July 19, 2019 / By Ursella
Question: Ugh ok so I have been a fruitarian for about a week now and I constantly binge on fruits!!! Today I binged REALLY BAD AND HAD- Half a mini watermelon 2 green apples 5 bananas 1 plum like 5 bites of coconut 1 orange 1 banana 1 cup of peanuts 1 orange some zucchini and a banana with like 4 tablespoons of peanut-butter All I've done today is eat, and I feel HORRIBLE! WHAT DO I DO??? I think I've had like 3000 calories!!! I have been binging like this for like a week and I really dont want to gain weight! PLEASE NO RUDE ANSWERS!
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Scarlett Scarlett | 4 days ago
Well...at least you chose Healthy foods to binge on. Skip the bananas for a week, as you had as much as a Monkey would eat in a day. Your going to have serious diarrhea so I doubt you will gain weight. I can't even eat that much if I tried. Chill out!~
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Scarlett Originally Answered: I binged on carbs and sugar?
First of all: relax. It's natural for our bodies to take over our minds and binge on foods that we have deprived ourselves of. Second: try just eating less carbs and sugars then cutting them out completley. That way, you'll still curb your cravings and won't have a mishap of bingeing when your body craves these foods completley. The best thing you can do now is drink plenty of water, (you'll feel fuller, but it will do better at flushing these foods out), and some yoga. Just work out a little harder tomorrow, and in the morning the bloat will be gone. No worries, happens to the best of us.
Scarlett Originally Answered: I binged on carbs and sugar?
Take a Tums or a Zantag. I think it's good to go walk a bit after eatting so much and remember how you feel. Then the next time you will remember how you felt and hopefully you will restrain yourself. We all binge once in a while, it's best to not get too bent out of shape about it and get back to eating sensibly the next day.

Nova Nova
That's a lot of fruit, but it's no where near 3000 calories. Most of the calories are from sugar, that is why you might be feeling horrible. Also look up the dirty dozen if you're going to be eating raw produce for the rest of your life.
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Mackenzie Mackenzie
Mmm seems fine for a week but too much fructose at once will overwhelm the liver where its processed and it'll turn the excess into triglyceride fats(body fat). but its only been a week so just watch what you eat you'll be fine.
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Mackenzie Originally Answered: Healthy Foods and tips to stay away from sugary foods?
There are two things you can do that require you to take action. 1) Don't eat the sugary food. 2) Exercise more or be more active. You are in control of yourself.

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