I have a cold and I am constipated. Should I try an enema?

I have a cold and I am constipated. Should I try an enema? Topic: I have a cold and I am constipated. Should I try an enema?
December 15, 2019 / By Verina
Question: I have a cold and for some reason I am constipated. My friend is a fan of "natural medicine" and swears by ENEMAS. She says it will make the cold go away faster. It is interesting to note that she hardly ever gets sick and when she does, she gets over it much faster than I do. Sure, an enema is not the most pleasant thought but at this point I feel so horrible I would do ANYTHING to feel better! Could an enema really help? Or is this an old wives tale?
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September September | 6 days ago
Your friend is correct! All things exit through the colon, if bacteria or other toxins stay in the colon for to long, you will feel worse. The colon is directly connected to your arterial system (blood stream). As soon as you cleanse that colon, you will feel a ton better. You need to get all that mucus, bacteria and possibly medications out of your system so they all don't linger very long. Enemas are not pleasant, but they are fast and effective. I recommend also finding a colon hydrotherapist in your area and have a colon cleanse aprx every 3 months to keep your system in good flow! You may feel sightly weak after your enema, but just know that it's your bodies way of rapidly releasing toxins. Take a nap shortly after. Drink plenty of water, either eat and orange or take up to 2000mg of vitamin c. You'll wake up feeling like the old you again. Good luck feel better:) MA, Colon hydrotherapist and owner of Holistic Medical Center in Southern Ca.
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September Originally Answered: I took a fleet enema 1-3 tablets, and nothing?
Fleet laxative tablets are bisacodyl a stimulant laxative. The maximum dose is six tablets. I have found that four work well. I avoid taking stimulant laxatives. A nice warm water enema from a Fleet bag enema will set you on track. the little fleet enemas are not much good. Get yourself a Fleet bag enema set and fill it with warm salt water ( Two or three teaspoons of non iodized salt per 1500ml) fill the bag to 1500ml and repeat this two or three times. It will clean out all the nasty stuff. Add yogurt to your diet to add good flora to your bowel. Good Luck and Good Health
September Originally Answered: I took a fleet enema 1-3 tablets, and nothing?
if you have been constipated a long time a few tablets once is not going to help. You would feel sick to your stomach because the toxins buildup in the intestines and go into your bloodstream. You need to be using Metamucil powder first thing in the morning and last thing at night every day. Your problem has been going on for some time and you're going to have to be religious about taking a fiber supplement. One of the best treatments I know of to have a bowel movement is: soak 1/2c. flaxseeds in water overnight. The next morning put this in the blender with a banana and eat that for breakfast. You will probably have a bowel movement by that evening. daily consume high fiber foods such as fruit, whole grain cereals, salads and beans. If you don't feel better in a few days see your medical doctor.

Olivette Olivette
My mom always gave fletchers castoria (laxative) for a cold, so the idea has been around a long time. I don't know that it will help your cold, but being constipated in itself is a health issue to be dealt with. Done properly, it won't hurt or anything, it just feels like pressure and you have to be in the bathroom when you do it. If I were you.. having never tried an enema before, I would instead use a glycerin suppository. Much easier to do, just put it in and lay on your belly and wait for a few minutes. As far as your cold, it is hard to say. I guess it depends on the person. I do know for a fact that taking zinc tablets will reduce the length of a cold as well as drinking orange juice.
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Madoline Madoline
An enema will do nothing for your cold. They are two very separate body systems, respiratory and digestive. Enema enthusiasts believe they rid the body of toxins, but this is debatable and won't help you now. Eat fiber and drink lots of water and let your body do the work. If the constipation becomes very uncomfortable, you might want to take a gentle laxative like Dulcolax. Feel better.
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Madoline Originally Answered: Can I take an enema for bloating & constipation?
Please keep in mind that constipation is a symptom. So no matter what you do to provide relief; it will only relieve the problem temporarily. You will still need to figure out what caused it in the first place. Usually, it a a side effect of poor eating habits, lack of fluids and lack of exercise. As for the enema, you can do this yourself buy buying either a combination hot water bottle/douche/enema syringe or a fountain syringe and filling it with a solution of warm water (105F) with a teapoon of salt and/or baking soda added per quart of water. Hang the bag so that ii is about 18" above the anus. You can take it laying on a towel on the bathroom floor or on all fours with you shoulders touching the floor. Let it flow slowly and stop the flow if the urge to go gets strong. Allow the flow to resume after the urge subsides. I find this to be the fastest and most satisfying means of relieving constipation.

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