Healthy eating and exercise tips (wanting to get healthy)?

Healthy eating and exercise tips (wanting to get healthy)? Topic: Healthy eating and exercise tips (wanting to get healthy)?
May 25, 2019 / By Vanessa
Question: Hi all. I have decided I would like to lose weight. I have tried for a very long time and the most I've lost was about 50 lbs. I went from 273 to approx 216 in 8 months then from 2010 to now I have gained up to 342 and now I am down to 334. I had gotten so desperate that I even was going to consider weight loss surgery so I can lose weight cure my diabetes and possible sleep apnea and get healthy. Also because I want to have kids and at my weight it is hard to do so. I recently got involved with this guy and we are getting kind of serious. He is 24 6'2 and all of 150 to maybe 170... I know he loves me for who I am because he is always telling me I'm not fat and don't need to lose weight. Well being 20 5'5 and 334 I am considered fat whether he admits it or not I KNOW I am... My boyfriend is actually away for 3 months he is in a halfway house. I will still be able to see him but I would like to take this time to lose some weight so I can look good for him when he comes home... I know 3 months isn't a enough time to lose a significant amount of weight but even if I could lose approx 30 lbs it would motivate me to keep going. I really DO NOT want to have to have Weight Loss Surgery at such a young age if I don't have too. I'd much rather lose it through diet and exercise if I can. Anyway I was just wondering what would be some good exercises to do to start losing weight (ie walking and exercises around the house as i don't have money for a gym membership anymore and have nothing to watch and use exercise videos on) Also healthy eating I don't know if I should go on a high protein low cal diet or just start by cutting my portions in half... I would really love to lose 50 lbs by the time my boyfriend comes back and I've heard the bigger you are the more weight you can lose... does this sound safe? Thanks!
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Selby Selby | 2 days ago
I had the lap-band surgery in May 2008 and have lost 315lbs. I paid $16,000 in cash and it was worth every cent. I would do it over in a heart beat. My surgeon did say the same thing you did, that the bigger you are the more weight you can lose, but only up to a point. I believe that was 300lbs. He also said the Men tend to lose more weight and at a faster rate then women. However, you didn't list your BMI (or high and weight) so you may not qualify. At 334, you probably do, since you have to be pretty tall not to. However every surgeon I have ever ready about requires you to have a BMI of over 40, or 35 with a weight related medical issue (like high blood pressure). If you qualify, and you want weight loss surgery, then I recommend the lap-band over any of the other bariatric surgeries. The reason is simple, only the lap-band is adjustable and reversible. If you have issues with gastric bypass, your SOL. One thing you must understand before you do any kind of weight loss surgery. It isn't a quick fix. Three months isn’t a lot of time, so I doubt you will lose 50lbs in that short a time. I have heard that the average is 2 lbs a week or only 24 lbs. Additionally, for the Lap-Band, you don’t even “adjust” it (make the hole you food goes threw smaller or larger) for several weeks after surgery. I lost 20 lbs before the surgery giving up all soda, but I only lost 5 lbs the first 3 weeks. The band is a motivational tool, not a quick fix. However, think of it this way, isn't it better to start now, then wait any longer? I would suggest you look at http://www.obesityhelp.com/. It is free, and it covers topics like these, including we Pros and Cons of weight loss surgery, which insurance companies routinely cover surgery, and where to find surgeon. I found that website invaluable.
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Selby Originally Answered: Im 14 and wanting to loose a bit of weight, exercise before eating or after?
The BEST time to exercise is right after getting up and then eating within 30-40 minutes afterward. But you will get good benefits doing it any time of day and then eating right after. If you have trouble with energy while working out though, eat a small protein based snack (like a few nuts or a piece of whole grain toast with a tbsp of peanut butter) 30-40 minutes before you workout and this will not only give you energy for your workout, but will help build muscle which burns more calories. Then eat your actual meal within 30-40 after the workout. Eating so soon afterward allows your muscles to just soak up all those good nutrients and this not only helps speed up recovery, but helps to build muscle and boost metabolism. You'll still burn the same amount of calories during your exercise which ever way you eat, but eating afterward just has the added benefit of boosting metabolism. Plus, you tend to feel hungry after you workout, so if you eat before, you will be tempted to eat again. This will curb that. I hope this answers your question. Good luck! Additional: I forgot to answer the type and how long question. Silly me...lol. Anyway, skipping rope would be okay, but that calorie counter will not be perfectly accurate and you have to have a lot of endurance for doing that for long. Incorporate that into your routine, but don't make it the ONLY thing you do. I would suggest at least doing 30 minutes of exercise a day. Minimum of three days a week, but preferably six. You can vary up your exercises during the week to make it more interesting. For instance, I hike 30 minutes a day, twice a week, bike 30 minutes a day twice a week, and do strength training 30 minutes a day twice a week. This keeps it interesting and exposes my muscles to different things constantly so they do not get too used to it. You have to vary up your routine for it to remain effective. Good luck.

Ohndrea Ohndrea
** You should try drinking 8 to 16 ounces of water before each meal, this will fill you up and you will eat less, resulting in less calories at every meal. Weight loss pills are not very safe, at least water is safe. I know it may be hard at first to drink water, but you can add more and more everyday until it becomes easier, ( you will get used to it. I lost 50 pounds in three years and kept them off , I also walk for 30 minutes at least 5 times a week. Patience is needed,, if you want quick, this is not it, better to lose slowly than too fast (not healthy for your body) Well good luck too you, hope this helps. P.S. I also think that the younger you are the faster you will lose weight, 50 years and up will take longer.
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Madge Madge
Choose faster-paced methods of yoga such as Ashtanga as well as Vinyasa to burn more calories while also buying a good stretch.
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Kennedy Kennedy
Don't just endure there! Do squats while combing your teeth, calf raises whilst standing in line, or lunges while chatting around the phone.
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Kennedy Originally Answered: Lose weight? Eat healthy and exercise tips!?
Weight loss is all about food choices, portion control and getting enough exercise to burn off the calories you consume so they don’t get stored as fat. Make sure you eat breakfast - most important meal of the day and it jump starts your metabolism. Eat six small meals during the day like this: Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. Eat lean meats like chicken with skin removed, (white meat only), fish, lean beef, cottage cheese is a really great protein also (1%) Eat lots of vegetables and at least 3 fruits per day. Avoid potatoes, white bread and sugar. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Try going for a walk every day at a brisk pace for at least 30 minutes. Cut out sugar and processed foods.

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