teen diet? (read more inside)?

teen diet? (read more inside)? Topic: teen diet? (read more inside)?
October 20, 2019 / By Vic
Question: I am a 14 year old girl looking to lose about 10-15 pounds before summer starts. Now please, if you are here to say that teens dont need to go on diets, please leave, k? Now, I am not really overweight, just looking to lose 10-15 pounds. Currently, I go to the gym 4 times a week, and work out for about an hour. Sometimes I additionally go running at home. But that isn't my problem, food is. I eat way too much, like snacking and such and I decided its time to diet. What is an effective teen diet? Also, what are some good, healthy foods to snack on? Also, please dont suggest 5-6 small meals a day because I can't do that since I go to school. What are simple things I can cut out of my diet and what can I replace them with? Websites and meal planners and such would also be greatly appreciated. Any other tips to losing weight and toning up would be awesome too. Thanks so much.
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Sessy Sessy | 3 days ago
The most effective diet would probably just be one that makes sense. Diets don't work so well, technically a diet should be something you stay on for your entire life, and most diet plans today aren't made like that. I would just start with portion control. The next time you sit down to eat, think about what's on your plate. Do you need two slices of pizza or could you deal with one? If you're having a salad, try to use less dressing. Don't make yourself finish everything on your plate, eat slowly and know when you're done. Use a smaller spoon or fork so you eat it slower and realize that you're getting full faster. Another big problem can be school lunches. Try to pack your own lunch instead of buying - it will be a lot healthier and also cheaper for your parents. If you do need to buy school lunches, try to get salads, sandwiches, maybe even granola bars instead of greasy pizza slices, chicken fingers, bagels or muffins, etc. Using less condiments will help you out there too. Get just enough for it to taste good without going overboard. Just because they give you an entire packet of ketchup or butter doesn't mean you need the whole thing. Also for snacks, control the portion. It's okay to eat some crackers or chips when you get home from school, just don't sit down with the whole bag. Get out a paper plate and put on a small serving, then put the box away. For me, I'm usually too lazy to get back up and get the box out again so I stop after only eating a small amount. And pick a specific time (say, 7:00pm) and don't eat anything past then; maybe a fruit would be okay but nothing with a lot of calories, sugar, etc. You can really still have foods that taste good and not have to think much about what you are eating as long as you use common sense. You don't need to count calories or stop eating bread, just use small tricks and smarts when sitting down to eat.
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Ondria Ondria
Instead of snacking on unhealthy foods like chips and chocolate, replace them with healthy ones like almonds or raisins. But don't cut your favourite foods entirely out of your diet, you'll just crave them more. What I do is if I really want some chocolate, for example, I eat a small piece in the morning (then you have the rest of the day to burn it off). And you can eat small meals a day despite school! If your teachers let you eat in class, bring in some fruit or something for mornings and afternoons. And if not, you can always do it in the afternoon. My favourite quote for healthy eating is: "Breakfast for a king, lunch for a queen, and dinner for a pauper." Meaning, eat a big breakfast to fill you up for school, bring a medium lunch to school to keep you through the day, and eat a small dinner when you get home. I'm glad you're searching to improve your diet and not just eat less. Your current exercise routine sounds excellent. Good work!
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Maeve Maeve
When you eat your dinner eat when until you're just about full. Don't just eat/snack for the sake of it. When you snack it's just a mental thing, you've just got to think "do I actually need this?". When you fell like getting some crisps and chocolate etc. just say to yourself "NO". It works ;) You should be aiming to lose about 2lbs per week. Maybe you could go on the treadmill at the gym but don't run, jog steadily on an incline and it burns of more calories.
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Keri Keri
I'm 14/female, and looking to lose 10-15lbs too. I'm not overweight either. But um, May 1st is officially when bikini-season starts (pools open.) I think it would be GREAT if there was an easy way to lose 10-15lbs by May 1st! But it would be VERY hard. Here is what I'm doing to have my bikini body by June 1st: -eat 1600 cals a day -burn 300 cals a day -my BMR is 1442.1 (the more u weigh, the more cals u burn by just being alive, sitting around and doing nothing.) So if your BMR is close to mine, you can lose 1.02lbs every week. Here is how I keep track of what I'm eating, and this is how I find out how many cals I'm eating and burning. It's REALLY easy! If you have any problems wth it, email me. Set up your free account at http://fitday.com/ Good luck to us both!
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Jacobina Jacobina
cut out foods high in sugar. eat more nuts (if your not allergic). go to the grocery store and find some snack bars with lots of nuts etc with little sugar in them. also regular peanuts in a jar are good snacks and they fill you up fast. if your having trouble fighting temptation, drink more water. water can fill you up as well just dont replace meals with water as you still need to eat.
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