bowling balls?

bowling balls? Topic: bowling balls?
October 15, 2019 / By Verthandi
Question: So im on the bowling leauge and i want a ball its $139.00 and $17.00 for the bag. is that to much? also about how much would it cost to maintain it(polish, towels etc.) he said if i find all this out he'll get it 4 me. please help me with these prices!
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Serenity Serenity | 10 days ago
that is a good price and about the avg cost of a good bowling ball...polish/cleaner varries from about $3-$5 a towlel is around $5 -butnotmore than $10 check out thgese sites bowlersparadise.com bowlingball.com brunswick.com columbia.com storm.com
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Serenity Originally Answered: how much are bowling balls?
I'd have to say that you can definitely find bargains in bowling equipment at bowling.com, bowlersparadise.com, bowlingball.com and bowlingballsales.com. These are the top four online retailers besides EBay.com. Does she bowl straight or with a hook? For beginners bowling straight and want something fun, try the Brunswick "Viz-A-Ball" series with fun graphics featuring cartoon characters, sports teams and other hip designs within the ball's coverstock. Manufacturers also offer plain and marble looking design plastic and polyester bowling balls starting at $38. For beginners that know how to hook the ball, you can purchase her a reactive resin or particle bowling ball like the Brunswick Power Groove, Brunswick Avalanche, Columbia 300 Scout Reactive, Storm Tropical Storm (cool colors and they have various fruity scents you can definitely smell), Hammer Vibe and Ebonite Tornado. These bowling balls can start from $65 for the reactive resin/particle bowling balls up to $100+ for the Brunswick "Viz-A-Balls". Good luck and happy shopping!
Serenity Originally Answered: how much are bowling balls?
It depends on how much you want to spend, and how serious she is about it. Does she just do a fun league one night a week? If she just started, your best bet is to just buy her a plastic ball. Depending on the brand, plastic balls can range from $40 to $120. If your mom is more serious about bowling and has some experience, you may want to consider a reactive urathane or resin ball. They react to the lane condition and the way the ball is thrown. Reactive balls are more expensive. www.bowling.com has a ton of balls, both reactive and plastic, so shop around! hope this helps!

Ona Ona
Hubby was just checking the cost of bowling balls, the ones he found were around $65. I suggest a search on the net to see what the average is. I have not done this myself. But the cost he got was direct from the bowling alley out of a huge catalog. The ball comes with no holes and they drill those custom for the user! So from what he found to your price, I say ya that is too much.
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Maegan Maegan
it is worth it the bowling ball that i want costs $394.00 without the bag. cost to maintain is little like $10-$20 here and there( like once a year)
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Maegan Originally Answered: Bowling Balls?
I am on a bowling team, and one of my teammates owns a Black Widow. He's a guy, so you don't have to worry about buying a girls ball. Anyway, if you can get a Black widow, DO IT! My teammate was bowling with his friends 10 year old ball, and when he got his ball, he improved an insane amount!! But, it depends on whether your dad throws a straight ball or if it curves. If it curves, get a Black Widow. If it is straight, ask the guy at the pro shop in your local bowling alley. I don't know anything about straight balls!

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