Tips on staying healthy. ?

Tips on staying healthy. ? Topic: Tips on staying healthy. ?
October 14, 2019 / By Valarie
Question: It seems like every week I have been getting pretty sick.. Last week and the week before I had a terrible sore throat for a couple of days. (It came one week, went away, came back the next week.) Today, I have this horrible stomach ace. I mean, I wash my hands all the time, shower daily, and etc.. What am I doing wrong? Could it be my diet? Any tips on staying healthy would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and Have a happy, safe, and HEALTHY Holiday!
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Schuyler Schuyler | 7 days ago
Eat veggies and tons of citrus! drink hot tea and not too much caffeine. You wont want to do this because you're sick, but exercise is the BEST way to strengthen your immune system. Add a little more movement to your day. Stretch when you wake up in the mornings. Make sure you get PLENTY of sleep, and don't let yourself be stressed. Well mind equals well body. For your sore throat, If you're of legal age or allowed to drink at home, mix 1.5 oz whiskey to 3-4 oz water with a tablespoon of honey and a few squirts of lemon juice, then microwave it so its just warm enough to sip. This is called a Hot Toddie and I swear by them in the winter. For your stomach, drink ginger ale or have a gingerbread cookie.
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Schuyler Originally Answered: Weight loss tips: doing it, yet staying healthy.?
It's is really unhealthy to excercise and have one small meal a day. That calorie deficit will make the muscle in your bones finer making it easier to break/sprain bones. Just eat three solid meals a day and excercise the same. That way when you do start eating again your metabolism doesn't make you gain the weight back. Good Luck!!

Nyree Nyree
Your diet could defiantly play a role in that. Establish what you think you are lacking in for your diet, protein, iron, VB, VD, VC, and other essential minerals and try to fill in the gaps. Also, get plenty of rest, 8-10 hours a night. Don't exercise 2 hours prior to going to bed and don't eat after 7 (no these are weight balancing tips, they categorize your lifestyle which affects your health/body systems).
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Mädchen Mädchen
Its not you, it's the weather, what's in the air, CNn and our local Channel 4 has been talking about it....it is airborne and everyone is getting it, it goes away and comes right back.... all you can do is what your doing, drink plenty of orange juice, wash hands and try to stay away from others when they have it. we both had it, hubby had bad strep.....and he is never sick at all bundle up, stay warm.....and drink plenty of liquids......and the tummy ache could be from something you ate...have some soup Merry Christmas
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Kendal Kendal
Eat healthful (culmination and vegetables), do not smoke or drink plenty, get endeavor as to not achieve tons of weigh, do not do medicinal drugs, preserve strain from your lifestyles up to viable. When your brain is healthful, the leisure of your frame will likely be, too.
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Issy Issy
smoke pot, eat a lot of fatening foods, don't drink water. eat once a month. that should be healthy enough
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Issy Originally Answered: Help with staying healthy as a vegan?
There is so much Vitamin C in fruits and veggies that you would not need to take a Vit C supplement lol =) Um.. To keep yourself healthy I suggest making sure you get the sufficient daily amount of protein, iron, B12 and calcium. You can figure out the amount of those that you need through NutritionData's custom entry tool (here: http://www.nutritiondata.com/tools/calor... ). After you put in your information, read the text and scroll down to see the amount of the nutrients, etc you need. Most people aren't getting enough fiber which can be very important if unwanted toxins are entering your body, and sometimes veggies and fruit have things added to their skins, etc, and can harm you (sometimes!). Even though you may not know it. When you are getting enough fiber, you should also drink a lot of water. Not too much like don't force yourself but you know =) Also if you want to go straight up vegan, make sure you are doing just that. I mean there is so much animal products in food now days and companies can be very sneaky and not even list every ingredient in the list. Do a lot of research. For vitamin B12, which is most commonly found in animal products (because they eat bacteria, if the are fed their natural diet) and bacteria, can be added to soy milk. In one cup of the soy milk I get, it has 50% of your DV of B12. If you don't like soy milk you should consider taking a vitamin B12 supplement. We would be getting our B12 naturally and without having to eat animals if we ate veggies from the ground and such, because B12 is in bacteria (things that are not clean/sterilized). Anyway, I'm not an expert at this (yet ;) ) so you should do a lot of research and talk to a nutritionist or doctor. I hope I helped!

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