland due to a number of conditions. Most commonly, if you were on a steroid medication for a long time that was abruptly stopped. Failure or atrophy of the adrenal gland causes a condition known as Addisson's Disease. It can lead to fatigue and weight loss. Like I said there are a number of causes. Severe stress can lead to acute failure. I am talking about shock, ICU admission, mechanical ventilation, massive strokes, heart attacks etc. Other manifestations include skin darkening (hyperpigmentation), low blood pressure, dehydration and many more. It is a very difficult diagnosis to make. One needs a strong clinical suspicion to clinch the diagnosis because, unfortunately, the testing for this disease is equivocal a lot of times. Weight loss is common after miscarriage and stressful life events. I do not know how much you've lost. It's important to put the things in the right perspective, relax your mind take a healthy diet. Stay away as far as possible from alcohol. Abstain completely from tobacco.

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