How can I gain weight?

How can I gain weight? Topic: How can I gain weight?
October 19, 2019 / By Vicki
Question: I'm pretty small for my age and my body is disproportionate [spelled it wrong] .... how can I gain weight a healthy weight? I'm don't mistake getting weight with getting fat, and please give mature answers.
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Shae Shae | 4 days ago
Proteins are required for building muscles, so having high protein food like eggs, milk, peanut butter, protein shakes will help. Weight training helps a person build muscles and increase body weight.
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Shae Originally Answered: How can I gain a good diet, I would like to gain more weight. I have a very fast metabolism?
eat big meals and not small portions trhoughout the day..... make sure you eat alot of protein keep your diet balanced but i would increase on protein, maybe start gettin into weight training...train with really heave weights that u can only lift about 5 times.....that is a way to gain weight while staying healthy...good luck

Oneida Oneida
Easier than you may think. Find a weight training program that you like and consume protein every 3 hours. Make sure you are on a high protein diet and you are consuming good sources of carbohydrates. Do very little cardio training during your weight gaining phase. You want you body to be in an "anabolic" state but by doing excessive cardio you could throw your body into a "catabolic" state and thus loose weight.
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Maeveen Maeveen
Well it depends on what kind of weight you want you know? Gaining fat, muscle, or a combination of the two. Where you want to gain it, etc. etc. But in general, keep/start eating healthy, and by healthy I dont mean salads and bullcrap, but more along the lines of wholesome good nutritious food, foods full of good fats, proteins, etc. and a lot of it, and do some exercise.
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Kerri Kerri
If you wan't to achieve weight, and construct muscle. You do not wan't to only over devour with junk meals. This will certainly makeyou fatter, and bad. But in the event you wan't to achieve muscle you're going to must drink a few top protein drink's, shakes, meals. Peanut Butter & Jelly I suppose might be a well begin. The Peanut Butter will furnish you with Protein, even as the Jelly has lot's of High Fructose, and Sugars, to aid placed of the burden. You might wan't to verify out a few low priced CVS Pharmacy over-the-counter forms of typical herb tablets to aid help the muscle groups. I cannot suppose of any names of those forms, however I do realize they exist, I've heard of humans taking them, and had well outcome whilst taken traditionally.
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Jacqueline Jacqueline
Breads with every meal and some kind of potatoe and you will gain in no time at all. It will start to show in less then a week. That is with breakfast lunch and dinner. Best Wishes
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Jacqueline Originally Answered: What foods can I eat to gain healthy weight to gain mass?
What you read was bad information. If you approach bodybuilding by trying to learn from bodybuilders, you're going to be disappointed...with a few exceptions. Bodybuilders get by on genetics, steroids, and bad information. If you want to learn, study the science. Bodybuilders may train for 10 hours a week. A farm field hand will work hard for 10-12 hours a day. Don't kid yourself about bodybuilding. It's not all that difficult compared to what migrant field workers do, for example. Bodybuilders don't work hard and don't need lots of calories. For example, a 200 pound bodybuilder who trains hard for one hour will burn about 500-550 calories. And, they can't train more than about 10 hours per week without over training. That would amount to only about 6000 calories per week for just the anaerobic (muscle building) workouts. Here's are some tips to help you get off on the right foot. 1. Lift heavy working the muscles to failure with every set except a warm up (flushing) set. Keep the weight so heavy you cannot do more that 6-10 reps. 2. Don't over train. Over training is probably the biggest mistake newbie bodybuilders make because the credulous and naive tend to think more is always better. Check the first set of every exercise in your routine and if you have not improved something (one more rep or half rep or better form, etc), you may be over training. Pay attention to under performing muscle groups and if there's no progress for three weeks try adding another day of rest (recovery time) between workouts for that muscle group. 3. Change it up from time to time. Keep your program fresh and fun. Experiment and note the results. Modifying and building in variations will help you build a more well rounded physique and prevent adaptation...the dreaded plateaus. Done properly, bodybuilding is hard work so take a vacation from it every few months to keep yourself dynamic and psyched and to avoid stagnation and monotony. 4. Eat a proper diet and don't take supplements. Supplement makers know how to push your buttons and make you think the crap they sell will make you huge. If you just read what most of the clowns in this forum believe about protein shakes, you'll see what I mean. They're mostly products of advertising and know nothing about science. Your body needs food, not supplements. 5. Lifting heavy is as mental as it is physical. Before you begin your workout, get your psych on. Don't socialize while working out and don't allow yourself to be distracted while lifting. Keep your focus and concentration at all times so when that last rep comes, you'll be ready to do it....and one more too. 6. Study. It's your body and your health so prepare yourself to become your own personal trainer so you don't have to trust your butt busting to some musclehead who will have you wasting time and energy. The worst people to learn bodybuilding from are bodybuilders as counter-intuitive as that may sound. They run on genes, steroids, and bad information. Get your information from where the people who train our Olympians get theirs...science. Study the basics of anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology. 7. Get to know Scooby. Scooby is the best personal trainer I've been able to find on the web. He's a good guy to get to know. He's been where you want to go, has the bod to prove his techniques work, has 140+ videos for you to watch and learn from, will show you how to get big and eat healthy on the cheap, and won't try to sell you anything. You can learn a lot from Scooby by "osmosis" just from watching his videos. I know he doesn't look like a genius, but he's got solid information. Go here ---> http://www.youtube.com/user/scooby1961 to watch all of his YouTube videos and you'll get a good preliminary education for a beginner bodybuilder. And also check out his website here ---> http://scoobysworkshop.com/general_philo... You can use it for a bunch of things but you might want to try the custom workout plan here ---> http://scoobysworkshop.com/WorkoutPlanGe... 8. Create goals for yourself. Examples include excellence in a sport or occupation, strength, endurance, flexibility, systemic fitness, general health and well being, body sculpting, body awareness, coordination, poise and comportment, balance, body composition, mental acuity, educational experience, etc. Keep records of your biometrics so you can detect changes in weight, measurements, body fat, strength, endurance, etc. MS Excel is a good place to store data so you an plot graphs and charts but a spiral notebook works too. It's important to be able to see where you've been so you can appreciate your progress and know what needs to be changed for better performance. It's also necessary to see that you're meeting your goals. You can't measure success without goals and it's little successes that keep us motivated to make the big successes. Good luck and good health!! ♠

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