Is redbull bad for your health?

Is redbull bad for your health? Topic: Is redbull bad for your health?
May 25, 2019 / By Vickie
Question: I had two sugar free redbull after working out I was really dizzy and had low sugar blood -I have that a lot- so I.had some chocolates. I was okay at the first hour but now I have a headache and somehow dizzy and my heart runs very fast. I though it is because if too much sugar so I had laxative pills to get rid of all that junks I ate. But now my heart became faster and still have headach. Why is that? and what should I do? Thank you
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Shaelyn Shaelyn | 5 days ago
Try doing less to alter your metabolism. Dumping large loads of caffeine into your system is not good for you and can cause headache and rapid heartbeat. If you are subject to low blood sugar a couple pieces of candy is fine, although chocolate is high in caffeine. Maybe some fruit or juice instead would be better. And purging with laxatives is pretty drastic. Back off on the self medication. Just because it didn't come in a pill bottle from a pharmacy does not mean that you aren't relying far too much on ingesting chemicals to try to regulate what goes on in your body.
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Onndrea Onndrea
RedBull itself dont have alcohol but if you're at bar you'll be able to order some thing alcohol you desire and request for a few RedBull in it, YES vigor beverages blending with alcohol is dangerous to your well being, This is what the University of Florida Research suggests approximately this matter! Mixing vigor beverages with liquor is usually a cocktail for crisis, a brand new University of Florida research suggests. There's a $five billion marketplace for so-referred to as "vigor" beverages, and it's fueled greatly by means of university-age buyers - or more youthful. With such names as "Monster," "Full Throttle," "Red Bull" and "Rockstar," the caffeine-encumbered beverages are advertised to attraction to the younger. UF researchers discovered that university pupils who prefer to celebration like a rock celebrity at a bar or membership by means of blending vigor beverages with alcohol are striking themselves at truly threat. Mixing alcohol and vigor beverages in mixtures such because the Jager Bomb (Jagermeister and Red Bull) or Red Bull and vodka is not just a criminal offense in opposition to style. Doing so can trick the mind into believing you are now not as under the influence of alcohol as you're. In the UF research, showing within the April challenge of the magazine Addictive Behaviors, researchers have been published external wellknown Gainesville bars and golf equipment among 10 p.m. and three a.m. They requested university-age buyers leaving the bars what they'd been consuming and did an comparison in their sobriety. The shoppers have been requested approximately their consuming historical past and whether they meant to force that night time. The research used to be funded by means of the UF President's Office. When the information from greater than 800 randomly decided on bar shoppers have been compiled, researchers stated folks that'd been consuming vigor beverages combined with alcohol have been 3 occasions much more likely to go away incredibly intoxicated and 4 occasions much more likely to mean to force than bar shoppers who'd been consuming handiest alcohol. HERE IS SOME MORE STUDIES FROM THE COMPANIES OF TILT AND BUD EXTRA The trouble, in keeping with those State AG’s etc, is that blending alcohol with beverages top in caffeine or different stimulants now not handiest maintains you from feeling the sedative results of alcohol that regularly inform you whilst you’ve had ample, it additionally mask the various different results as good--like impaired judgment, slower reflexes, and diminished inhibitions. You think “traditional” although you’ve had relatively just a little to drink, and that makes you much more likely to hold on consuming, to the factor which you can turn out to be a threat to your self and others. Studies have proven that pupils consuming alcohol mixed with caffeine have been two times as prone to be worried in vehicle injuries than the ones consuming alcohol on my own.
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Mag Mag
Redbull is terrible for you, due to all the sugar. The acidity is also bad for your teeth and stomach. You shouldn't drink it. It's like poison.
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I think a vegetarian diet is the best thing anyone can do for their body. My friends and I are XC and our 5k's used to be in the 24-26 min. My two friends went vegan and I went vegetarian and now we PR (PR= Personal Record) like crazy! Since they're twins they tend to get the same times and they are racing an average of 20 minutes. I don't think a vegan diet is the best for you, vegetarian or even a minimal meat intake is the best. My PR is 19:53 for a 5k! I am a strict vegetarian and I limit my milk and other dairy intake. As far as drinks, I drink mostly water with the occasional juice or pop. Avoid processed foods and high sugar/fatty foods. Depending on what you are training for or are just maintaining health, I run anywhere from 4-8 miles a day. I give myself a day or two off a week for rest though. Don't forget your strength work! I wish you luck in being as healthy as you can, just try to follow a natural human diet, no processed food. The human diet should be mostly fruits and vegetables with a minority of meats and dairy.

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