What is the definition of "fluke"?

What is the definition of "fluke"? Topic: What is the definition of "fluke"?
May 25, 2019 / By Valerie
Question: Okay, well I know it means "a statistical unlikely occurence" or a type of flatworm, but I had thought that it also meant someone who never makes mistakes. Is this so?
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Sedona Sedona | 10 days ago
No it doesn't apply to someone who never makes mistakes,only the first instance.Liver Fluke is a parasitic worm disease in sheep.
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Sedona Originally Answered: How do you fish your super fluke and why?
There are so many different ways to fish this type of lure. I've used them in both fresh and saltwater and they work very nice on SO MANY different predatory species that will feed on small fish. This type of lure will work throughout the water column. You could fish them fast. You could fish them dead slow and everything in between. This style of lure will work with MANY different rigs and presentations. Surface: 1) "Walk the dog" presentation will work nicely with the lure. 2) Constant twitch and retrieve will make the lure poke its nose out of water slightly with every twitch. The lure should look like a dying wounded baitfish with a busted swim bladder. Feel free to "kill the lure" (stop working the lure and let it sink freely) if you want to keep the lure inside the strike zone longer. You do not use any weight when fishing the surface with this lure. If you want to work your lure slower, you should use heavier mono lines and/or Strikeking 3x. (Heavier mono lines will sink slower and let you keep the lure near the surface longer; Strikeking 3x lures are more buoyant than regular plastic lures.) As for rigs, you could use texas rigs with EWG hooks or worm hooks. You could nose hook the lure as if it was a live bait fish. You could even add a stinger hook if you wish. Bottom: 1) Drop shot. Both texas rig and nose hook will work. 2) Carolina rig. It is similar to your pegged down bullet weight except I use swivels and sliding sinkers. I usually won't use a leader shorter than 10" with this lure and I won't mind using a leader that's over 2 feet long depending on water clarity and presentation speed. 3) Jig head. Instead of pegging down a worm/bullet sinker, I simply use a jig head. You could drag it slowly across the bottom as if you were fishing a carolina rig or you could bounce it across the bottom. You could twitch the lure while it sits on the bottom if you wish. 4) Jerk. You simply let the lure sink to the bottom and jerk it, You could use a light bullet sinker or you could fly line the the lure depending on the water temperature and fish's feeding mood. 5) Wacky rig. This is usually done without out any weights. But when the water is worm and fish are in a positive feeding mood, you could use a jig head instead of a hook to speed the lure up. I usually don't disclose this technique with this particular lure but you caught me in a good mood. Everything else: 1) Vertical jigging. If you are jigging between the pockets of thick vegetation in freshwater or kelp beds in saltwater, use heavier pegged down bullet sinker; texas rig is a must and braided lines are a plus. If it is open water, a simple jig head will do the trick. 2) Jerking. If the water is relatively shallow, a sharp jerk would bring the lure from the bottom all the way up to the water surface. (Certain baitfish will do exactly that when fleeing from predators.) 3) Swimming. You could swim this lure throughout the water column with the help of a jig head. A bullet sinker will also work but the lure could roll in the water which might or might not be a good thing. Another simple trick I don't usually disclose when swimming a soft plastic lure is: You could cast and retrieve a lure on a drop shot rig and the lure will automatically swim in a sin wave motion. This simple method is quite deadly on several species. The trick to this style of lure is knowing how to pick the right size lure with the right color and which presentation(s) to use at what speed. If you are fishing them without any weight, being able to control their sink rates will really help. Have fun and tight lines. :) PS: Don't use goldfish as live baits. It is illegal at most places.
Sedona Originally Answered: How do you fish your super fluke and why?
I use Zoom's Salty Super Fluke, not on a personal choice, but there was a pack of 'em in a tackle box I bought earlier this year. I haven't caught any fish with them, but, they do have some nice action when I fish them like this - I use a 3/0 EWG hook & Texas rig the bait, WITHOUT a weight. I'll cast it out, and let it sink to the bottom. I give a few sharp jerks with my rod to get the bait moving. This lure has tremendous action and I'm sure you'll catch some nice bass with the Fluke.

Octavia Octavia
Go to the source there are 6 other definitions for fluke there. n. 1. A stroke of good luck. 2. A chance occurrence; an accident. 3. Games An accidentally good or successful stroke in billiards or pool.
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Madeline Madeline
1. A stroke of good luck. 2. A chance occurrence; an accident. 3. Games An accidentally good or successful stroke in billiards or pool. it means lucky so no, it will not be used to meat someone who never makes mistake
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Madeline Originally Answered: If " Randy Sandy " Fluke is really the highly intelligent law student that she is purported to be why is she?
They hate science! Science tells us that sexual intercourse is an activity that is natural to human functioning in order to reproduce. But they like to treat it is as if it a recreational activity. They will never budge on this. You can't get through their heads that treating it as a sport creates risks like playing a sport...but they won't accept them. Don't worry...liberals are going to abort, gay, socialize medicine and centrally plan themselves out of existence. The ridiculous times that we are living through are insignificant in the long run. Oh and Sandy Fluke...she is my age. I figured out long ago that if I want something, I have to pay for it. I am in no one's good graces so much that they have to pay my way.

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