Herbalife or Lean shakes to lose weight?

Herbalife or Lean shakes to lose weight? Topic: Herbalife or Lean shakes to lose weight?
October 14, 2019 / By Veronica
Question: Well I just started on my diet I work out watch what i eat but I want to buy protein shakes because I go to school and work full time so some days I don't have enough time to eat something that's why I decided to get protein shakes my question is what shakes are better either herbalife or GNC lean shakes I know herbalife is expensive and lean shakes aren't but I want to know which one is better and works better to stay fuller and is worth the money because I heard both good and bad reviews for each one
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Serena Serena | 9 days ago
Hi, I take Herbalife for gaining muscle mass, but I started knowing a guy who was using them for weight loss (and actually lost over 65kg in one year). I do not know GNC, but since the Herbalife products are working I would suggest you to try with it. Herbalife has a 30 day trial period, i.e. if you find a distributor, you buy the products, you use them correctly, but you don't see any good results you can ask the distributor to refund you (it is written on the product can itself, so this is the general rule). My suggestion would be to try. If you don't know where to find a distributor I could maybe help you becoming one, so that you can order your product by yourself... contact me in case: jdany@gmx.ch Regards
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Serena Originally Answered: Losing weight while gain lean muscle mass. Is it possible to do both at once?
Mate, increasing muscle mass will decrease body fat. To sustain itself, muscle mass requires more energy than fat does. Check out the TNT diet... Men's Health Magazine. It's got the goods. At 19, Mike Tyson was nearly 6' and weighed 220 with 5% body fat... but I understand where you want to head. We are not all genetically predisposed to build a body like Mike Tyson. It's prolly a great goal though to get your body fat down below 10% without losing any muscle mass.. and if you can add some, that's even better. In the right circumstances your body will use your body fat for energy.... energy required to build muscle while you sleep. I've been using USP labs "powerfull" supplement for two months and I feel different when I wake up.. and my body fat has been dropping after stagnating. This month Ive also been using San "Vault" which is the worst tasting supplement in the history of mankind... it's an NO supplement with Creatines added... and my pumps feel great... I feel like I've packed on some muscle this month. I still work out hard though.... and that's the real answer.

Olyvia Olyvia
Herbalife also offers a line of weight loss shakes. To lose weight, you are instructed to drink two shakes each day and one well-balanced meal. Herbalife – made with antioxidant vitamins C and E as part of over 20 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.
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Mae Mae
Eat a grapefruit instead of drinking juice; the fiber will allow you to feel full longer, and grapefruit is proven to help with weight loss.
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Keren-Hapuch Keren-Hapuch
You already know never in order to skip breakfast, but it's also vital that you eat within an hour of waking for boosting your metabolism.
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Jacki Jacki
Eat a grapefruit as opposed to drinking juice; the fiber will help you feel full longer, and grapefruit is which can help with weight loss.
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Elyse Elyse
I did Herbalife and lost a lot of weight (you can see the before/after pics at my site). I'd go herbalife! www.buildingerick.com
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Christiana Christiana
Measure out there that bowl of cereal or even oatmeal, including the fruit, nuts, maple syrup, milk, and yogurt you help to increase it. Have a set of measuring cups and spoons accessible instead of eyeballing.
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Avalina Avalina
Make pancakes even healthier with the help of mashed baked sweet potato, several pureed spinach and blueberries, or cooked quinoa.
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Avalina Originally Answered: Herbalife?and other diets?
Absolutely ANY diet will work in the short-term if you stick to it. You don't need to buy into fad diets and give money to snake oil salesmen. Change what you eat and be more active and weight will slowly come off. Losing about twenty pounds is fairly easy for most people. However, NO diet works in the long run. Every single weight loss program that has ever been studied shows that weight is always, always regained within a few years, even if you're still on the diet. The reason is metabolism. Your body knows what build you're supposed to have. If you eat less, it will adjust the way it processes food in order to build you back up to the level you 'should' be at. Unfortunately the only way to stay slim forever is either to have the fat surgically removed every few years (ow!) or to become actually anorexic. Which means you'll die young.

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